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Prostocks API (Algo Trading) Review

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ProStocks provides a set of APIs (Application Programming Interface) to its clients through Star API. Star API is a collection of APIs that allows you to trade using your own trading systems as per your ideas and goals.

Prostocks Star API is lowest-cost trading API in India available to all retail and NRI customers to trade at NSE and BSE. Prostocks offers unlimited monthly brokerage trading plans at Rs 899 per month (Equity and F&O) and Rs 499 (Currency).

Star API by ProStocks is a set of simple Rest like HTTP APIs that enables users to build customized trading platforms as per their requirements. Star API gives programmatic access to all the data and functionalities that allow users to place and manage orders, access to live market data, historical data, view positions, holdings, enquire order margin, and much more.

Star API supports all the segments (Equity, Derivatives, and Currency) on NSE. However, for BSE, the APIs are currently available only for the Equity segment.

Refer to ProStocks Star API documentation/sample code for more details.

Prostocks Star API Benefits

  1. Unlimited monthly trading plan is available for API customers. This reduces the trading cost significantly.
  2. Accessible by all Retail and NRI customers.
  3. Bracket order is available in API. No other brokers offer BO in API.
  4. User-friendly and simple to use.
  5. Real-time trade execution.
  6. Integration with Third-Party trading platforms like Fox Trader.
  7. Advanced Order Types available in API viz. Bracket Order (BO), Cover Order (CO), Good Till Triggered Orders (GTT), Basket Order.
  8. Supports End-to-End trading cycle.
  9. Available in .Net wrapper and Python.
  10. Access to 24x7 User Acceptance Test (UAT) environment to test your application.

Prostocks Star API Cost

Star API is available at a monthly fee of Rs 1,000 that provides access to Star API with Interactive, Broadcast, and Publisher API. These charges do not include historical data API. To access the Historical data API, you need to pay additional charges of Rs 1,000 per month.

You do not have to pay any charges during the testing phase. You need to pay once you decide to go live with the APIs.

ProStocks Star API Pricing

Trading API cost

Rs 1,000 per month

Historical data API Cost

Rs 1,000 per month

ProStocks Star API Features

Feature Description

Broking APIs offered

· Trading API (with Broadcast and Interactive)

· Publisher API

· Historical Data API

· WebSocket API

Language Used


Exchanges supported

BSE (Equity), NSE (Equity, F&O, and Currency)

Real-Time data


Rate Limits

Refer ProStocks Star API limit section below

Supported features in trading app

· Login Authentication

· Order placement, cancellation, modification

· Order History

· Portfolio

· Notifications

· · Logout

Integration with third-party software

Fox Trader


· Unlimited Monthly Plan: Rs.899 per month (Equity and F&O); Rs.499 (Currency)

· Flat Fee Plan: Rs 15 per executed order (Equity Intraday and F&O); Equity Delivery- Free

· NRI Trading Plan - Rs.100 per executed order

Order Types Available

· Normal Order

· Stoploss Order (SL)

· Bracket Order (BO)

· Cover Order (CO)

· Good Till Triggered (GTT)

· After Market Order (AMO)

· Basket Order (BO)

Product Types available

· Equity Intraday

· Equity Delivery

· FNO and CDS Carry forward

· FNO and CDS Intraday

· Equity, FNO and CDS Cover order

· Equity, FNO and CDS Bracket Order

· Equity, FNO and CDS GTT (Trigger Conditional) Order

· AMO Order for Equity, FNO and CDS

ProStocks Star API Limit

ProStocks has the following rate limits on the Star API:

  • Order placement API rate limit: 10 requests per second.
  • Order modification API rate limit: 10 requests per second.
  • Order cancellation API rate limit: 10 requests per second.
  • Historical API rate limit: 10 hits per second
  • LTP Data request rate limit: 10 requests/second
  • Orderbook/Tradebook API rate limit: 10 request/second
  • Holding/Position API rate limit: 10 request/second

ProStocks Star API Login

ProStocks offers Star API to all the clients having an account with ProStocks. If you do not have a trading and Demat account with ProStocks, open an instant account with ProStocksto access Star API.

Star API gives users access to the live infrastructure of ProStocks's trading platform that can help order placement, modification, cancellation, faster trade execution, margin inquiry, access to user position, holdings, and much more.

Currently, the access request to API is given through email. ProStocks is developing the feature to grant Star API access from the Star Web Trading Login Page itself.

To request access to Star API, drop a mail to with ProStocks Client code in the subject line.

Type of ProStocks Star API

1.ProStocks API for trading (Trading APIs)

ProStocks offers different APIs to its users through Star API that supports a complete trade life cycle. Star API allows users to place, modify and cancel orders, enquire margins, access user positions and holdings, and access live market data. It also allows placing trade orders using various order types that include regular orders, after-market orders, cover orders, bracket orders, intraday orders, basket orders, and GTT orders. The Star trading APIs are currently available for NSE Equity, F&O, and Currency, and in the case of BSE, it is available only for Equity.

