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HDFC Securities NRI Account Review

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HDFC, a leading private bank in India, offers online trading and investment services in India Stock Market to NRIs located across the globe. HDFC NRI 3-in-1 Account offers a seamless trading experience to NRIs. It offers an integrated NRI trading account wherein an NRI Trading, NRI demat and NRI bank account are linked together to facilitate smooth and fast online transactions.

Important Note for USA & Canada based NRIs & PIOs
HDFC doesn't offer 3-in-1 NRI Account or online trading to NRIs located in USA and Canada. NRIs who are residents of the United States and Canada cannot invest in India Stock Market through HDFC Bank.

The HDFC Securities brokerage charges for NRIs is 0.75% for equity delivery trades. The Brokerage for Equity Future is 0.025% (Both Buy & Sell) and Equity Options is ₹100 per lot.

HDFC Product Offerings for NRI:

  • Equity
  • Equity F&O
  • Mutual Funds
  • IPO
  • ETFs
  • Bonds and NCDs

HDFC NRI 3 in 1 Account

HDFC Securities offers a wide range of trading and investment services to NRIs. To invest through HDFC, an NRI has to open an NRI 3-in-1 account. The 3 in 1 account is a combo account which includes 3 accounts in it:

  1. NRI Bank Accounts

    HDFC NRI Bank Account comes in two forms; NRE and NRO account. This account holds money.Read NRE vs NRO Account

  2. NRI Demat Account

    HDFC NRI Demat Account is an online account to hold securities in electronic format. In India, a demat account is mandatory to invest in the stock market. Besides stocks and equity derivatives, the demat account is also helpful in investing in mutual funds, IPOs, and bonds.

  3. NRI Trading Account

    HDFC NRI Trading Account provides you access to BSE & NSE to trade across stocks, equity derivatives, and ETFs.

HDFC NRI Demat Account

HDFC offers two types of NRI Demat accounts:

  1. NRE (Non-Resident External) - Repatriable Demat Account
  2. NRO (Non-Resident Ordinary) - Non-Repatriable Demat Account

10 Key Features of NRI Demat Account by HDFC

  1. Zero Demat Account Opening Charges
  2. No risk of loss to traded securities
  3. 1st year AMC charges waived. Preferential charges from 2nd year onwards.
  4. Facility for dematerialization & Rematerialization of Securities, Conversion, and Redemption of Mutual Funds
  5. Digital Loan facility against shares/ mutual funds
  6. Online investment facility in stocks, IPOs, bonds, and NCDs.
  7. Check Your Holding and Transaction details online
  8. Faster Transfer of securities
  9. Auto credit of dividends, stock split, etc in your linked bank account.
  10. A 3-in-1 account for ease of trading

HDFC NRI Trading Process

HDFC offers a completely online trading experience to NRI investors, except for those based in the US and Canada.

The step-by-step HDFC NRI trading procedure for trading in Equity Delivery segment is as follows-

  1. Place an Order

    Place a buy order using any of the HDFC trading platforms. The system will check the availability of the funds in your linked bank. If sufficient funds are available then your order will be executed.

  2. Credit to Demat

    After the order is executed, the traded securities will be credited to your demat account.

  3. Reporting:

    The transaction will be automatically reported to HDFC Bank for onward reporting to RBI, as per the Regulations.

When you place a sell order, the stocks are withdrawn from your demat account and delivered to the buyer by HDFC.

HDFC Securities NRI Trading Account Charges

HDFC Securities NRI brokerage charges for trading in Equity and Equity Derivatives.

NRI Account Opening Charges₹2500
NRI Account AMC₹0
Equity Delivery Brokerage0.75%
Equity Future Brokerage0.025% (Both Buy & Sell)
Equity Options Brokerage₹100 per lot
Other ChargesMinimum Brokerage: ₹25, PIS AMC: ₹1000

HDFC Securities NRI Trading Software Review

The trading platform offered by HDFC to NRIs is the same as it is offered to the resident Indians. HDFC offers a range of online trading software and tools:

  1. HDFC Securities Website (Web-based Trading platform)
  2. ProTerminal (Stock Analysis & Trading Platform)
  3. Mobile Trading App
  4. Blink
  5. Smallcase
  6. Arya (Voice-Enabled Investing)
  7. Digify (Mutual Funds Platform)

HDFC NRI Trading Platform

HDFC Securities Investment Options

The investment options available to an NRI at HDFC Securities.

