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HDFC Securities Mutual Fund Review

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HDFC Bank offers both direct and regular mutual fund schemes. It has a dedicated HDFC Mutual Fund Platform which is to invest in direct mutual funds. HDFC Securities, a subsidiary of HDFC Bank, offers regular mutual funds through 'Digify' an online MF platform wherein you can invest without a trading and demat account.

When you invest in direct schemes through HDFC MF, you are not required to pay any commission to the broker. HDFC Securities offers regular mutual funds from other fund houses as well. While investing in a regular mutual fund, you have to pay a commission to the broker. It has collaboration with 45 fund houses to offer regular mutual funds.

HDFC Mutual Fund offers various schemes under Equity, Debt, Hybrid, ELSS, Theme based, Index/ETF, and Gold ETF/FOF categories. Investors can choose any scheme based on investment needs, risk appetite, time horizon and expected returns.

HDFC Bank offers the InvestNow investment platform for the customers to get expert's recommendations on mutual fund investment. It also has a dedicated Digify Mutual Fund platform to invest in regular mutual funds.

HDFC Bank offers Investment Services Account (ISA) to provide control over funds purchase, redeem and switch funds. You just need HDFC Mutual Fund login credentials to start investing any time and from anywhere. The investors are charged maintenance charges quarterly which are Rs 250 for residents and Rs 500 for NRI customers for investment services account. HDFC doesn't levy transaction charges from the investors.

HDFC Mutual Fund Platform Key Features

HDFC MF Online offers various mutual fund schemes for investors to fulfill their different financial objectives. Here are the key features of HDFC Mutual Fund:

  • Provides a wide range of schemes to create a diversified portfolio which can sustain the market swings
  • Offers fundamental research and effective analysis for investors
  • HDFC online mutual fund investment can be for short, medium or long-term purposes
  • Makes financial planning easy with different HDFC mutual fund calculator
  • Invest in mutual fund either through SIP or lumpsum mode of investment
  • Invest any time through HDFC net banking
  • Get the same-day NAV for redemption, purchase, and switch transactions
  • Offers loan against securities in the account without selling them
  • Link HDFC savings account for auto-debit while mutual fund purchase
  • The dividend and redemption amount is credited in the account directly
  • Expert recommendations on financial goals and risk appetite
  • Get complete control of mutual fund portfolio with investment savings account
  • Track your SIP and lump sum investments on the go

HDFC Mutual Fund Charges Online

HDFC Mutual Fund offers free mutual fund account opening. HDFC offers both the direct and regular mutual fund schemes to the investors. The fund house doesn't charge any transaction fee and commission from the investors for direct mutual funds. Although to maintain an investment service account with HDFC bank, it charges Rs 250 from residents and Rs 500 from NRIs quarterly. The broker also charges a commission for regular mutual funds of other fund houses on the HDFC Securities platform.

HDFC Mutual Fund Charges

HDFC Mutual Fund Account Opening Charges


HDFC Mutual Fund AMC Fees

Rs 250 for residents and Rs 500 for NRI (quarterly)

HDFC Mutual Fund Transaction Charges


HDFC Mutual Fund Commission

Nil- HDFC MF (direct schemes), 0 to 2%- HDFC Sec (Regular schemes)

HDFC Mutual Fund DP Charges


Other Charges


HDFC Mutual Fund Account Opening Process:

HDFC Bank allows regular mutual fund investment through InvestNow and Investment Services Account (ISA). Before opening an ISA account with HDFC Bank, you are required to open an HDFC savings bank account with the bank. If you already have one, you can open HDFC Investment Services Account to invest in mutual funds. HDFC bank doesn't offer online investment services accounts opening facility. You have to visit the bank branch and fill the HDFC Bank Investment Service Account form. The relationship manager at the bank will also ask for original documents for verification.

If you don't want a separate account for mutual funds with HDFC Bank, you can also visit the dedicated HDFC Mutual Fund website and start investing in mutual funds online. Although, it only offers HDFC Mutual Funds.

HDFC Mutual Fund SIP:

HDFC bank allows investment in direct and regular mutual funds through lump sum or SIP mode of investment. SIP is an investment approach to invest in mutual funds in a disciplined manner at regular intervals. This way you can swing the market ups and downs and get risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

Investors can invest through the HDFC MF platform online with easy and paperless transactions. All you need is to provide contact details such as email ID and contact number which are required to be updated with the Investor Service Center.

