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ICICIdirect is one of the largest full-service stock brokers in India. It is part of ICICI Securities that caters to over 8.4 lakh active customers. ICICIdirect offers a complete range of trading and investment services including Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Bonds, Insurance and Loans etc. The stockbroking company offers trading services across NSE and BSE.

ICICIdirect offers a 3-in-1 account to its customers wherein the trading account, demat account and the bank account is linked to each other. This ensures faster transactions and good trading experience. As a full-service broker, ICICIdirect also offers research services to its customers. The research team of the company regularly provides trading and investment recommendations, market insights and market outlook etc., to its customers.

The other key offering of ICICIdirect is investor education programs. ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning (ICFL) offers financial learning programmes on a range of Investment and Trading focused skills such as Stock investing, Technical Analysis, Derivatives Trading, Financial Planning and Wealth Management.

ICICIdirect offers both, online trading and offline trading services to its customers. Traders who prefer online trading have the flexibility to choose from desktop, web-based and mobile app platforms. Customers who wish to trade offline can use call-n-trade as well as branch services of the company.

ICICIdirect has 200+ branch offices (called ICICI Direct Super Store) spread across 87 cities and towns in India. ICICI customers can visit these stores to avail of various services offered by the company.

ICICIdirect Trading Software

ICICIdirect offers a range of online trading software and tools to its customers including:

  1. ICICI direct Mobile (Mobile Trading App)
  2. Trade Racer Web (Web-based Platform)
  3. Trade Racer (Desktop Platform)

All the ICICIdirect Trading Software enables traders to trade in equity, derivatives and currency etc., across NSE and BSE. These trading software's are available free of charge to all the customers.

1. ICICI direct Mobile (Mobile Trading App)

ICICI direct Mobile is a mobile trading app that allows customers to trade from anywhere. The mobile trading software is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

ICICIdirect customers can download the mobile trading app and analyze and trade on-the-go. The app offers many essential trading features such as:

  • Trade in Equity and F&O
  • Invest in IPOs and Mutual Funds
  • Monitor your portfolio on-the-move
  • Get live stock quotes
  • Place buy and sell order
  • Get live trading calls
  • View orders and check open positions
  • Track Market Movements
  • Create multiple watchlists
ICICI direct Mobile

ICICI Direct Mobile App Download

The ICICIDirect mobile app is available for Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones. The mobile app can be downloaded for free from:

2. Trade Racer Web (Web-based Platform)

Trader Racer Web is an online trading website from ICICIdirect. ICICI customer can access this website from any computer browser. The trading website offers a range of features to traders to analyze and trade including:

  • Oldest, most popular and incredibly stable website for investment and trading.
  • Trading across equity, F&O and currency etc., across NSE and BSE
  • Invest in IPO, Mutual Fund, Insurance, Corporate FD, NCD's etc.
  • Create multiple watchlists
  • Scanners & Heat maps
  • Advanced charting features
  • Access to trading calls and research reports
  • Quick fund transfer and payout facility
  • Alerts and notifications
ICICI Trade Racer Web

ICICIdirect also provides a low bandwidth website for those users who stay in poor internet connectivity areas. The low bandwidth website provides many useful trading features like:

  • Facility to place buy/sell orders
  • Track your investments- view portfolio, orders, open positions and tradebook
  • Market data such as market movers, heatmaps on positive and negative stocks, indices, advance-decline ratio etc.
  • Facility to apply in an IPO
  • Charts, sector watch, bulk and block deals etc.
  • Access to customer care and Instahelp facility

3. Trade Racer (Desktop Trading Software)

Trade Racer is desktop trading software for ICICI Sec customers. Designed for the frequent trader, trader racer is an exe based installable trading terminal. It offers all critical features which are required for a high-frequency trader. The key features of ICICIDirect trading terminal include:

  • Single Platform to trade across all segments at NSE and BSE.
  • Trend Scanner to monitor intraday price movements of desired stocks based on predefined metrics
  • Live Scanner to identify scrips making new highs and lows in the market
  • Snap View provides an in-depth view of any scrip with information like market depth, resistance and support levels, charts etc.
  • Heat Maps to quickly identify positive and negative stocks
  • Global Indices to keep track of major markets across America, Europe and Asia.
  • Live Streaming quotes
  • Access to stock recommendations and research calls
  • Multiple Watch lists to track desired stocks and contracts
  • Integrated Fund Transfer facility
  • Customization options like pre-configured desktops, grid layouts and screen colours to personalize the trading experience
  • Shortcut Keys faster intuitive trading
ICICI Trade Racer

ICICIdirect Trade Racer Download (Trade Racer Desktop App Download)

ICICIdirect Trade Racer offers many useful features to analyze and trade. The Trade Racer Desktop App can be downloaded from the website.

Steps For ICICI Direct Software Free Download For PC

  1. Visit ICICIdirect website
  2. Click on 'Products & Services' on the top menu
  3. Next, click on 'Trade Racer' tab
  4. Scroll down to the page, and click on 'Download Trade Racer'

ICICIdirect Trade Racer Desktop App Demo

The Trade Racer desktop trading software is designed for experienced and active traders. The platform has many advanced features which would need learning and understanding before it can be optimally used by traders. ICICIdirect Trade Racer Desktop App Demo is a video that explains all the features and functions of the platform.

Steps to View ICICIdirect Trade Racer Desktop App Demo Online-

  1. Visit ICICIdirect website
  2. Click on 'Products & Services' on the top menu
  3. Next, click on 'Trade Racer' tab
  4. Scroll down to the page, and click on 'View Demo'

ICICI Direct Call N Trade Facility

The ICICI Direct Call-N-Trade facility allows you to place buy/sell orders over the phone. You need to dial the customer support number provided on the company's website, enter your trading account number on the IVR and on successful verification a company executive will place the buy/sell orders.

ICICIDirect Commodity Trading Software

ICICIdirect doesn't provide commodity trading services. However, you can trade in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) of some commodities like Gold ETFs.

The customers can use any of the available ICICIdirect trading software to invest in Gold ETFs.

ICICIdirect Forex Trading Platform

ICICIdirect offers currency derivatives trading in four pair of Currencies- Dollar, Euro, Pound and Japanese Yen against Indian Rupee at BSE and NSE.

Customers can use any of the available ICICIdirect trading software online to trade in currency futures and options. The steps to download ICICIdirect trading software is discussed above.

Key Takeaways

  • ICICI Direct is the largest full-service stockbroker offering research and support at branches.
  • ICICI bank 3-in-1 account is the most popular offering. It makes investing in the stock market extremely easy.
  • ICICI brokerage charges are very high in comparison to the next generation discount stock brokers.
  • com website offers a wide range of investment and trading options.
  • The trading software's are very stable as they are in use for over 2 decades.
  • The trading software's uses outdated technology as very little has been changed since they were built.
ICICI Direct Special Offer

ICICI 3-in-1 Account

ICICI Direct offers a 3-in-1 account, a combination of saving bank, trading and demat account. It offers one-click investment in Equity, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, IPO, ETF, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Currency, and Fixed Deposits.

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