Alice Blue Mutual Fund Review

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Alice Blue is a Bangalore based discount brokerage firm. The company offers a dedicated mutual fund platform wherein customers can buy direct mutual fund schemes from various fund houses. Alice Blue doesn't charge any fee and brokerage for mutual fund investments from its customers.

Features of Alice Blue Mutual Fund

  • Zero commission and brokerage
  • Dedicated Online Mutual Fund Platform
  • Invest across diverse schemes including equity, debt, and hybrid
  • Choose from more than 31 fund houses
  • SIP or lumpsum mode of investments
  • Invest in mutual funds with your existing Alice Blue demat account
  • Zero paperwork
  • Get consolidated statements for all you MF investments
  • Alice Blue mobile app for mutual fund investment
  • Track all the mutual fund investment online

Alice Blue Mutual Fund Online Charges

Alice Blue Mutual Fund Charges

Alice Blue Account Opening Charges


Alice Blue Mutual Fund AMC Fees


Alice Blue Mutual Fund Brokerage Charges


Alice Blue Mutual Fund Commission


Alice Blue Mutual Fund Demat Charges

Rs 400

Other Charges

Zero Demat Account Opening Fee

Alice Blue Mutual Fund is a distributor and provides mutual fund schemes online from over 31 fund houses. As all the schemes available with Alice Blue Mutual Fund online are direct schemes, investors do not need to pay a fee or commission to the broker. It reduces the expense ratio of the direct plan and gives extra returns to investors over regular mutual funds. To start investing in a mutual fund, you will need to open an Alice Blue Demat Account and need to pay Rs 400 as Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC).

Alice Blue Mutual Fund Account Opening Process

Alice Blue offers direct mutual funds from the asset management companies. Investors with Alice Blue Demat Account can log in and purchase Alice Blue Direct Mutual Funds. Investors who do not have a demat account with the broker can only view the performance of the funds but cannot place purchase orders from the Alice Blue mutual fund investments platform.

Steps to open Alice Blue Demat Account online

  • Visit Alice Blue official website at
  • Click on 'Open My Account' on top of the page
  • Scroll down the page and fill the e-KYC form
  • Click on 'Open an Account'
  • Fill the Enroll form opened with the click
  • Enter PAN number and Date of birth and validate it
  • Choose Demat Account type
  • Fill the personal and financial details
  • Upload the required documents for demat account

Steps to open Alice Blue Mutual Fund Account Online

Alice Blue doesn't ask for a separate mutual fund account opening. If you are an existing demat account user with the broker, you can start investing in mutual funds.

Alice Blue SIP

Alice Blue allows investing in mutual funds through SIP or lumpsum mode of investment. It offers various flexible SIP options to make the investment as per user convenience. Alice Blue MF doesn't charge any fee and brokerage for this feature. You can directly start investing in a mutual fund with Alice Blue if you have a demat account and e-KYC verified with the broker.

Features of Alice Blue Mutual Fund SIP

  • 100% paperless investment
  • Zero fee or brokerage
  • Flexible SIP fund collections in AMCs
  • Invest in SIP of Equity, Debt, Gold, Hybrid and other mutual fund schemes

Steps to invest in Alice Blue SIP

You can invest in Alice Blue SIP online. Following steps will help you invest in Alice Blue SIP-

  • Login to Alice Blue Mutual Fund account
  • Select the scheme
  • Enter SIP details and click on submit button
  • Create a bank mandate for auto-payment through your account

Alice Blue Mutual Fund Investment Platform

Ant Web

Alice Blue offers mutual fund investment through a browser-based investment platform. Alice Blue Ant Web can be accessed at Existing Alice Blue Mutual Fund investors can directly visit the web by logging through id and password.

Key Features of Alice Blue Ant Web:

  • Free mutual fund investment platform
  • Invest across multiple asset classes
  • Get an instant view of account summary
  • Create market alerts on market conditions
  • Invest quickly through instant buy/sell option
  • Check current market news and status

Aliceblue Mutual Funds App

Alice Blue also offers a dedicated mobile app for mutual fund investments. Investors who have an Alice Blue Demat account can login to this app and start investing in mutual funds.

Key Features of Aliceblue Mutualfunds App:

  • Zero brokerage or commission
  • Use compare funds feature to compare the various scheme
  • Single portfolio to view all the funds in one place.
  • Consolidated statement for investments made through ELSS funds for claiming tax benefits
  • User dashboard for easy order tracking
  • User Portfolio provides complete holdings of the allotments done through Normal (NRM) and Direct SIP (Systematic Investment Plan).

Download Aliceblue Mutualfunds App:

Alice Blue mutual funds app is available only for Android users. The app is not available for iPhone users. The app can be downloaded free of cost by following the steps mentioned below-

  • Visit Google Play Store on your smartphone
  • Type Aliceblue Mutual Funds
  • Download the app by clicking on the install button
  • Login with user id and password

Alice Blue Mutual Fund Advantages

  • Offers direct mutual funds
  • Doesn't charge fee or commission
  • Allows investment across 31 AMCs
  • Offers dedicated mutual fund app

Alice Blue Mutual Fund DisAdvantages

  • Doesn't have in-house fund house
  • Doesn't offer mutual fund recommendations and insights
  • Doesn't offer desktop based mutual fund investment platform and iPhone version of mutual fund app

Alice Blue Mutual Fund Customer Care

Alice Blue has more than hundreds of branches and partners in India. For any assistance, you can visit those branches in your nearby location and get a solution. You can also click on the contact us page on and fill the form for any product related queries.


Alice Blue Mutual Fund offers an excellent online platform for investors to invest in direct mutual funds at zero brokerage and commission. Investing in direct mutual funds allows investors to earn more on returns for investors as compared to regular mutual funds. However, Alice Blue doesn't provide mutual fund recommendations which may make it tough for new investors or beginners to choose a scheme on their own.

Alice Blue Special Offer

Free Equity Delivery Trade + FREE Account Opening

Trade brokerage-free equity delivery (truly no brokerage). Pay flat Rs 15 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open FREE Instant Account online with Alice Blue and start trading today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How to use Alice Blue Mutual Funds?

    Alice Blue offers a dedicated mobile app for mutual fund investment. The existing Alice Blue users with demat accounts can easily access this app and start investing. If you don't have an Alice Blue demat account, you can open it and start investing in Alice Blue direct mutual funds.



  2. 2. Is Alice Blue Mutual Fund Safe?

    Yes, investing in mutual funds with Alice Blue is safe. It is SEBI authorized stock brokerage firm offering various investment products. Before investing in any mutual fund scheme at Alice Blue, it is necessary to read about the scheme detail and risks involved. Alice Blue doesn't provide mutual fund recommendations. You have to make an independent decision before investing.



  3. 3. Does Alice Blue offer direct mutual funds?

    Yes, Alice Blue offers direct mutual funds through a dedicated online platform. The company doesn't charge any commission or brokerage. However, you would need to open an Alice Blue demat account to invest in mutual funds.



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