5paisa Stock Trading, Demat, Brokerage and Reviews 2019

5paisa is a Mumbai based discount stock broker. 5paisa is part of India Infoline (IIFL), India's leading financial services company. 5paisa was re-launched with new brokerage model for online retail broking services in late 2016.

India Infoline, the parent company, was incorporated in 1995. IIFL group offers wide range of financial products through over 1000 branches. IIFL (a traditional brick-and-mortar broker) used 5paisa brand for its online retail broking business for many years.

Services offered by 5paisa

  • Online Trading - Trade in Stocks, Futures & Options and Currencies at NSE and BSE.
  • Online Mutual Funds - Invest in wide range of Mutual Funds, ETFs and Bonds.
  • Online Insurances - Compare and buy Car, Health and Term insurance online.

5paisa Robo Advisory

For a normal investors it is challenging to choose couple of Mutual Funds among thousands available in the market. It's also not feasible to find a human investment advisory every single time you thing about investing.

Robo Advisory is a fully automated investor advisory system which provides financial advices based on the answers you provide to the questions asked to you.

Build using the advance computer technology, the 5paisa Robo advisory offers low-cost, handy and irrational investment advisory platform to its customers.

5paisa Robo Advisory helps customers in choosing Mutual Funds and Insurance products.

Special Offer: Open 5Paisa Trading Account & get FREE Mutual Fund Account + FREE 1st year Demat AMC + Trade at flat Rs 10 per order. Get the offer

5paisa Ratings

Overall Rating Rated 3.0 stars 3.0/5
Fees Rated 3.4 stars 3.4/5
Brokerage Rated 4.1 stars 4.1/5
Usability Rated 3.0 stars 3.0/5
Customer Service Rated 2.4 stars 2.4/5

Based on 36 Votes by 5paisa Customers

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5paisa's Trading Platforms

The 5paisa Trading Platform is built on IIFL's trading platform which is being used by many customers over last 2 decades. The trading platform of 5paisa is available on mobile app, browser (web) and installable desktop trading application.

5paisa offers:

  1. Mobile Trading

    The 5paisa mobile trading app offers trading at BSE/NSE and Robo Advisory on the go. Customer can download this free app from Google App Store or Apple App Store. The simple intuitive app can be used to buy stocks, trade in stock and currency futures & options, invest in mutual funds, etf's and bonds ect.

  2. Browser Based Trading

    5paisa has a powerful trading website which can be accessed from any available web browser on computer, laptop, mobile devices or tablets. The website (also called 5paisa Trader Station) offers all trading and investment options under one domain.

    The web based trading platform is well integrated with payment gateway and banks for instant fund transfers.

  3. Desktop Trading

    5paisa installable trading terminal is designed for frequent traders who need advance trading tools. The desktop application offers real time data, advance charts for intraday and historic stock prices.

    Variety of keyboard shortcuts are available to monitor the market on real-time basis and place orders faster.

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Account Types

  1. Share Trading Account

    5paisa is India's fast growing discount broker offering investing and trading services in segments including stocks, derivatives (F&O) and currency. 5paisa is member of BSE and NSE. 5paisa trading account is backed by the experience and technology developed by its parent company IIFL for over 20 years in retail broking industry.

    5paisa offer trading services under a simple brokerage plan. Customers can trade across the segments for a flat rate of Rs 10 per executed order, irrespective of the size of the order. This brings saving up to 90% in comparison to traditional brokers who charge brokerage fee in % of the total turnover.

    5paisa trading account is well integrated with other products they offer including mutual funds, etf, bonds and insurance.

  2. Mutual Fund Account

    Online Mutual Funds Investment Account is a key offering from 5paisa. You can open just a Mutual Funds Investment Account with 5paisa for free of charges.

    5paisa also offers Systematic Investment Plans (SIP), an automatic periodic investment option in stock market though mutual funds.

    The 'Auto Investor' tool is available free of charge to its customer which helps with online MF advisory. This tool help in choosing the right funds based on their risk profile and return expectations.

5paisa Special Offers

Free - Mutual Fund Account + 1st year Demat AMC

Open 5Paisa Trading Account & get FREE Mutual Fund Account + FREE 1st year Demat AMC + Trade at flat Rs 10 per order.

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5paisa Brokerage Charges 2019

Account Opening Fees & Annual maintenance charges (AMC)

  • Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time): Rs. 650
  • Trading Annual maintenance charges (AMC): Rs. 0
  • Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time): Rs. 0
  • Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC): Rs. 400 per year

Trading Brokerages

  • Stock Intra-day Trades: Rs. 10 per executed order (buy and sell are considered as 2 orders)
  • Stock Cash Delivery Based Trades: Rs. 10 per executed order
  • Stock F&O Trades: Rs. 10 per executed order
  • Currency F&O Trades:Rs. 10 per executed order

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How to open account with 5paisa Capital Ltd?

