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Options Strategy List

In options trading, there are as many strategies as there are traders. We provide detail of few of them which are frequently used for reference. There is no good or bad strategy. Each strategy has its own strength and weaknesses. A trader should define his own trading personality and devise a trading plan around it.

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Options Trading Strategies

#StrategyStrategy LevelMarket ViewRiskReward
1 Long Call Beginners Bullish Limited Unlimited
2 Short Call (Naked Call) Advance Bearish Unlimited Limited
3 Long Put Beginners Bearish Limited Unlimited
4 Short Put Beginners Bullish Unlimited Limited
5 Bull Call Spread Beginners Bullish Limited Limited
6 Bull Put Spread Advance Bullish Limited Limited
7 Synthetic Call Beginners Bullish Limited Unlimited
8 Covered Call Advance Bullish Unlimited Limited
9 Long Combo Advance Bullish Unlimited Unlimited
10 Collar Advance Bullish Limited Limited
11 Bear Call Spread Beginners Bearish Limited Limited
12 Bear Put Spread Advance Bearish Limited Limited
13 Protective Call (Synthetic Long Put) Beginners Bearish Limited Unlimited
14 Covered Put (Married Put) Advance Bearish Unlimited Limited
15 Long Straddle (Buy Straddle) Beginners Neutral Limited Unlimited
16 Short Straddle (Sell Straddle or Naked Straddle) Advance Neutral Unlimited Limited
17 Long Strangle (Buy Strangle) Beginners Neutral Limited Unlimited
18 Short Strangle (Sell Strangle) Advance Neutral Unlimited Limited
19 Long Call Butterfly Advance Neutral Limited Limited
20 Short Call Butterfly Advance Neutral Limited Limited
21 Long Condor (Long Call Condor) Advance Neutral Limited Limited
22 Short Condor (Short Call Condor) Advance Volatile Limited Limited
23 Box Spread (Arbitrage) Advance Neutral None Limited
24 Short Box (Arbitrage) Advance Neutral None Limited
25 Covered Strangle Advance Bullish Limited Limited