Rights Issue Review, Analysis and Notes

Rights issue review by SEBI registered analysts provides an in-depth view and analysis to the shareholders. This data supported rights issue forecast helps the shareholders to decide if the rights issue is worth subscribing. The reviews also provide recommendations to tell whether the rights issue is good or bad.

The rights issue reviews provide detailed analysis of company background, offer detail, company valuation, capital structure, financial performance, strength, risks & benefits of investment, and recommendation about the rights issue. These notes are presented keeping both, the short term and long term investors in mind.

Rights Issue Reviews and Analysis

Title Review Author Recommendation Review Date
Megasoft Rights Issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applyJul 20, 2021
Aplab Ltd Right Issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applyJun 16, 2021
Vikas Ecotech Right Issue reviewDilip DavdaAvoidJun 12, 2021
Vikas Lifecare rights issue reviewDilip DavdaAvoidMay 22, 2021
Sundaram Fin Hold rights issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applyApr 28, 2021
KDDL Rights Issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applyApr 07, 2021
India Grid Trust rights issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applyApr 02, 2021
WeP Solutions Rights Issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applyMar 20, 2021
Emerald Leasing Rights issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applyMar 20, 2021
Rajapalayam Mills Rights issue reviewDilip DavdaApplyMar 13, 2021
Arvind Fashions Right Issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applyMar 02, 2021
Authum Investment Rights issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applyFeb 26, 2021
Patel Integrated Logi Rights issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applyFeb 25, 2021
L&T Finance Holdings rights issue reviewDilip DavdaApplyJan 28, 2021
Urja Global Rights Issue reviewDilip DavdaAvoidJan 23, 2021
PRICOL RIGHT ISSUE reviewDilip DavdaMay applyNov 28, 2020
Shopper Stop Rights issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applyNov 24, 2020
Mold-Tek Packaging Rights Issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applyOct 25, 2020
EIH Ltd rights issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applySep 25, 2020
Deepak Fertilisers Righs Issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applySep 19, 2020
Rushil Decor Rights Issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applySep 15, 2020
Spencers Retail rights issue (Aug 2020) reviewDilip DavdaMay applyAug 18, 2020
Satin Creditcare Rights Issue reviewDilip DavdaMay applyAug 18, 2020
Minda Industries Rights Issue ReviewDilip DavdaMay applyAug 15, 2020


  • The reviews on this site are purely for general educational and information purposes. Investors are advised to take their own decision.

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1. RAJANIKANTH  Jul 6, 2021 17:01 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Please inform, recorded date for right issue , please write recoded dates at least one week before
Thanks sir

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