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NRI 3-in-1 Account

A 3-in-1 Account for NRI is an online investment account for Non-Resident Indians. This is a combination of a bank, demat and trading account clubbed together.

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NRI 3-in-1 Account definition

An NRI 3 in 1 Account is a stock market investment account for NRIs. It is a combination of a PIS Saving Bank Account, a Demat Account and a Trading account.

NRI 3-in-1 account is a group of accounts opened with a bank by the NRI customers. It offers seamless online trading and investment experience as transactions between these 3 individual accounts are taken care of by the bank internally.

After Market orders (AMO) and Good Till Cancelled (GTC) order types make these accounts very convenient for NRI customer as they can place orders around the clock.

The 3-in-1 NRI Account is a combination of:

  1. NRI Bank Account (PIS Linked)
  2. NRI Trading Account
  3. NRI Demat Account

An NRI customer needs each of these accounts to invest/trade online in India Stock Market. The 3-in-1 NRI account is offered by almost all large banks in India including HDFC, ICICI, Kotak, Axis, and SBI.

  1. NRI Bank Account (PIS Linked)

    The NRI Saving Bank Account holds the money in Indian Rupees. This could be NRE or NRO Bank account. The PIS linking is required for the NRE bank account to invest on a repatriation basis. This account is known as the NRE PIS bank account. All transactions in the PIS account are reported to RBI by the bank. The PIS permission is not mandatory for investing on a non-repatriation basis through the NRO account.

  2. NRI Demat Account

    The NRI Demat account is used to hold the securities in electronic format. All securities including Shares, NCD, Mutual Funds, Bonds, ETF, etc are held in the demat account.

  3. NRI Trading Account

    The NRI trading account is for placing buy/sell orders. When you place a buy or a sell trade online, the trading application checks the funds in the bank account and shares available in the demat account before executing the trade on the exchange.

Some banks also call it 4-in-1 Account as they open 2 bank accounts including PIS and Non-PIS.

Benefits of NRI 3-in-1 Account

  • Integrated accounts offer a convenient investment experience.
  • 100% online investment with one single user ID
  • Range of investment options available including stocks, F&O, Mutual Funds, etc.
  • Seamless fund movement across the accounts.
  • GTC and AMO orders make it easy to invest in stocks.

NRI 3 in 1 Account Opening Form

The NRI 3 in 1 Account opening process is a manual process except for ICICI which offers online account opening facility to NRIs based out of USA and Canada.

To open a 3-in-1 NRI account, the customer has to download the PDF form, fill them up, sign them, attached supporting documents (attested) and send them to the bank in India.

Best NRI 3-in-1 Account

1. ICICI NRI 3 in 1 Account

ICICI Direct is among the most popular full-service brokers offering NRI 3-in-1 accounts. ICICI offers NRI bank account; demat account and trading account to NRI customers. These accounts are offered as combo under the name of NRI 3-in-1 Account.

If you have a resident ICICI Bank account, you could easily convert it to NRI account. But the Resident Demat and Trading Accounts cannot be converted to NRI account.

Customer from USA and Canada can open a paperless NRI 3-in-1 account online with ICICI. For all other countries, an NRI can open an account in 4 simple steps:

  1. Request for a call back by filling a form on ICICI Bank website.
  2. Fill the online NRI Application form
  3. Free courier pickup of documents at your doorstep
  4. NRI Account opened

ICICI NRI 3 in 1 account Charges

The 3-in-1 account has several charges. Most of these charges are explained in the ICICI NRI Account Review page.



Account Opening Charges

Rs 4000

PIS Account AMC

Rs 2500

NRI Equity Delivery Brokerage

0.50% - 1.25%

NRI Equity Future Brokerage

0.03% - 0.05%

NRI Equity Options Brokerage

Rs 70 to Rs 95

2. NRI 3-in-1 Account HDFC

HDFC NRI 3-in-1 account enables NRIs to trade and invest in India Stock Market. It combines banking, broking and demat account which makes equity trading seamless and hassle-free.

The NRI 3-in-1 account offers a single investment gateway to invest/trade in Equity, ETF, IPO, Derivatives, FD and Mutual Fund. HDFC also offer systematic Investment Plans (SIP) in stocks and ETF.

Read HDFC NRI 3-in-1 Account Review for more detail.

3. SBI 4-in-1 Account

NRI customers can invest online in Equities, Derivatives, IPOs, and Mutual Funds with through our 4-in-1 account by SBI. This account consists of

  1. NRE Savings Bank (SB) account
  2. NRE Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) account
  3. Demat Account
  4. Trading Account


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is a 3-in-1 NRI Account?

    A 3-in-1 NRI investment account is a combination of a PIS saving bank account, a demat account and a trading account.

    When an NRI opens a 3-in-1 account, he opens 3 different accounts. These accounts are interlinked for smooth online transactions.

    The 3-in-1 account offers a wide range of investment options to NRI's under one id. An NRI can trade in the stock market in India and invest in IPOs, Mutual Funds, Bonds and FDs.

    NRIs who are looking for investment in the Indian Stock Market or Mutual Funds must consider opening a 3-in-1 account for its convenience.


  2. 2. What is a 4-in-1 NRI Investment Account?

    A 4-in-1 NRI account is a combination of PIS Bank, Non-PIS bank, demat, and trading account. This combination offers a hassle-free stock market investment in India to NRIs. An NRI can invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, NCDs, IPOs, and ETFs. NRIs can also trade in Equity and Currency derivatives through this account on both repatriation as well as a non-repatriation basis.

    Accounts in 4-in-1 NRI account

    NRI 4-in-1 Accounts Provider

    All large banks in India offer the NRI 4-in-1 account. Some of the popular banks offering 4-in-1 account include:


  3. 3. Does Zerodha offer NRI 3-in-1 Account?

    No. Stock brokers like Zerodha, Sharekhan, Motilal Oswal, Angel One, etc., don't offer 3-in-1 NRI accounts as they do not offer banking services.



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If RI trading account is in joint name (joint holder staying in India) which is to be converted into 3 in 1 account.,how the original documents can be collected