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431. Changeparty  Dec 10, 2018 21:45 Reply

Deccan Health Care Limited IPO

Avoid. Sales is too low . It will be available at 10 rs discount easily post listing
430. Changeparty  Dec 10, 2018 18:51 Reply

Shankar Lal Rampal Dye-Chem Limited IPO

Shame on lead manager and the company to come with the IPO when stocks in secondary market are available so cheap
Also it's just a trading company company of chemical.its lead manager has 0 success ratio. Apply and get your money halved in 10 days
429. Jagdish master  Dec 9, 2018 22:42 Reply

Deccan Health Care Limited IPO

Co business has demonstrated over the last three Fiscal Years attractive financial performance. From
Fiscal Year 2016 to 2018, total revenue grew from Rs. 1,615.92 lakhs to Rs. 3,947.88 lakhs,
representing a CAGR of 56.30%; EBITDA grew from Rs. 617.83 lakhs to Rs. 1,543.37 lakhs,
representing a CAGR of 58.05%; EBITDA margin grew from 38.23% to 39.09%; and profit for the year grew from Rs. 354.21 lakhs to Rs. 1,268.78 lakhs, EPS is 9.75 Rs and IPO Prize 95-100 Rs per share it's 10 PE Multiples.
428. Kartikdevd  Dec 7, 2018 21:53 Reply

DRS Dilip Roadlines Limited IPO

Allotment done. Monday listing at 9 or 9.15.
428.1. Small Investor  Dec 8, 2018 11:44

DRS Dilip Roadlines Limited IPO

listing will at 80 at par
427. Eagleye  Dec 3, 2018 16:27 Reply

Dinesh Engineers Limited IPO

List of Main board IPOs IN THE PIPELINE
(Status as on 30th November 2018)

A) DRHP Filed - SEBI Approval *Awaited*:

1) Coldex >>> DRHP date 29-Nov-18
2) Neogen Chemicals >>> DRHP date 05-Nov-18
3) Penna Cement Industries >>> DRHP date 05-Nov-18
4) Polycab Wires >>> DRHP date 31-Oct-18
5) Prince Pipes And Fittings >>> DRHP date 15-Oct-18
6) Emami Cement >>> DRHP date 12-Oct-18
7) Heranba Industries >>> DRHP date 29-Sep-18
8) Stove Kraft >>> DRHP date 28-Sep-18
9) Chartered Speed >>> DRHP date 27-Sep-18
10) Narmada Biochem >>> DRHP date 26-Sep-18
11) Anand Rathi Wealth Services >>> DRHP date 24-Sep-1
12) T & T Infra >>> DRHP date 24-Sep-18
13) Shri Bajrang Power and Ispat >>> DRHP date 12-Sep-18
14) Angel Broking >>> DRHP date 05-Sep-18
15) Studds Accessories >>> DRHP date 27-Aug-18
16) Senco Gold >>> DRHP date 21-Aug-18
17) Shyam Metallics and Energy >>> DRHP date 06-Aug-18
18) Vishwaraj Sugar Industries >>> DRHP date 20-Dec-17

B) SEBI Approval *Received* *(within the past 4 months)*:

1) Flair Writing Industries >>> SEBI Approval 30-Nov-18
2) Neccon Power & Infra >>> SEBI Approval 29-Nov-18
3) Metropolis Healthcare >>> SEBI Approval 22-Nov-18
4) Inventia Healthcare >>> SEBI Approval 22-Nov-18
5) Xelpmoc Design and Tech >>> SEBI Approval 20-Nov-18
6) Zircon Technologies >>> SEBI Approval 12-Nov-18
7) Sansera Engineering >>> SEBI Approval 12-Nov-18
8) Mrs.Bectors Food Specialities >>> SEBI Approval 09-Nov-18
9) PNB Metlife India Insurance Co. >>> SEBI Approval 02-Nov-18
10) AGS Transact Technologies >>> SEBI Approval 26-Oct-18
11) Harsha Engineers >>> SEBI Approval 19-Oct-18
12) Affle India >>> SEBI Approval 19-Oct-18
13) Chalet Hotels >>> SEBI Approval 19-Oct-18
14) Dodla Dairy >>> SEBI Approval 17-Oct-18
15) Bharat Hotels >>> SEBI Approval 12-Oct-18
16) Spandana Spoorthy Financial >>> SEBI Approval 12-Oct-18
17) ASK Investment Managers >>> SEBI Approval 05-Oct-18
18) Muthoot Microfin >>> SEBI Approval 05-Oct-18
19) Puranik Builders >>> SEBI Approval 05-Oct-18
20) Nihilent>>> SEBI Approval 01-Oct-18
21) Aakash Educational Services >>> SEBI Approval 28-Sep-18
22) Ami Organics >>> SEBI Approval 28-Sep-18
23) Century Metal Recycling>>> SEBI Approval 27-Sep-18
24) Anmol Industries >>> SEBI Approval 21-Sep-18
25) Indiamart Intermesh >>> SEBI Approval 14-Sep-18
26) Avana Logistek >>> SEBI Approval 14-Sep-18
27) Hinduja Leyland Finance >>> SEBI Approval 07-Sep-18
28) Srei Equipment Finance >>> SEBI Approval 07-Sep-18
29) Penver Products >>> SEBI Approval 05-Sep-18
30) Vectus Industries >>> SEBI Approval 31-Aug-18
31) Milltec Machinery >>> SEBI Approval 30-Aug-18
32) Craftsman Automation >>> SEBI Approval 24-Aug-18

C) SEBI Approval *Received* *(>4 months ago)*:

