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Prostocks FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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ProStocks is a SEBI registered Stock Broker and Depository Participant. ProStocks is fastest growing flat fee discount stock broker offering online trading at BSE and NSE. ProStocks is famous for the unlimited trading plan. This plan offer unlimited Equity and Derivatives Trading at Rs 899 per month or unlimited Currency Derivatives for Rs 499 per ... Know more about Prostocks

Do you have questions about Prostocks share trading account or Prostocks Demat account?

Get all your share trading doubts and questions answered by reading the Prostocks demat, trading account information FAQ. All Prostocks questions, Prostocks q&a, Prostocks faq and Prostocks questions and answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is ProStocks?

    ProStocks is an online stock broker. It offers trading and investment services in India stock market.

    ProStocks offers Flat Rate brokerage plans including Rs 15 per trade brokerage or Rs 899 per month for unlimited equity & equity f&o trading.



  2. 2. Does the flat fee discount broker ProStocks make any profits by offering unlimited trading at ?899?

    Yes, ProStocks makes decent profits even by offering low-cost brokerage services and free software. Here are some of the things to note:

    • No branches, no relationship manager, no research reports, no margin funding and no expensive advertisement keep the cost of operation in control.
    • Powerful online trading platform gives ProStocks an opportunity to grow faster. With every new client added, the cost goes down.
    • Focus on core brokerage business helps ProStocks to reduce risk.
    • Most customer on ProStocks trading platform are self-supporting do-it-yourself type of customers. They need least assistance from broker and thus the cost to maintain these customers are low.
    • Reduced brokerage allows traders to trade frequent which intern increase the volume.
    • Stock exchanges offer incentives to the brokers for high volumes as it increases liquidity in the markets.



  3. 3. How to open account with ProStock?

    Would you like know more about ProStock or ready to open account with ProStocks?

    Simply leave your contact information and ProStocks representative will call you in few minutes.



  4. 4. Can ProStocks pick up the forms from my home?

    ProStocks offers online account opening to most of the customer with PAN Number and AADHAR card. This eliminates the need of downloading, printing and sending forms though couier.

    If you are filling physical forms, ProStocks doesn't offer home pickup. You will have to courier the forms to ProStocks office.



  5. 5. How long does it take to open an account with ProStocks?

    Online Account opening takes just a few minutes as soon as you complete the account opening process.

    If you are sending forms, once ProStocks team receives the form; the accounts are opened within 48 hours.



  6. 6. Explain ProStocks ?15 per trade plan?

    In this plan, you pay flat rate Rs 15 brokerage per executed order irrespective to the size of the order. For example, when you buy 1000 shares of Rs 100 each share; you brokerage is charged at flat Rs 15.

    The similar transaction with ICICIDirect or Sharekhan would cost you Rs 500 in brokerage (at 0.50%). This example shows saving of 97%, just on brokerage itself. You save further on the taxes which are paid on brokerage.



  7. 7. What is an executed order at ProStocks?

    When you place an order in stock exchange (through your trading account in Prostocks) and the order gets traded, it is called an executed order. You don't pay for placing, cancelling or modifying an order; you pay only per executed order.

    ProStocks doesn't charge per trade, ProStocks charge only for an executed order. So even if an order is executed in 10 different trades it is considered only 1 executed order and you pay only Rs 15.

    Example of an order is:

    Buy 5000 shares of Reliance Industries

    You place a 'buy' order for 5000 shares of Reliance Industries. This order may get executed in different chunks until the whole 5000 shares are bought. However, ProStocks charges you only Rs 15 for the order that is placed, irrespective of how many trades it takes to complete the order. The same charge is applied for trading Equity Intraday, Delivery, F&O and Currency Derivatives.



  8. 8. I place an order to buy 10 lots with ProStocks, what if it gets traded 5 times 2 lots per trade?

    ProStocks charges only for an executed order. So even if an order is executed in 5 different trades it is considered only 1 executed order and you pay only Rs 15.



  9. 9. Why ProStocks charges extra for Call & Trade?

    When customer places an order over the phone through a dealer, ProStocks charge an additional Rs 10 as Call & Trade Fee.

    ProStocks is an online stock broker. It prefers that the customer uses its online trading platform to execute orders. All trading software's including installable trading terminal, website and mobile application are made available free of charge to customers.



  10. 10. Does ProStocks provide technical charting?

    Yes ProStocks offer advance technical charts on its free trading terminal. Basic charting is provided on trading website and mobile.



  11. 11. Does customer get leverage for intraday trading with ProStocks?

    Yes, when orders are placed under product type as MIS, customer get leverage for intraday trading with ProStocks.



  12. 12. How to transfer fund in ProStocks trading account?

    ProStocks offers multiple ways to transfer fund. This includes using payment gateways, deposited a check or online fund transfer.

    Visit for available fund transfer options.



  13. 13. Can I open a ProStocks trading account on my minor son's name?

    Yes, ProStocks does offer trading & demat account on minor's name.



  14. 14. I already have a demat a/c with another broker. How do I link this account with ProStocks trading account?

    You can link any demat account with ProStocks trading account. You can provide this information at the time of account opening or contact the customer service at later point of time to do so.

    It is highly recommended to open 2-in-1 account with ProStocks as it makes the transactions between trading and demat account seamless. In case you use some other demat account, every time you sell a share from demat, those these should be manually transferred to ProStocks for settlement.

    Note that ProStocks offer Zero AMC demat account with one time refundable deposit of Rs 1000.



  15. 15. Do I need to maintain any minimum balance in Prostocks Trading Account?

    No, you don't have to keep any minimum balance in ProStocks Trading Account.




