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NSE SME Share Price Live


NSE EMERGE is the SME exchange by National Stock Exchange of India. This NSE SME platform offers opportunities to stock market investors to invest in emerging small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

BSE SME Share Prices Live

Find the list of scripts trading at NSE SME platform as below.

NSE SME Share Price Live

Company Name Open Price High Low LTP No. of Shares Traded Total Turnover (Rs Lac) No. of Trades Date Updated
A And M Jumbo Bags Limited47484748400019000024/23/2019
Aakash Exploration Services Limited2121212120004200014/18/2019
Aaron Industries Limited45.645.645.645.6600027360024/23/2019
Aarvi Encon Limited4343434320008600014/23/2019
Accord Synergy Limited30.530.528.528.5400011800024/15/2019
Accuracy Shipping Limited82828282320026240024/22/2019
Ace Integrated Solutions Limited31.3531.3531.3531.3530009405014/15/2019
Ahimsa Industries Limited28.528.528.528.5600017100014/16/2019
Ahlada Engineers Limited77.877.87575200015280024/22/2019
Airan Limited373734.5536.8500001791750104/23/2019
Airo Lam Limited3030303030009000014/23/2019
Ajooni Biotech Limited18.0518.0518.0518.05800014440024/23/2019
Akash Infra Projects Limited52.0552.552.0552.5400020910024/22/2019
Akg Exim Limited33.533.533.533.5400013400014/23/2019
Ambani Organics Limited69.373.569.373.5720005132200104/18/2019
Ani Integrated Services Limited69.969.966.0566.05240016314024/23/2019
Art Nirman Limited19.819.816.0519.61800033270033/22/2019
Artedz Fabs Limited35.235.234342100073560044/23/2019
Arvee Laboratories (india) Limited63636363200012600013/26/2019
Asl Industries Limited15.415.415.415.440006160014/18/2019
Aurangabad Distillery Limited30303030400012000024/11/2019
Avg Logistics Limited83848084132001088700114/11/2019
Avon Moldplast Limited43.743.743.643.6400017460024/10/2019
Avsl Industries Limited34343434300010200013/25/2019
B&b Triplewall Containers Limited46464646300013800014/15/2019
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Key things you should know about NSE SME Platform

  • NSE SME share trading hours: 9:15 am to 3:30 pm
  • Trading in SME securities is allowed in standard lot sizes. There will be different lot sizes for different securities. Any quantity which is less than the minimum lot size will be considered as odd lot.
  • Traders can use the same trader workstation of NSE Capital Market Segment for trading in SME Securities.

Frequently Asked Questions about NSE SME Platform

  • What are sub-segments available in the SME segment at NSE?

    Following are the sub-segments available at NSE SEM Platform:

    1. Rolling Settlement

      In this segment trades executed during the day are settled on the same day. Trading in rolling settlement are settled on a T+2 basis (on the 2nd working day)

    2. Trade for Trade Settlement

      In this segment all trades results in to delivery (Trade to Trade shares cannot be traded on intraday). The settlement of securities available in this segment is done on a trade for trade basis and no netting off is allowed.

    3. Odd Lot Segment

      A separate trading window is provided to facilitate odd lot trading in NSE SME listed shares. Under odd lot market orders with the same price and quantity will match on time priority. The base price, price band and tick size will be same as corresponding normal market (series SM / ST) on that day.

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