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Prostocks NRI Account Review

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Prostocks is a flat-fee discount stock broker offering online investing and trading services to Resident and NRI Investors. It offers a 2-in-1 account, combining trading and demat account, to NRIs to trade across equity, derivatives, mutual funds, and ETFs on the BSE and NSE.

The company offers the cheapest NRI brokerage in India. It charges flat ₹100 per executed order, irrespective of the segment or size of the order.

It offers powerful trading platforms for free including website trading, mobile trading app, and desktop trading software. Also, Call & Trade is made available for free to all the customers.

Prostocks is a clearing member and can clear NRO equity derivatives trades by themselves.

NRO Non-PIS Trading Account

You can open a No PIS NRO trading account with ProStocks and start trading like an Indian Resident in India Stock Markets.

NRI's can trade without a PIS enabled bank account with ProStocks. This saves you from big hassle to procure PIS and managing transactions between trading and demat accounts. The NRO trading and demat account should link with NRO Saving Bank Account.

With this No PIS NRO Trading account, you could trade in the equity segment just like an Indian Resident. No hassle of dealing with Custodian or PIS Banker besides Stock Broker. No PIS Bank Account required.


  • No PIS option is not available for NRE Trading and Demat account.
  • NRE Bank Account cannot link to NRO Trading and Demat account.


ProStocks Non-PIS NRO Trading


Prostocks NRI Account

The NRI trading services offered by Prostocks includes:

Prostocks NRI Trading Account allows NRIs to buy and sell equity shares, mutual funds, ETFs, and equity derivatives.

Prostocks NRI Demat Account helps the NRIs to keep securities in electronic form. The demat account works like a bank account where shares are held instead of money.

Prostocks doesn't offer NRI Bank Account as it doesn't offer banking services.

NRIs are required to link their existing NRI Bank Account to demat account and trading account to trade. Prostocks has collaboration with 5 banks to offer NRI accounts including Axis, HDFC, Kotak, Yes, and Indusind Bank. NRI customer who has a bank account in other banks (i.e. ICICI Bank, SBI Bank) cannot open NRI trading account with Prostocks.

Note - As per RBI guidelines, NRIs are allowed to invest across Equities, Equity Futures and Options on the NSE and BSE. NRIs are not allowed to place intraday trades in stocks.

Prostocks NRI Demat Account

ProStocks is a depository participant (DP) of CDSL through which it offers the demat account. NRI Demat Account is a key offering of Prostocks.

Prostocks NRI Demat Account Features:

  • Zero account opening fee
  • Demat account AMC(Annual maintenance charge) is lifetime free with ₹1000 refundable deposit.
  • It holds shares, mutual funds, and ETFs in electronic form.
  • NRIs can also open a joint account with a citizen of India.
  • Online access to demat accounts
  • Automatic credit of bonuses, and dividends earned from securities to the linked bank account

Prostocks NRI Trading Process

The step-by-step process of investing through prostocks NRI account for equity delivery is as follows

  1. Allocate Funds for Trading

    Transfer funds to NRE PIS Bank Account. Once the funds are transferred in PIS Bank Account, the bank informs Prostocks to update the trading limit for the customer.

  2. Buy/Sell Stocks

    NRI can log-in to Prostocks trading applications (website, mobile or desktop) and place the orders.

  3. Trade Settlement

    For executed buy orders, Prostocks sends the Contract Note to the bank at the end of the day. The bank debits money accordingly from the PIS account to credit the stockbroker account. The shares are credited to the NRI Demat account in T+2 days.

    For executed sell orders, Prostocks send the contract note to the bank and deposit the money in the bank account. Shares are withdrawn from the demat account and passed on to the buyer.

Note: Total buy and sell information are sent to the bank at the end of the day in two separate buys and sell contract notes. The contract note is a bill or invoice which includes transaction detail, brokerage charges and taxes.

Prostocks NRI Trading Account Charges

Prostocks NRI brokerage charges for trading in Equity and Equity Derivatives.

NRI Account Opening Charges₹0
NRI Account AMC₹0
Equity Delivery Brokerage₹100 per executed order
Equity Future Brokerage₹100 per executed order
Equity Options Brokerage₹100 per executed order
Other Charges

Prostocks NRI Trading Software Review

Prostocks offers a range of proprietary and 3rd party online trading platforms to NRI investors:

Read our detailed Prostocks Trading Software review to know about the features of various platforms offered by the company.