  1. What is AMC for Prostocks?

    Prostocks charges Rs 0 Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) for a trading account and Rs 0 (Lifetime Zero AMC) for a Demat account. AMC is charged to maintain the accounts.

  2. How much Prostocks charge for delivery?

    Prostocks charge Rs 0 (Free) for equity delivery trade. These trades are also known as cash & carry trades or CNC.

  3. How much Prostocks charge for intraday?

    Prostocks charge Rs 15 per executed order for intra-day trades. These orders are also known as Margin Intraday Square-up or MIS orders. All open intraday orders are auto squared-off at the end of the day. Extra leverage is offered for these trades.

  4. Special Offer: Pay Rs 899 per month for unlimited trading or flat Rs 15 per Trade + Brokerage-Free Equity Delivery + Lifetime Free AMC Demat Account. Open FREE Instant Demat Account and start trading today.
  5. How much Prostocks charge for futures?

    Prostocks charge Rs 15 per executed order for equity, currency and commodity futures trading.

  6. How much Prostocks charge for options?

    Prostocks charges Rs 15 per executed order for equity, currency and commodity options trading. Options are highly leveraged derivative products. Options trading is used in many ways including hedging or to reduce the risk exposure of the portfolio.

  7. How much Prostocks charge for commodity?

    Prostocks brokerage charges for commodity futures is NA and commodity options is NA. Commodities futures are agreements to buy or sell raw material (food, energy or metal) at a specific date in the future at a particular price. Commodity options contracts are the right to buy (call option) or sell (put option) underlying commodity futures at predetermined prices on the date of contract expiry.

  8. How much Prostocks charge for currency trading?

    Prostocks charge Rs 15 per executed order for currency futures trading and Rs 15 per executed order for currency options trading.

  9. What are transaction charges in Prostocks?

    Transaction Charges (or Exchange Turnover Charges) is a fee charged by the stock exchanges for trades done through them. Most brokers include clearing charges to it. These charges can be seen in the contract note.

    Prostocks Transaction Charges 2022
    SegmentTransaction Fee
    Equity DeliveryNSE Rs 345 per Cr (0.00345%) | BSE Rs 300 per Cr (0.003%) (each side)
    Equity IntradayNSE Rs 345 per Cr (0.00345%) | BSE Rs 300 per Cr (0.003%) (each side)
    Equity FuturesNSE Rs 200 per Cr (0.002%) | BSE Rs 50 per Cr (0.0005%)
    Equity OptionsNSE Rs 5300 per Cr (0.053%) | NSE Rs 2500 per Cr (0.025%) (on premium)
    Currency FuturesNSE Rs 90 per Cr (0.0009%) | BSE Rs 22 per Cr (0.00022%)
    Currency OptionsNSE Rs 4000 per Cr (0.04%) | BSE Rs 100 per Cr (0.001%) (on premium)
  10. Special Offer: Pay Rs 899 per month for unlimited trading or flat Rs 15 per Trade + Brokerage-Free Equity Delivery + Lifetime Free AMC Demat Account. Open FREE Instant Demat Account and start trading today.
  11. Does Prostocks offer IPO?

    Yes. Prostocks offers online IPO applications to its customers. Initial Public Offer (IPO) offers an early opportunity to buy shares of companies that are not previously traded publicly.

  12. Does Prostocks offers Mutual Funds?

    Yes. You can buy/sell Mutual Funds if you have an account with Prostocks.

  13. Do Prostocks offer margin funding for share/commodity trading?

    No. Prostocks doesn't provide margin funding.

  14. What is Prostocks intraday auto square-off time?

    Prostocks auto square-off all open intraday positions at Equity 3:15 PM | Curr: 4:45 PM.

  15. Does Prostocks provide trading tips or investment strategies?

    No. Prostocks doesn't provide trading tips for stock and commodity trading to its customers.

Information on this page was last updated on Thursday, October 7, 2021


4. Ilesh  Mar 29, 2019 2:05:51 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
I have demat account on minor's name. What is the procedure to tender shares for buyback, My query is related to IEX shares buyback
3. Ilesh  Mar 29, 2019 2:03:43 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
If I trade for one script i.e. IRCON and put buy order more than one times with different price and all such order executed than what's the brokerage charge?
10 shares of IRCON @ Rs. 400
10 Shares of IRCON @ Rs. 401
10 Shares of IRCON @ Rs. 402.50
and all these trades (10 shares * 3 = 30 Shares) executed then whats the brokerage charge?
Thanking you
2. Manoj  Aug 24, 2018 11:05:10 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Hello sir..Please update your Candle stick chart.
Chart not move with price movements. It's very irritating.
1. Dinesh  Dec 5, 2016 8:57:56 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
Is there a fee for mobile app? What are your hidden charges? I feel uncomfortable when someone charge unbelievably low fees for the service.
1.1. Team ProStocks  Dec 5, 2016 9:09:45 PM I Like It. | Report Abuse
Hi Dinesh,

Your concern is genuine. But note:
1. We are not the only stock broker in India offering cheap brokerage plan. There are over 20 discount stock brokers offering ultra-low brokerage.

2. The reason our prices are low are;
A. We are online brokers. We do not have physical offices in 100''s of cities. Our operational cost is way lower then traditional brokers like Sharekhan or Angel.
B. We do not spend huge sum of money on advertisements.
C. We focus on trading products only. We do not provide many add-on services like research, recommendations, IPO, Local Relationship Manager etc.

3. All our trading software are available for free of change. This include mobile trading app and trading terminal.

4. Hidden charges
All our charges are mentioned on our website at
We assure you that you will not be charged any thing else which is not on this page.

We are the most transparent stock broker in India. You can even reach out our CEO anytime of the day as ask as many questions you may have.

Hope this helps.

Team ProStocks