Investment OptionStatus
Mutual FundsYes
OthersBonds, Equity F&O, ETFs

HDFC Securities NRI Account Opening Process

HDFC Securities account opening process for NRIs is simple. Below are the steps to open NRI account with HDFC.

How to open HDFC NRI Trading Account?

One of the easiest ways to open an NRI account is by visiting HDFC Bank Branch if you are in India. If you are overseas then you could fill the enquiry form on the HDFC website and an HDFC employee will help you to go through the process.

HDFC Click2Talk facility is a free doorstep service for NRIs who want to open HDFC Bank accounts. Once you fill the enquiry form, you will receive a call in 3 hours.

Follow the below steps to open an NRI account:

  1. Download and take a printout of these 3 HDFC NRI Account Opening Form PDF-
    1. NRE / NRO Savings Bank Account form
    2. NRE / NRO PIS Bank Account Form
    3. NRI - HDFC securities 4 in 1 online Investment Account Form
  2. Fill the forms and put your signatures. If you wish to open a joint account then all account holders must sign on it.
  3. Attach 2 sets of documents self-attested by you along with the Account opening forms. Here's the HDFC NRI Documents list-
    1. Photos
    2. PAN Card
    3. Valid Passport
    4. Valid Visa
    5. Valid OCI Card / PIO Card
    6. Overseas Address Proof

The above documents need to be attested by a Notary Public, Any court of law, Magistrate, Judge, Local Banker - Bank Seal; Name; Designation; Employee Code of the Officer doing attestation, Indian Embassy / Consulate General of the country.

  1. The HDFC Account Opening Application Forms along with the required documents must be submitted or couriered to the address provided in the form.


  • NRIs can trade in Derivative (Futures & Options) segment through NRO account only.
  • You can open both NRE and NRO account with HDFC bank. However, you can map only one of the accounts (NRE or NRO) with your HDFC NRI Trading account.
  • Mapping your NRE account with HDFC trading account will allow you to trade in the Equity segment whereas, by linking an NRO account, you can trade in both Equity & Derivative segment. You need to open 2 accounts to map both the bank accounts.
  • NRIs are allowed to trade only in equity and equity Futures & Options.
  • Intraday, currency and commodities trading is not allowed for NRIs.

HDFC Securities Key Features

3-in-1 AccountYes
Free Research and TipsYes
Automated TradingNo
Other Features

HDFC Securities NRI Mutual Fund

HDFC Securities offers online mutual fund investment services to NRIs. They can buy, redeem and switch funds online.

Key Features of HDFC NRI Mutual Funds

  • Purchase, redeem and switch Mutual Funds online
  • Facility to link any of the HDFC Bank Accounts with Investment Services Account to fund Mutual Fund investments
  • Track NAV and other details online
  • Direct credits on redemption and dividend payouts to your HDFC Bank Account
  • Select from a range of MF schemes


  • You need to submit your attested (by Indian embassy) PAN (Permanent Account Number) copy for KYC compliance
  • The holding pattern for Online Mutual fund account will be the same as bank accounts.
  • All Bank Account holders need to sign the linkage letter.

HDFC Securities NRI Customer Care

HDFC Securities NRI Support Desk contact information. Find HDFC Securities NRI contact number.

HDFC Securities NRI HelplineNumber
HDFC Securities NRI Customer Care Number+91 2267 6061 61
HDFC Securities NRI Customer Care Email ID

HDFC Securities NRI Trading Account Advantages

  1. Offers 3-in-1 NRI account for trading and investment.
  2. A subsidiary of renowned HDFC Bank.
  3. Offers online mutual fund facility through 'Digify'', a digital mutual fund platform.
  4. Offers AMO and GTC order facility.
  5. Research team offers trading and investment recommendations.
  6. Assistance from Relationship Managers.
  7. Offers loan facility against securities held in NRI demat account.

