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Business Valuation Calculator (using Discounted Cash Flow method)

Calculate the current value of your business based on the projected cash flows.

The Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method is a widely used business valuation method that determines the current value of the business based on the expected future cash flows. The accuracy of the DCF method depends on the ability to correctly project cash flows and choose the correct discount rate.

Steps to use the calculator:

  • Enter financial information on revenue, expenses, and tax rate.
  • Enter the expected growth rate for your business.
  • Select an appropriate discount rate.
  • Enter the terminal value of business beyond the forecast period.

The DCF calculator will calculate the projected cash flows based on the entered growth rate and then discount them to their present value based on the discount rate.

For more details on the DCF method, please refer to the IPO valuation chapter.

Particulars Actual Projected (Rs in crs)
Financial Year FY - Terminal value
Revenue 0 0 0
Opex 0 0 0
Net Profit before Tax 0 0 0
Profit After Tax 0 0 0
Discounting Factor 0 0 0
Discounted Cash Flow 0 0 0
Total DCF (Valuation of the company) 0 0 0


  • Terminal Value Growth Rate should be lesser than the Discounted Growth Rate.
  • The growth rate, discounting factor, tax rates are assumed to be constant throughout the projected years.
  • The calculator does not account for uncertainties and complexities.