Prostocks Desktop


Prostocks Desktop


Prostocks Web


Prostocks Web


Prostocks Mobile Trading App


Prostocks Mobile Trading App


Prostocks Investment Options

The investment options available to an NRI at Prostocks.

Investment OptionStatus
Mutual FundsYes

Prostocks NRI Account Opening Process

To trade with ProStocks, a NRI need to open the following accounts:

  1. NRI Trading Account
  2. NRI Demat Account
  3. NRI PIS Bank Account (with Axis, HDFC, Kotak, Yes, or Indusind Bank)

Prostocks offers a 2-in-1 account which includes demat and trading account. An NRI should have an NRE or NRO PIS Bank Account before opening trading and demat account.

To open the account with Prostocks, a NRI has to fill an online account opening form, download PDF, print it, sign it, attach the supporting documents and send it to the Prostocks Mumbai office.

Note: Online instant account opening process (Aadhar based) is not available for NRIs.

Prostocks NRI Account Opening Form PDF

Prostocks offers the same account opening form for resident and non-resident Indians. Following are the steps for downloading Prostocks NRI account application form:

  1. Visit Prostocks official website
  2. Click on the 'Support' tab and then click on 'Downloads'.
  3. Click on "Individual Trading + Demat Account Opening Form" to download the application form.

Prostocks NRI Supporting Documents

An NRI is required to submit a copy of the following documents notarized by the Indian embassy or other competent authorities.

  1. PAN Card
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. Proof of foreign address (Driving License/Foreign Passport/Utility Bills/Bank Statement /Notarized copy of rent agreement/Leave & License agreement/ Sale Deed)
  4. Indian address (if any). In case of an NRI a/c without repatriation(NRO), proof of Indian add. has to be given.
  5. Bank A/C details (Indian).
  6. Power of Attorney, if any
  7. Copy of Passport(Fullset)
  8. A declaration duly signed by the NRI that he/she has complied with, and will continue to comply with, FEMA regulating and other applicable laws
  9. Valid visa copy mentioning validity
  10. Bank account documents required:

    NRO Account:

    • Self-certified copy of NRO Saving Bank Statement.
    • Declaration from Bank that they will deduct TDS / withholding tax as may be applicable. PIS account is no more applicable for NRO Trading Account.

    NRE Account:

    • Self-certified copy of PIS permission letter issued by the Banker.

How to Open NRI Account in Prostocks?

Prostocks provide partly online account opening for NRIs. In this process customer can fill online application, download PDF at the last stage, print it, sign it and send it to Prostocks.

Steps to Open Prostocks NRI Trading Account

  1. Visit the company's website
  2. Register on the website by filling the form on the left side of your screen. Enter your Name, email-id, select status as Non-Resident, Country code and Mobile Number.
  3. Click on 'Generate OTP' button. An OTP will be delivered on your email address.
  4. Validate the OTP. On OTP validation, you will receive your login name and password on your registered email id.
  5. Login using the login name and password. Fill basic information like Pan Card Number, Name, Date of Birth, Country of Birth and Type of account you wish to open. Aadhar Card is an optional field
  6. The eKYC has 5 sections - Basic Information, Preference details, Additional details, Select and pay, Submit document. Enter all the required details.
  7. Once complete, generate PDF Document.
  8. Print the PDF form
  9. Sign the forms.
  10. Courier the form along with attested copies of the documents mentioned above.


  • The account will be opened after receiving the documents. It may take 3 to 5 working days.
  • Prostocks doesn't charge any fee for NRI account opening.
  • NRIs are not allowed to invest in the Commodity and Currency segment. Intraday trading in stocks is also not allowed.
  • They can open NRI account with Axis, HDFC, Kotak, Yes, and Indusind Bank to invest through Prostocks trading and demat account.
  • You can open an NRE and NRO saving bank account under a single PIS scheme separately.

Prostocks Key Features

3-in-1 AccountNo
Free Research and TipsNo
Automated TradingNo
Other Features

Prostocks NRI Mutual Fund

Prostocks offers mutual fund services to NRI clients. The NRI customers can use the NRI Demat account to hold mutual funds. They can invest in mutual funds either through NRE or NRO accounts.

Prostocks NRI Customer Care

Prostocks NRI Support Desk contact information. Find Prostocks NRI contact number.