HDFC Securities NRI Trading Account Disadvantages

  1. Brokerage charges are very high in comparison to discount brokers like Zerodha.
  2. Doesn't offer online trading to USA and Canada based NRIs.


HDFC is a good choice for NRIs to trade and invest in stocks, mutual funds and other investment products in India. Barring NRIs from the USA and Canada, it offers a convenient way to invest online. HDFC is a full-service broker offering services like RM, NRI support desk, free research, and tips, etc., to help NRIs take informed trading decisions. It also offers loan against securities held in the demat accounts. The GTC and AMO order helps NRIs in placing orders as per their convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How to open HDFC NRI account?

    An NRI can open HDFC NRI account by taking the following steps-

    • Download HDFC NRI Account Opening Form PDFs from the company's website.
    • Take printouts of the forms, Fill it and put your signatures.
    • Attach 2 sets of documents self-attested by you and notarized by a competent authority along with the Account opening forms.
    • Submit in-person or courier the Account Opening Application Forms along with the required documents to the address provided in the form.

    For more details, please read the Account Opening section on this page.


  2. 2. How to close HDFC NRI 3-in-1 account?

    To close your HDFC 3-in-1 account, you need to-

    1. Take a print out of Investment Account Closure Form
    2. Fill and sign it.
    3. Attach a copy of your passport and ID.
    4. Send it to your branch office.


  3. 3. Can the US and Canada based NRIs open HDFC NRI 3-in-1 account?

    Yes, US and Canada based NRIs can open a Trading account on fulfilling the below conditions:

    1. Customer must be present in India for account opening. Only Face to Face account opening is allowed.
    2. Indian address proof is mandatory.
    3. They need to fill Special designated 3 in 1 trading form designed for US/CANADA based NRIs.
    4. Online trading services are not available for US and Canada based NRI Customers. However, they can place orders through HDFC Securities Relationship Manager.
    5. NO PROXY facility is available to operate HDFC NRI 3-in-1 trading account.


  4. 4. How to transfer money from NRO to NRE account in HDFC online?

    As per RBI guidelines, NRIs are allowed to transfer funds from NRO bank account to NRE account up to a total limit of USD 1 million per financial year. To transfer funds from NRO to NRE, an NRI needs to submit the following documents-

    1. A cheque or a letter for funds transfer from NRO to NRE account signed by the customer
    2. FEMA Declaration
    3. Documentary evidence of source of funds
    4. Form 15CB- It is a form certified by a CA about details of the payment, TDS rate and deductions as per section 195 of the Income Tax Act. It also certifies whether DTAA (Double Tax Avoidance Agreement) is applicable along with details of nature & purpose of the remittance.
    5. Form 15CA - This needs to be uploaded on the income tax website.

    Steps To Upload Form 15ca Online:

    1. Visit Income Tax India website.
    2. Click on the e-filling log in page. Enter your PAN as user ID and password
    3. After login, click on E file - Prepare and Submit Online Form (other than ITR)
    4. Select form type -15CA.The 15CA form is available in four parts -Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D. Fill the applicable part, verify and submit.
    5. Now click on My Account and then on My Returns/Forms tab. It will show all the returns and Forms submitted by you.
    6. Click on the 15CA form and take a print out of the form along with acknowledgement Slip.
    7. Sign on the form and submit 2 copies to the Bank.

    Your transfer will be made after the bank processes your application.


    • Certificate in Form 15CB is not required for transferring funds between Rs 50,000 (in a single transaction) and Rs 2,50,000 (total in a financial year). Only Form 15CA needs to be submitted in this case.
    • You need to have both NRO SAVINGS Bank and NRE SAVINGS Bank account with HDFC to transfer funds.
    • Customer should choose only one bank at a time to avail facility of USD 1 million.


  5. 5. What is HDFC 3 in 1 account for NRI charges?

    You need to pay 2 types of charges on NRI Trading account- Account Opening Charges and Brokerage Fees.

    HDFC NRI trading charges For Account Opening

    While opening HDFC NRI 3-in-1 account, the bank charges a one-time fee of Rs 2500 from NRIs. The bank also charges an one-time PIS approval issuance Fee of Rs 1,000.

    NRI demat account charges HDFC

    The HDFC NRI demat charge of Rs 750 is waived off for the first year. It will be applicable from next year.