5paisa's 2-in-1 account (demat + trading account) gives its customer an option to invest and trade in stock market as well as in mutual funds. If you are looking for only Mutual Funds as investment options, a separate Mutual Fund Account is available.

5paisa offers completely paperless account opening based on Aadhaar. If you have Aadhaar number and your Aadhaar number is mapped to correct mobile number, the account opening process is real fast. After completing the online application, the online trading accounts get activated in few hours.

You could also download the application form, print it, fill it up and send it to 5paisa Mumbai office to open the account.

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5paisa Pros and Cons

5paisa Advantages

  • Backed by IIFL, a premier non-banking financial institution in India with experience of over 2 decades.
  • Simple and cheaper brokerage plan of Rs 10 per executed order irrespective of segment (Equity, F&O and Currencies) or size of the order.
  • Free trading platform including mobile app, website and desktop trading terminal.
  • Offers free technical, derivative and fundamental research & advice to customers.

5paisa Disadvantages

  • Doesn't offer 3-in-1 account.
  • Doesn't offer commodity trading.
  • Very high demat debit transaction charges. They charge 0.04% (minimum Rs 25 per debit transaction). Most other discount brokers charge flat Rs 8 per transaction.
  • Higher exchange transaction charges in competition to other discount brokers.
  • Call & Trade is available at an additional cost of Rs 100 per call. The customer can place any number of trades in one call for Flat rs 100 fee.

5paisa Complaints received at BSE / NSE:

Number of customer complained against 5paisa Capital Ltd share broker. The 5paisa Capital Ltd consumer complaints provide the summary of grievance which went to exchange for resolution.

5paisa Capital Ltd consumer complaints
Exchange Financial Year Number of Clients * Total Complaints **
BSE 2018-19 24,382 14
NSE 2018-19 89,996 75
BSE 2017-18 19,545 28
NSE 2017-18 36,034 41
BSE 2016-17 432 1
NSE 2016-17 3,652 2
BSE 2015-16 428 1

* Number of active clients the broker or trading member has. As per SEBI guidelines each broker reports the newly added clients to the exchange though unique client code (ucc) process. The informaiton on this page is provided by the exchange.

** The total number of complaint received against the broker at the given exchange.

Enquiry Form

5Paisa Exposures / 5Paisa Leverage / 5Paisa Margin

  1. 5Paisa Exposure for Intraday Trading - 5Paisa offers up to 12 times exposure. The scrip category wise detail of margin is provided below.
  2. 5Paisa Exposure for Equity Delivery Trading - 5Paisa offers up to 3.5 times leverage for equity delivery trading. The scrip category wise detail of margin is provided below.
  3. 5Paisa Exposure Futures Intraday Trading - 5Paisa lets clients take MIS (Margin Intraday Squareoff) positions with following margin:
    • Equity & Index futures - 2 times margin (Order squared off at 3:20pm)
    • Currency futures - 1 times margin (Order squared off at 4.30pm)
  4. 5Paisa Leverage Futures Trading in Delivery - 5Paisa doesn't offer any exposure in futures delivery trading.
  5. 5Paisa Margin for Options Intraday or delivery Trading - 5Paisa doesn't offer any margin for Options Trading.
5Paisa Margin in Equity Delivery & Intraday Segments
Scrip CategoryHaircutDelivery ExposureIntraday Exposure
5Paisa Margin in Derivatives Segment (Futures & Options)
Trading SegmentExposure
Futures & Options (Selling)Options (Buying)
Equity Derivatives2x1x1x1x
Currency Derivatives1x1x1x1x

Short Selling

  1. Equity Futures & Options - 5Paisa allow intraday and overnight short selling in F&O segment.
  2. Equity Cash - 5Paisa allows short selling only for Intraday, but not for overnight positions. Short selling is available in all groups except z category or T2T script.

5Paisa's Membership Information

  1. 5Paisa SEBI Membership: INZ000010231
  2. 5Paisa NSE Member ID: 14300
  3. 5Paisa BSE Clearing Number:: 6363

5paisa Capital Ltd Reviews

61. MAHESH VASUDEV GOKHALE  Feb 2, 2019 23:38 Reply
My name is Mahesh Gokhale and my 5paisa customer ID: 58121962.
I would soon be closing it after 31st March.

This is the worst brokerage firm I ever found. Such a stupid firm that does not provide any report on your Profit and Loss statement. They simply don't have such a report.