Steps to start HDFC Mutual Fund SIP:

  • Visit HDFC Mutual Fund investment platform
  • Login the account with credentials
  • Click on More on market update live page
  • Select mutual fund option and next as 'create MF SIP'
  • Search the mutual fund by typing in the search bar
  • Select the scheme from the list
  • Calculate the estimated returns with HDFC SIP Calculator
  • Choose investment amount, frequency, period and select start date
  • Check details and click on confirm 

Your order will be placed and the order reference number will be generated for future use. You can also use the HDFC Mutual Fund calculator available on the website to calculate estimated returns.

HDFC Mutual Fund Platform

1. HDFC Fund Investors Web:

HDFC Mutual Fund offers Investors Web for the investors who want to invest directly in HDFC mutual fund schemes. Investors can log in to the portal with user Id and password to start investing.

Key Features of HDFC Mutual Fund Investors Web are:

  • A quick and hassle-free way to invest in mutual funds
  • View all your investment through the dashboard
  • Quick links are available for faster navigations
  • Invest either in SIP or lumpsum mode
  • Complete the transactions through different payment options (UPI, Net Banking, OTM, etc) 

Start SIP with HDFC Mutual Fund Investors Web

Home> Transact Now> select SIP> select existing folio number from drop-down list or proceed with the new folio> add a scheme> select frequency> enter SIP amount> select SIP start and end date> choose preferred bank for payment> complete the transaction> note SRN number generated for SIP 

After investing through SIP in an HDFC Mutual Fund, register the SIP for auto-debit from the bank account.

2. HDFC MFonline Investors Mobile App:

HDFC offers HDFC mutual fund app for the investors who want to invest in HDFC in-house schemes. The app is available in google play store for free. 

Key Features of HDFC MF Online App:

  • Instant registration and folio creation facility
  • Get instant account status along with reports
  • Track SIP and lumpsum investment easily
  • Easy login with password or OTP
  • Track all your investments through a single account

Steps to Download HDFC MFonline Investors App:

  • Open google play store in your mobile device
  • Type HDFC MFonline Investors app in the search bar
  • Click on the first option available
  • Download and install the app in your Android device

3. HDFC Securities InvestNow

InvestNow is a mutual fund investment platform for HDFC bank customers. There are no charges for registering while account opening for InvestNow. Here is the way to register with InvestNow:

  • Login to HDFC Netbanking account
  • Select Mutual Fund tab
  • Click on InvestNow option

Your PAN card is required to be KYC compliant as per SEBI guidelines before starting investment in mutual funds.

Key Features of HDFC Securities InvestNow:

  • Single click payment facility
  • Get expert's recommendations based on your investment needs
  • Track all the investment through a smart portfolio

4. HDFC Securities Digify

HDFC Securities offers a dedicated mutual fund investment platform named Digify. It offers a paperless and hassle-free online one-stop solution for all the mutual fund investment needs. The platform allows you Buy and Sell Mutual Funds without a Demat or Trading Account. You can also open an MF account instantly and log in quickly to get started on this platform. HDFC Securities doesn't charge for Digify Mutual Fund account opening.

Key Features of HDFC Securities Digify

  • A dedicated MF platform to invest online
  • Buy/Sell without a Demat or Trading Account
  • Offers multiple modes of investment such as STP, SIP, SWP
  • Zero Charges for mutual fund account opening
  • Access, manage and track portfolio 24*7 from anywhere
  • Offers different mutual fund schemes from more than 30 AMCs
  • Advanced portfolio tracker to track HDFC MF investments online

Steps to open Online Mutual Fund Account with Digify Platform:

  • Visit HDFC Securities website
  • Click on Products tab and then 'Digify' under Trading Platform section
  • Click on Sign Up and register on HDFC Digify platform
  • Type the OTP received on the mobile number
  • Enter the PAN card detail and proceed
  • Complete KYC compliance by entering Bank and PAN details
  • Check the auto-filled FATCA and questionnaire and click on Proceed

You can now start investing in mutual funds through the HDFC Digify platform by OTP received on the registered mobile number or mail ID.

HDFC Mutual Fund Advantages

  • Free mutual fund platform to invest across various schemes
  • Offers HDFC direct and regular schemes from other fund houses
  • Wide range of MF investment options
  • Track all the MF holdings across different fund houses from a single account
  • Purchase mutual fund scheme as per your financial needs online

HDFC Mutual Fund Disadvantages

  • Doesn't offer direct mutual fund from other fund houses
  • Charges investment account maintenance fee
  • Doesn't offer a desktop-based mutual fund investment platform

HDFC Mutual Fund Customer Care

HDFC Mutual Fund has a separate call center. You can call on 1800 3010 6767 / 1800 419 7676 toll-free number for mutual fund investment. Foreign investors can contact on 91 44 33462406. You can also mail at for any queries. If you are investing through HDFC bank, you can contact on 1800 267 1006 for mutual fund related issues.