33) Route Mobile >>> SEBI Approval 16-Aug-18
34) Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders >>> SEBI Approval 10-Aug-18
35) SembCorp Energy India >>> SEBI Approval 01-Aug-18
36) Montecarlo >>> SEBI Approval 31-Jul-18
37) Crystal Crop Protection >>> SEBI Approval 27-Jul-18
38) ReNew Power >>> SEBI Approval 18-Jul-18
39) PN Gadgil & Sons >>> SEBI Approval 13-Jul-18
40) G R Infraprojects >>> SEBI Approval 11-Jul-18
41) K P R Agrochem >>> SEBI Approval 10-Jul-18
42) Lodha Developers >>> SEBI Approval 06-Jul-18
43) Shakun Polymers >>> SEBI Approval 05-Jul-18
44) Flemingo Travel Retail >>> SEBI Approval 29-Jun-18
45) Nekkanti Sea Foods >>> SEBI Approval 22-Jun-18
46) Atria Convergence Technologies >>> SEBI Approval 15-Jun-18
47) Sandhya Marines >>> SEBI Approval 12-Jun-18
48) Genius Consultants >>> SEBI Approval 04-Jun-18
49) Rail Vikas Nigam >>> SEBI Approval 17-May-18
50) Devi Seafoods >>> SEBI Approval 11-May-18
51) John Energy >>> SEBI Approval 27-Apr-18
52) Nazara Technologies >>> SEBI Approval 20-Apr-18

D) SEBI Approval *Received* *(>8 months ago)*:

53) Capricorn Food Products India >>> SEBI Approval 12-Apr-18
54) Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences >>> SEBI Approval 07-Mar-18
55) Patel Infrastructure >>> SEBI Approval 05-Mar-18
56) Indian Renewable Energy >>> SEBI Approval 16-Feb-18
57) Barbeque-Nation Hospitality >>> SEBI Approval 05-Jan-18

E) SEBI Approval *Received* *(>12 months ago)*:

58) Acme Solar Holdings >>> SEBI Approval 15-Dec-17
59) CMS Info Systems >>> SEBI Approval 30-Nov-17
60) Reliance General Ins. Co. >>> SEBI Approval 29-Nov-17
61) Seven Islands Shipping >>> SEBI Approval 10-Nov-17
62) Prince Pipes and Fittings >>> SEBI Approval 03-Nov-17
63) Gandhar Oil Refinery (India) >>> SEBI Approval 26-Oct-17
427.1. ADITYA DABHI  Dec 3, 2018 17:20

Dinesh Engineers Limited IPO

Pan Market ma kedi avse?
427.2. Dhan Ki Baat  Dec 5, 2018 21:26

Dinesh Engineers Limited IPO

They all may remain in Pipeline until 2020
426. IPOMantra  Dec 4, 2018 22:13 Reply

DRS Dilip Roadlines Limited IPO

Tremendous competition not worth
425. PKK  Dec 2, 2018 18:05 Reply

Diksha Greens Limited IPO

All Big Bosses on long international tours
Silence and only silence
Come back and please share some exciting experience of share market
Guide investors please
424. GrowYourMoney  Nov 29, 2018 14:45 Reply

DRS Dilip Roadlines Limited IPO

Listed players are far much better & cheaper than this Co..

Total transport
423. GrowYourMoney  Nov 29, 2018 14:38 Reply

ICL Multitrading India Limited IPO

Extension won't bring Investors but shadyness for sure
422. JAYESH M  Nov 29, 2018 14:26 Reply

DRS Dilip Roadlines Limited IPO

421. Kartikdevd  Nov 29, 2018 13:33 Reply

DRS Dilip Roadlines Limited IPO

DRS Roadlines is working with Great Logistics brand of India. And for SME it is not easy to get Limca Book Of Records. Great value stock. IPO subscription is eaten by Reliance CPSE FFO3 for 4.5% Gain. I think this will give Dange dums like returns after listing.
420. S Patel  Nov 27, 2018 08:15 Reply

ICL Multitrading India Limited IPO

Stay away from all SME till May 2019
419. Hiteshji  Nov 25, 2018 15:46 Reply

DRS Dilip Roadlines Limited IPO

Strictly avoid all ipos till election. Make fd in bank and sleep reliefly.
418. Prakash h.jagad  Nov 24, 2018 23:23 Reply
417. Small Investor  Nov 22, 2018 15:24 Reply

DRS Dilip Roadlines Limited IPO

must apply in this IPO
416. Sunil Goel  Nov 18, 2018 22:50 Reply

ICL Multitrading India Limited IPO

Company is good even though the choice of LM is a bad one. Nonetheless, this ipo will decide the final fate of the LM
415. Hiteshji  Nov 18, 2018 18:24 Reply

ICL Multitrading India Limited IPO

Strictly, avoid all ipo till election. Save your money.
414. kuntal patil  Nov 15, 2018 09:05 Reply

Shubhlaxmi Jewel Art Limited IPO

Hi . intraday is allowed in SME stock ?
414.1. VIE  Nov 17, 2018 12:10

Shubhlaxmi Jewel Art Limited IPO

Share in SM catergory on Nse emerge are allow for rolling settlement as mainboard.
More over any new listing in SME platform share was kept under ST category for 10 trading day and then it move to SM category. ST is trade to trade basis settlement.
413. Hiteshji  Nov 15, 2018 08:31 Reply

Shree Krishna Infrastructure Limited IPO

Stricly avoid ipos till 2019,
413.1. DownriteVJ  Nov 15, 2018 08:49

Shree Krishna Infrastructure Limited IPO

Yes... Maybe till election
412. Niit  Nov 14, 2018 17:07 Reply

Roni Households Limited IPO

3Cr............. Really :-
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