Highest DP charges. Their mobile application hangs when you need it the most. On a business day between 2:45 pm to 3:25 pm, most of the times, your orders wont make it to NSE. After that there is no use.

I wrote an email to grievance department as well as compliance department for providing proper Profit & Loss statements and other issue and they sent me links for the reports.

You know what, they don't know how to generate professional reports.
Their P&L reports are missing Total. They have very substandard reports for any of the segment.

I would advise you not to join if you are thinking of joining it for the sake of 10 rupees of brokerage.

Go to some professional brokerage firm instead.

60. Sachin Kumar Singh  Jan 12, 2019 17:58 Reply
Customer service is very low level.... don't believe on this brokerage house.


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
59. pankaj  Jul 30, 2018 13:49 Reply
its to third class broker service. Its waste of money as well time. They dont care about our money .


Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
59.2. FivePaisa  Aug 20, 2018 11:23
Hi Pankaj, We are deeply sorry to hear your feedback. If you are facing any issue we request you to kindly mark a mail to us at along with your client code to address your issue at the earliest.
59.3. Lipika Das  Jan 8, 2019 17:25
I think you have not came across real 3rd class brockerage house till now. If 5paisa is 3rd class then there are no 1st class brocker in India. Sorry my friend I would recommend everyone 5paisa because they are much much better than others in every aspect.
58. Lipika Das  Jan 8, 2019 17:16 Reply
The best discount brocker. I have another Demat account at Axis Securities. But since I opened my account at 5 paisa I started trading here and like to close my account at Axis direct shortly. 5 paisa charging only 10 rs flat brockerage. The advantage of flat brokerage is that as many as quantity purchased, the real costing value of a stock become cheaper even adding all the other applicable taxes like STT, GST, transanction charges, stamp duty etc. Where as Axis direct charging 0.5% for delivery and 0.05% for intraday trading. In a same trading I can get much more profit in 5paisa than Axis direct. Another point is that Axis direct is charging 0.06% not less than 50 rs for stock sell out from demat. Where 5paisa charge only 25 rs flat.
I was novis and fall in trap by the agent that I have opened account in Axis direct. Later I have searched in the net and found this and got lot of knowledge about brockerage houses and their charges, facilities. Thanks to for showing me path and helped me to choose the right brockerage house.
I wish and hope that every new invester before opening a Demat account, go through and find a brockerage house of there choice. But I would suggest everyone of my near and dear to go with 5paisa.
Pros about 5paisa
1. Discount brokerage. Only 10 rs flat for all segment.
2. Mobile app is good and user friendly. I like the Mobile app. Much better than Axis direct.
3. Contact note is pitty clear about charges and taxes deducted. No hidden charges.
4. Pay out is also hazard free. Just go to payout option and claim your payout. The money will be cradited in the linked bank account within 2 working days.
What more we want?
I pray for every new comer not to fall in trap by the agents and get some knowledge before opening an account and investing in stock market. Good save them.
57. Anand  Jan 7, 2019 15:16 Reply
Guy please, don't go for 5PAISA. It's totally insane, idiotic and pathetic service. Sometimes the app/desktop buy and sell shares it self. Lost week Ilost 4500 and today around 2000 due to this. Sometimes you cannot square off your orders. lost my hard earned money in 5Paisa only reason their pathetic service. Whatever complaint you raise through email, they simply reply please check your bill and if u call customer care they will give u two choices, please send us mail or speak with trade section. You know what is the charge for speaking with trade section ? 100 rupees per minute ! yes its true. They are pathetic brokers. No way you can earn money in 5PAISA.
56. DEEPAK SINGH BISHT  Jan 7, 2019 08:56 Reply
Good experience specially because of low brokerage charges but still improvement required in website usability.


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Average
Website Usability - Average
Customer Service - Above Average
Overall Experience - Above Average
55. Gomes  Dec 26, 2018 16:57 Reply
There are many worst experiences with 5 Paisa.

1. Poor and non-responsive customer service. Lethargic responses for call and mail. No responses for mails mostly.
2. Frequent server issues
3. Technical issues - My account says I have open positions though i have squared off. Their system says there are no positions. Later, it is Vice Versa.
4. Details on account closing procedure were not provided though I have requested multiple times.
5. Sorry is the only word in their trade dictionary.


