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We offer a comprehensive, step-by-step process for listing your SME shares on the stock exchanges - NSE and BSE.

We work as your ally and guide you through all listing processes in detail. Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the first time an unlisted company sells shares to the public and raises funds.

Chapters :

1. SME IPO Introduction

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. This is a process whereby a company that is privately owned and may have been run by family members, friends, or selected investors, now wants to expand its business and raise capital. It then wants to go public for the first time and sell a portion of its shares to the general public in the form of stock.

2. SME IPO Eligibility

There are certain norms to be followed before listing an SME, such as track record, financial data, sponsor contribution, issue size, etc.

3. SME IPO Process

The process for SME IPO includes suitability screening, appointment of investment bankers, due diligence, IPO prospectus preparation, road shows and marketing, pricing, IPO underwriting, listing, and post-IPO compliance. The process is comparatively simple; it just needs to be adapted from company to company, depending on the complexity of the company's finances and market conditions.

4. SME IPO Intermediaries

By definition, intermediaries are a set of companies or individuals that play a critical role in the SME IPO process to ensure that the IPO is executed smoothly and in compliance with all regulatory requirements. They are Merchant Banker, RTA (Registrar and Transfer Agent), Stock Exchange, Depository Participant (DP), Underwriters, Legal Counsel.

5. SME IPO Expenses

The cost of SME IPO ranges from 50 lakhs to a few crores, depending on the size of the issue and the services used by the issuing company.

6. SME IPO Post Listing Compliance

SME IPO post-listing requirements include filing a reconciliation of share capital, share ratios, financial results, management compensation structure, codes and policies, and more.

Annexure :

1. Merchant Banker Mandate Letter

The mandate letter is an agreement between the merchant banker (lead manager) and the issuing company for their proposed SME IPO.

2. Market Making Agreement

The Market-Making Agreement is between the Market-Maker and issuer company for the proposed SME IPO. Market-Making is mandatory for shares listed on the SME Platform.

3. Underwriting Agreement

The Underwriting Agreement is between the Underwriter and issuer company for the proposed SME IPO. Underwriting is mandatory for shares listed on the SME Platform.

4. Registrar (RTA) Agreement

The registrar contract is concluded between the registrar and the company for the proposed SME IPO. The Registrar processes applications, allotment and transfer of shares and funds.

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