Does the flat fee discount broker ProStocks make any profits by offering unlimited trading at ?899?

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Yes, ProStocks makes decent profits even by offering low-cost brokerage services and free software. Here are some of the things to note:

  • No branches, no relationship manager, no research reports, no margin funding and no expensive advertisement keep the cost of operation in control.
  • Powerful online trading platform gives ProStocks an opportunity to grow faster. With every new client added, the cost goes down.
  • Focus on core brokerage business helps ProStocks to reduce risk.
  • Most customer on ProStocks trading platform are self-supporting do-it-yourself type of customers. They need least assistance from broker and thus the cost to maintain these customers are low.
  • Reduced brokerage allows traders to trade frequent which intern increase the volume.
  • Stock exchanges offer incentives to the brokers for high volumes as it increases liquidity in the markets.


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