Brokerage - Below Average
Account Maintenance Fees - Average
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Below Average
54. Akshay Kumar N S  Dec 9, 2018 09:50 Reply
when i start trade in 5paisa the app and website is not user friendly but now they developed app and new website it is very good mainly i recommended who do daily trade it is very helpful because the broker charges is only 10 rs per order


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Excellent
Website Usability - Above Average
Customer Service - Above Average
Overall Experience - Excellent
53. Unkown  Dec 7, 2018 07:03 Reply
No user friendly, trading platform is not Good
App,site open karne ke bad trading karne ka mann hi nahi hota money control jaisa app hai


Brokerage - Below Average
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
52. Deepak Mewada  Nov 20, 2018 17:08 Reply
Worst ever experience with 5paisa.. before solving issue they mail that the issue has been solved.. at last i wanted to close my account with 5paisa and they just said regards sorry.. but there were no steps to close account on 5paisa.. you can pay them but can ask them to pay you back you amount.. like while redeem also they ask for a minimum balance i mean WTF its my money i need to withdraw WhoTF are you to stop me doing that.. cheap customer support..


Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
51. Amit  Nov 3, 2018 23:41 Reply
As a Customer I am very annoyed with 5paisa.
1. Very poor customer services in all.
2. No proper updating of account.
3. Delayed in allotment of mutual funds unit.
4. Paying always not working last one month.
5. Non professional approach.
6. Truly headache.
7. Never keep their promise.
50. Ashish  Oct 25, 2018 12:11 Reply
I'm a account holder in and I want to share my bad experience with this broker firm. It has not only brokerage charges but also many hidden charges like DP charges. Its app is also not capable enough and not working properly in last hours of trading.


Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Below Average
Overall Experience - Very Poor
49. Mahendra  Oct 9, 2018 23:01 Reply
one of a worst customer care service . has opened account with 5 paisa and applied to segment modification with future and option . the person who came to collect form not told where to sign for accounts. and asked customer care how to activate they told will activate from back end . then they told have to follow some procedure twice did courier to them with proof of required documents . now they told reason others . not activated each person tells new story. not at all quality providing service . Looks like just collect money n then let customer run behind them. Complete Discount Broker and Discounted Service. No one Observing Quality of Customer care service. very worst experience. instead pay some money and open account with good broker. Service is important not such worst one.
48. Bikash Chaudhury  Sep 16, 2018 15:34 Reply
Like Delivery trade brokerage fee of Rs. 10. Customer service is not so good


Brokerage - Above Average
Account Maintenance Fees - Above Average
Website Usability - Above Average
Customer Service - Below Average
Overall Experience - Above Average
47. abcd  Sep 11, 2018 00:29 Reply
highest DP holding charges


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Excellent
Website Usability - Excellent
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Below Average
46. Arun  Sep 4, 2018 18:18 Reply
Does exactly what is the name,
Third Class service never open the account with 5paisa
I opened the A/c with 5paisa and with in one month submit the closure form for closing the A/c.
1. DP Charges : They charged the DP charges on every transaction, while your transaction is on T1 day
and if you have 100 shares of xyz company and sell it at same time and your shares sells in 3 slots like 20, 30 and 50 (depends on exchange price trigger) then 5paisa charged the DP charges 3 times (29.5x3)
while as per the rule only single DP charge applicable on one demat exit.

2. Cheap customer care service.
3. If you have any problem related to your share transaction then they charged Rs. 100 for one call.
4. when I apply the Closure form they reject it after 25 days with out a valid reason again I need to submit the new Closure form but this time I complaint this with the CDSL and as well as SEBI.
and finally after 40 days my A/c closed after so many complaints with SEBI and CDSL.

and many more reasons
45. chandan kumar  Aug 28, 2018 13:01 Reply
dear 5paisa
=broakrge charge -good
=trading platform market open hone ke bad apene aap update ya blink krna chahiye, ye facilities nhi h aapme
=customer service aur customer satisfied ye aapme improve krna chahiye

@dear 5paisa sirf feedback aur rating karwane se kuchh nhi hoga jab tak aap customers ke problem solve nhi krte
aur aapke over all problem solve nhi krte
45.1. prashant prakash chavan  Aug 28, 2018 14:00
44. mani  Aug 7, 2018 04:24 Reply
one of the worst company i cant understand margin calculation and i get profit 1k but my amount going( - )
high risk company to trade dont choose this company now time is 3 am i cant sleep bcz i lose my amount 10k with out my evidence this one of the worst company


Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
43. ranjeet  Jul 31, 2018 21:29 Reply
5paisa capital is third class software Don't subscribe it, becoz very poor operating than other platform
other services are thired class like customer support, pay in & payout processing is harassment me and software operation make loss at the time when u book ur profit

Don't try it...unless u face the loss
42. Bhalchandra Patil  Jul 30, 2018 12:44 Reply
All is good apart from customer service


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Average
Website Usability - Above Average
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Above Average

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