HDFC securities offers multiple platforms in HDFC Mutual Fund web & mobile app, Investnow & Digify to mutual fund investors. Customers investing in direct HDFC mutual funds can use HDFC Mutual Fund Web and MFonline mobile app for investment. While investors investing in regular mutual fund schemes of other fund houses can invest through the InvestNow and Digify platform. HDFC doesn't charge any fee for InvestNow registration and account opening. Although, you have to pay Investment Service Account charges that is Rs 250 per quarter.

About HDFC Mutual Fund

HDFC Securities is a subsidiary of HDFC Bank. It offers a wide range of investment options across equity, derivatives, currency, commodity and mutual funds. HDFC Securities has collaboration with more than 45 fund houses to offer various mutual funds. To invest in direct HDFC Mutual Fund, it has a separate platform which is

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Can I open multiple accounts with HDFC InvestNow?

    No, you cannot link multiple accounts with HDFC Mutual Fund InvestNow platform for payment and redemptions.


  2. 2. Does HDFC bank charges for mutual fund account opening?

    No, HDFC bank offers free registration and account opening for customers.


  3. 3. Can I change account number after registering with HDFC Mutual Fund?

    Yes, it is possible to change the account number after adding the HDFC Mutual Fund account. To change the account number, write at


  4. 4. Is HDFC Mutual Fund good?

    2000, it has been in the market and added a diverse customer base of retail and institutional investors. The broking firm provides a one-stop solution for various investment products such as Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodity and Mutual Fund. Considering the customer track record and experience, HDFC Mutual Fund is a good fund house.


  5. 5. How to check HDFC Mutual Fund status?

    To know the status of your account, you can give a missed call on 8506936767 from your registered number. And, you will receive an SMS and account statement. You can also register your email ID for getting an account statement on your mail.


  6. 6. Which is the best HDFC Mutual Fund?

    HDFC MF offers various mutual fund schemes as per the financial needs of the investors. Some of the popular schemes are as follow:

    • HDFC Equity Fund
    • HDFC Top 100 Fund
    • HDFC Tax Saver Fund
    • HDFC Growth Opportunities Fund


  7. 7. Does HDFC securities charges for mutual funds?

    No, HDFC securities do not charge any brokerage for mutual funds. HDFC Securities also offers free mutual fund account opening.

    HDFC securities offer online MF investments through its Digify platform. You can invest in mutual funds either in lumpsum or through Systematic Transfer Plans (STP), Systematic Withdrawal Plans (SWP), and Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) modes of investment.


  8. 8. Can I buy mutual funds using HDFC securities?

    Yes, you can buy mutual funds through HDFC securities.

    HDFC Securities offers online mutual fund investments through its Digify web platform or HDFC Securities mobile platform.

    HDFC Securities offers free mutual fund account opening with no separate KYC in case of an existing HDFC Securities trading and Demat account.


  9. 9. How to invest in SIP through HDFC securities?

    SIP investment through HDFC securities is a paperless, hassle-free process at zero cost.

    Steps to invest in SIP through HDFC securities:

    1. Log in to your HDFC securities mobile app.
    2. Click on More on the homepage.
    3. Look for the Mutual Fund option and click.
    4. Select Create MF SIP from the dropdown.
    5. Search for the mutual fund scheme name for investment.
    6. Provide SIP details like amount, frequency, MF period, and start date.
    7. Click on 'Confirm' to place an order and start your SIP.

    HDFC securities also maintain a ready reckoner list of schemes based on customer risk-taking appetite classified into High-Risk High Return, Low-Risk Good Return, Short term investment, or tax saving schemes.


  10. 10. How to stop SIP online in HDFC securities?

    HDFC securities allow you to stop, edit or cancel your SIP online without any charges.

    Steps to stop your SIP in HDFC securities:

    1. Log in to your HDFC securities account.
    2. Go to the Investments section.
    3. Go to the Edit SIP window.
    4. Click on the End SIP

    Customers can also place a SIP stop request by calling the HDFC Securities customer support desk.


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Zerodha (Flat Rs 20 Per Trade)

Special Offer - Invest brokerage-free Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds (truly no brokerage). Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.


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