Prostocks NRI HelplineNumber
Prostocks NRI Customer Care Number+91 22 6243 4343, +91 22 3811 0110
Prostocks NRI Customer Care Email

Prostocks NRI Trading Account Advantages

  • Prostocks charges a flat fee of ₹100 per executed order which is the cheapest fee charged by any broker in India.
  • Traders can choose from in-house trading platforms or NSE NOW software to trade as per their convenience.
  • Demat and Trading accounts at Prostocks are lifetime AMC free.
  • NRI customer doesn't require separate Custodial Account to trade in Equity F&O. Prostocks is a registered clearing member who can get the CP code for NRI and clear the trades. This offers a huge saving for NRI customers.

Prostocks NRI Trading Account Disadvantages

  • Doesn't offer a 3-in-1 account. An NRI has to open an NRI Bank Account before opening a trading and demat account.
  • GTC (Good Till Cancel) and AMO (After Market Order) not available.


Prostocks offer online trading service at the cheapest brokerage rate to the NRIs. It has partnerships with 5 popular banks in India to offer NRI trading. The free account opening and AMC free demat & trading account is an added advantage for the NRI customers. Prostocks doesn't provide research and advisory service. It suits well for frequent traders who execute 100's of trades daily.

Prostocks Special Offer

Unlimited Monthly Trading @ Rs 899

  • Monthly unlimited trading plan @ Rs 899.
  • Or Rs 0 Eq Delivery Brokerage and Flat Rs 15 per trade for Intraday & F&O +
  • Lifetime Free AMC Demat Account +
  • API for alog trading.

This is a limited-time offer. Open FREE Instant Demat Account and start trading today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Why NRIs should Trade with Prostocks?

    Here are the advantages to trade with Prostocks:

    • NRIs can trade-in equity and F&O on the NSE and BSE platform.
    • You can trade at a flat brokerage of Rs. 100 per executed order.
    • It offers free website, mobile trading app and installable trading terminal.
    • Prostocks doesn't do proprietary trading. This offers higher security of clients fund with them.



  2. 2. What are the AMC charges for NRI demat and trading account?

    Prostocks NRI trading & demat account are lifetime AMC free when the customer pays a one-time refundable deposit of Rs 1000 at the time of opening the account.



  3. 3. Who are the banking partners of Prostocks for NRI Account?

    For opening an NRI trading account with Prostocks, you need to have an NRI Bank Account with the following banks:

    1. Axis Bank,
    2. HDFC Bank,
    3. IndusInd Bank,
    4. Kotak Bank and
    5. Yes Bank



  4. 4. What is the leverage provided by Prostocks for NRIs?

    No leverage is provided to NRIs for trading in equity delivery and F&O segment. As per RBI regulations, they need to settle the transaction in the exact value.



  5. 5. Can NRI open NRO Non-PIS Trading and Demat Account with Prostocks?

    Yes, NRIs can open NRO Non-PIS accounts with the broker. The Non-PIS account can be used to trade in stocks, to sell IPO shares and shares bought when the NRI was Indian Resident. The Non-PIS account is also useful in investing in Mutual Funds and trading in equity derivatives (F&O) on a non-repatriable basis.



  6. 6. What are the Prostocks NRI charges?

    ProStocks NRI Charges

    Demat and Trading Account Opening


    Trading and Demat AMC

    Lifetime free with Rs 1000 one time refundable deposit

    Equity, F&O Brokerage

    Rs 100 per executed order



  7. 7. Does NRI need a Custodian Account for F&O trading with Prostocks?

    No, an NRI doesn't require a 3rd party Custody Account to trade in Equity F&O with Prostocks. Prostocks is a clearing member and gets the CP code from the stock exchange to enable trade in F&O in NSE and BSE. NRIs can save a significant amount by not paying to a Custodian when trading with Prostocks.



  8. 8. Can I open NRO Non-PIS Trading Account with ProStocks?

    Yes. Prostocks allow NRI's to trade without PIS Account through their NRO Trading and Demat Account. This saves from big hassle to procure PIS and managing transactions between trading and demat accounts. The NRO trading and demat account should link with NRO Bank Account.

    With this No PIS NRO Trading account, you could trade in the equity segment just like an Indian Resident. No hassle of dealing with Custodian or PIS Banker besides Stock Broker. No PIS Bank Account required.


    • NRI's need NRI Trading Account to trade or invest in India Stock market.
    • Non-PIS option is not available for NRE Trading and Demat account.
    • NRE Bank Account cannot link to NRO Trading and Demat account.



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