Star API can help build an algorithmic trading system. Using Star API, you can convert your trading ideas into trading strategies and create your own algos.

You can also use the ProStocks Star APIs to connect with third-party algo trading software - Fox Trader to set up your trading strategies and automate trading.

2. ProStocks WebSocket API

ProStocks WebSocket API allows you to receive market updates and order updates for all instruments across NSE and BSE during live market hours. The market updates include fields like open, close, high, low, last traded price, and market depth view for the top five orders.

3. ProStocks Historical data API

Star API historical data provides users with back-dated data spanning back to 10 years. The one month data is available in 1 minute fraction and 10 year data is available as end-of-day price. It is available for NSE/BSE Equity segment. The historical data contains the timestamp, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, and volume and is presented in the form of a candle for the requested period.

The historical data is critical for back testing purposes to provide correct trading signals in the case of algo trading. The historical data API is available at Rs.1000 per month.

4. ProStocks Publisher API

Star API Publisher API enables users to add one-click buttons to the apps or webpages that allow order placement and trade execution. The app users/website visitors can use the embedded buttons to place an order directly from there, rather than leaving the website/app and logging into the ProStocks account separately to place the order.

This feature is beneficial for both parties as it enhances the user experience and increases website traffic.

ProStocks Star API Example

You can use ProStocks API for different activities that can make trading easy and convenient for you as per your requirement. Let us see a simple example of ProStocks Star API usage.

Example: Currently, you may be monitoring the markets manually to wait for the right entry/exit point and then place manual trade order based on your trading strategies. However, with Star APIs, you can build your own algos based on the trading strategies formulated. The algos can automatically place orders for you when the required conditions get met without the need to track the markets manually.

ProStocks API Support

ProStocks provides support over phone and email for any queries or issues related to Star API. You need to mention your ProStocks Client Code while contacting ProStocks support team for any queries, issues or guidance.

  • ProStocks Star API Support Email ID:
  • ProStocks Star API Support Contact No: +91-22-62434343 (Press 3 for Tech support)


Prostocks Star API is a collection of user-friendly and simple-to-use APIs for trading at BSE and NSE. It is available in unlimited monthly trading plan which make it's the lowest-cost API in India. The API offers advance order types, UAT environment for testing and historic data up to 10 years.

Prostocks Special Offer

Unlimited Monthly Trading @ Rs 899

  • Monthly unlimited trading plan @ Rs 899.
  • Or Rs 0 Eq Delivery Brokerage and Flat Rs 15 per trade for Intraday & F&O +
  • Lifetime Free AMC Demat Account +
  • API for algo trading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is Star API in ProStocks?

    ProStocks Star API is the cheapest trading API available in India for alog trading. Prostocks customer can trade using API with unlimited monthly trading plan (Rs 899 per month for Equity, F&O and Rs 499 for Currency). Customers don't have to pay transaction based brokerage under this plan.

    Star API in ProStocks is a set of HTTP APIs that grants users programmatic access to critical functionalities of the ProStocks trading platform to enhance the user trading experience.

    ProStocks offers Star API to retail and NRI customers. It helps users to customize and build innovative alogs or trading platforms as per their trading needs and objective.

    ProStocks has an API that supports end to end trading life-cycle like order placement, modification, margin enquiry, cancellation, real-time order execution, and live market data. It also offers the historical API required to backtest the trading strategies and automate trading.



  2. 2. Is ProStocks Star API free?

    No, ProStocks charges users based on the API type.

    Star API is available at a monthly subscription of Rs 1,000 with Interactive, Broadcast, and Publisher API. To access the historical data API, you need to pay an additional cost of Rs 1,000 per month.



  3. 3. Does ProStocks provide API?

    Yes, ProStocks offers API for various functions of trading. ProStocks APIs are known as Star API.

    ProStocks has a trading API, WebSocket API, Historical data API, and publisher API.

    The Trading API supports end-to-end trading functionalities. It allows users to place, modify, cancel and execute various types of orders. It also helps to provide order updates, access user position, and holdings, enquire margins, and assist real-time trade execution.

    The WebSocket API helps access live market data for the required stock or instrument.

    The Historical data API helps to retrieve the backdated data for any instruments of the NSE/BSE Equity segment that assists in building trading strategies and automate trading.

    The Publisher API helps add a one-click trade button/s on your website/app to enhance the user trading experience.



  4. 4. How to get the ProStocks API key?

    You need to have an account with ProStocks to access ProStocks Star API and obtain the Star API key.

    You need to drop an email to along with your ProStocks Client Code to request access to Star API. The ProStocks support team will provide the required credentials and the unique API key to use the Star API.



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Pay Rs 899 per month for unlimited trading or flat Rs 15 per Trade + Brokerage-Free Equity Delivery + Lifetime Free AMC Demat Account. Open FREE Instant Demat Account and start trading today.

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Special Offer: Pay Rs 899 per month for unlimited trading or flat Rs 15 per Trade + Brokerage-Free Equity Delivery + Lifetime Free AMC Demat Account. Open FREE Instant Demat Account and start trading today.


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