Rights Issues 2023

Rights Issue is an invitation to the existing shareholders to purchase the additional shares of the company within a specific period at a discounted price. Unlike IPO, the rights issue is not offered to the general public but only to the existing shareholders in proportion of their existing holdings.

The eligible shareholders can either subscribe for the rights issue partly or fully; or can let the rights lapse by not opting to exercise their rights to purchase the additional shares; or can transfer their rights entitlements to other persons. The transfer of rights to other persons can be done by the trading of rights entitlements on a stock exchange similar to equity shares known as 'renunciation of rights issue'.

The rights issue offers benefits to eligible shareholders as it helps them acquire additional shares at a premium compared to the market price. However, one should study the company's performance before subscribing to the issue as unlike bonus shares, the rights issue comes with a price.

Rights Issues 2023

Company Name Issue Open Issue Close Record Date Issue price (Per Share) Issue Size (Rs Cr) CMP of Share CMP of Rights Entitlement Renunciation of Rights Entitlements
Shukra Pharmaceuticals LimitedFeb 15, 2023Feb 28, 2023Feb 02, 20232018.7957.3
Shree Ganesh Remedies LimitedFeb 13, 2023Feb 21, 2023Feb 03, 202322518.91252.35Feb 15, 2023
Hazoor Multi Projects LimitedFeb 03, 2023Feb 20, 2023Jan 20, 20238845107.65Feb 15, 2023
Heritage Foods LimitedJan 30, 2023Feb 13, 2023Jan 20, 2023523.2156.1136.8Feb 08, 2023
Markolines Pavement Technologies LimitedJan 27, 2023Feb 09, 2023Jan 17, 202316749.861784.851.99Feb 06, 2023
Indowind Energy LimitedJan 27, 2023Feb 10, 2023Jan 13, 20231243.0813.180.59Feb 06, 2023
Aarti Surfactants LimitedJan 25, 2023Feb 03, 2023Jan 17, 202355549.52548.635.15Jan 27, 2023
Family Care Hospitals LimitedJan 23, 2023Feb 07, 2023Jan 03, 20231248.9211.850.17Feb 01, 2023
Jet Freight Logistics LimitedJan 20, 2023Jan 31, 2023Jan 11, 202316.2537.718.450.94Jan 25, 2023
Pacific Industries LimitedJan 19, 2023Feb 02, 2023Jan 11, 202313947.9200.246.1Jan 30, 2023
Vaxfab Enterprises LimitedJan 18, 2023Feb 10, 2023Jan 03, 20231812.9630.51.45Feb 06, 2023
Rajapalayam Mills LimitedJan 18, 2023Feb 07, 2023Dec 30, 202256934.98639.9561.55Feb 02, 2023
Visagar Financial Services LimitedJan 12, 2023Feb 10, 2023Dec 30, 2022149.741.130.05Jan 25, 2023
Quint Digital Media LtdJan 09, 2023Jan 24, 2023Dec 22, 20225012598.35105.5Jan 13, 2023
Gyscoal Alloys LimitedJan 02, 2023Jan 12, 2023Dec 23, 20222.7549.183.080.17Jan 09, 2023
Destiny Logistic & Infra LimitedFeb 08, 2023Feb 17, 2023Jan 27, 2023107.69Feb 13, 2023


  • The offer to buy a rights issue is an option and not an obligation on the existing shareholder.
  • To be eligible for the rights issue, one must be the shareholder of the company as on record date to qualify as an existing shareholder.
  • An existing shareholder subscribing to the rights issue in full can opt to subscribe for additional shares as well. The allotment for the additional shares would be based on the issue subscription.
  • The rights issue can be partly subscribed and partly transferred to other investors by the trading of the rights entitlements. However, in such cases, there will be no option to opt for additional shares over and above the allocated rights issue for either of the parties.
  • The rights entitlements (RE) are given a different ISIN to differentiate from the normal equity shares trading in the market.
  • The trading of RE closes 2-3 working days before the rights issue.

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