    NRI brokerage charges HDFC

    The HDFC NRI demat and trading account charges are as follows:

    Security Type

    Brokerage Rates

    Equity Delivery

    0.75% or min Rs 25 or ceiling of 2.5% of the transaction value

    Equity Futures

    Non-Square Off Trade: 0.05% or min Rs 25 or ceiling of 2.5% of the transaction value;

    Square Off Trades: 0.025% or min Rs 25 or ceiling of 2.5% of the transaction value

    Equity Options

    Higher of 1% of the premium amount or Rs 100 per lot


  6. 6. Can NRI avail a loan against securities at HDFC?

    Yes, NRIs can take a loan against shares or other securities. However, the loan cannot be used for trading or investing. It should be utilized for meeting personal requirements or business purposes.


  7. 7. Can I open HDFC NRI account without visiting the bank branch?

    Yes, for opening HDFC 3-in-1 NRI trading accounts without visiting the bank, you need to keep IPV column on AOF 'BLANK' and all documents need to be attested by any one of the following: Notary Public, Any court of law, Magistrate. Judge, Local Banker with Bank Seal, Name, Designation, Employee Code of the Person doing attestation or lastly by Indian Embassy / Consulate General of the country.

    You need to download the forms, fill it and courier it along with 2 sets of copies of documents attested by authorities discussed above.


  8. 8. Can NRI with no Indian representative make changes in his HDFC account?

    Yes, you can make changes or corrections like change in the mobile number, address, email id etc., in your trading account without a branch visit. To make corrections, you need to send a letter along with copy of the self-signed supporting documents to their RM or Home Branch.

    The copies of the supporting proof documents should be 'verified with original' by anyone of the Notary Public, Court, Magistrate, Judge, authorized officials of overseas branches of Scheduled Commercial Banks registered in India, Indian Embassy / Consulate General of the country where the client is residing.


  9. 9. Can NRI open Demat account in HDFC?

    HDFC offers 3-in-1 account to NRIs which allows them to open trading, Demat, and Bank account with HDFC.

    An NRI can open an NRE (NRI Repatriable Demat Account)/NRO (NRI Non-Repatriable Demat account) as desired. The Demat account is opened at zero cost with no annual maintenance charges for the first year.


  10. 10. How to open a Demat account in HDFC for NRIs?

    HDFC Securities offers an online and offline account opening facility to NRIs. The online account opening facility is available for all NRIs except for NRIs based in USA and Canada.

    Steps for online NRI account opening with HDFC Securities:

    1. Download, fill, and sign the below forms:
    2. Attach the supporting documents.
    3. Send the form and documents over mail to or your Relationship Manager.
    4. The broker will verify the documents and open an account once the verification gets completed.

    Steps for offline NRI account opening for USA and Canada based customers:

    1. Download the HDFC Securities NRI Account Opening Form and PIS Form.
    2. Fill in the details.
    3. Attach the KYC documents required for account opening.
    4. Courier the form to your HDFC Bank Relationship Manager.

    Documents required for NRI account opening

    • Passport Size Photo
    • Copy of PAN Card
    • A copy of Passport
    • Copy of Visa
    • OCI Card / PIO Card Copy (in case of no Indian passport)
    • Civil ID /Resident Card / Permit Copy
    • Overseas Address Proof
    • Indian Address Proof (mandatory)
    • Income Proof (in case of Derivatives trading)

    Points to Note

    • In case of an online opening, you need to attach two copies of each document.
    • The physical presence of the USA and Canada-based NRI in India is mandatory at the time of account opening.
    • The USA and Canada-based NRI customers can trade through HDFC Securities Relationship Manager or Call and trade facility and not through digital modes.
    • The documents need to be attested by any one of the following:
    • Notary Public.
    • Any court of law.
    • Local Banker - Bank Seal; Name; Designation; Employee Code of the Officer doing attestation.
    • Indian Embassy / Consulate General of the country.


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Can an NRI do day trading in derivatives in hdfcsecurities? Can a NRI place stop loss / trailing stop loss oder on his equity holdings in his dmat account ? If yes , what is the validity of such order? Can a NRI place such stoploss order in derivatives?