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Get brokerage FREE equity delivery trading (truly no brokerage) and Flat Rs 15 intranet and F&O trade brokerage. Open Instant Account online with Alice Blue and start trading today.

Alice Blue is a discount broker offering a wide range of investment options such as equity, derivative, mutual fund, IPO, NCD, commodity and insurance. It offers a 2-in-1 account which is an integrated trading and Demat account facility.

Investors can transfer funds in a trading account from any UPI account such as Paytm, Phonepe, Google Pay, etc. There are 24 banks that are allowed by Alice Blue for direct online pay in. Alice Blue offers both online (Mobile, Web, and Desktop) and offline (Call & Trade) trading experience for investors. It also allows Bracket, Cover, After Market Order (AMO), Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST), and Sell Today Buy Tomorrow (STBT) order type.

Alice Blue with Back Office Transformation (BOT) helps in tracking the daily trading transactions of the investors.

Alice Blue Trading Software:

Alice Blue offers a range of trading software to investors. ANT, which is an abbreviation of Analysis & Trade, is a technologically advanced trading platform offered by Alice Blue. It is available free of cost for all traders and investors. ANT trading platform has all the essential features which are required to invest in stock & commodities. Investors can invest in different exchanges such as NSE, BSE, MCX, and Currency. ANT uses Omnesys NEST as backend technologies.

Key features of ANT:

  • Omnesys NEST is one of the most powerful backend technologies in India.
  • Can use customized trading strategies on ANT Meta.
  • Advanced trading charts are available with historical data and technical indicators.
  • Offers superior speed as per the trading needs without any interruptions.
  • Easy monitoring of multiple charts, order book, trade book, market watch and more through a single screen.
  • Dedicated, round the clock customer support desk to resolve any trading related queries.
  • Can be accessed through the mobile app, desktop and website.

Types of ANT platform:

ANT trading software is available in the following types to access as per the user convenience:

  • ANT Web- Online Trading Website
  • ANT Mobi- Mobile Trading App
  • ANT Desk- Downloadable Trading Software
  • ANT Meta- Analyzing Tool


ANT Web is a browser-based online trading platform that can be accessed on any browser.

Key Features:

  • Trade from anywhere and any system without installing the software.
  • Use shortcut keys to place orders.
  • Charts with tools and technical indicators to make analysis easy.
  • Personalized guidance for all technical, positional and day traders.

Trade with ANT Web:

  • Visit the official website of Alice Blue
  • Click on ANT tab
  • Choose ANT from the drop-down list
  • Click on ANT Web in the main menu bar
  • Click on Trade Now button. A new tab will open
  • Log in with your trading account ID and password. (check the site at wifi connection)

ANT Mobi

ANT Mobi is the Mobile Trading Application offered by Alice Blue to customers to trade on-the-go.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and completely free
  • Single touch application to trade from mobile
  • No need to log in every time as a one-time login in a day is required
  • Work quite well even on low internet connection
  • Fast speed as open and place an order is possible in 5 seconds as well
  • Advanced charts with technical indicator and tools
  • Can set alerts for a price on market condition
  • An alert message appears whether the application is closed or opened

Steps to Download ANT Mobi

  • Visit the Google play store on your mobile
  • Search for ANT Mobi trading app
  • Click on ANT Mobi by Alice Blue
  • Download and Install the app on your mobile
  • Login with username and password or sign up

ANT Desk

ANT Desk is a downloadable trading software for desktops and laptops.

Key Features:

  • Trading software to trade from system useful for all traders especially technical traders.
  • Access to 80+ technical indicators.
  • Customize indicators on charts to create your indicators.
  • Receive immediate notifications on the system for the custom indicator.
  • Get automatic market price alert and voice notifications.
  • Charts are available with up to 10 years of data, multiple indicators and tools.
  • Can analyse the past performance of the particular indicators through backtesting in charts.

Steps to download ANT Desk

  • Visit the official website
  • Hover the mouse on ANT Tab
  • Click on ANT from the drop-down list
  • Choose ANT Desk from the main menu bar
  • Press the Download Now button
  • After downloading and installing, log in with username and password

ANT Meta

Alice Blue ANT Meta is a widely used analysing tool offered by Alice Blue. You can analyse currency, commodity and stocks through this trading tool.

Key features:

  • A wide range of tools to analyse the price, manage and place orders.
  • Execute orders automatically to ANT Desk placed through ANT Meta.
  • Allows developing automated trading techniques.
  • Offers different geometrical shapes and line studies to add into indicator chart.
  • Provides access to more than 120 markets.
  • Offers 50+ charting tools and indicators.

Steps to download ANT Meta

  • Visit the Alice Blue official website.
  • Drag down and click on Downloads.
  • Click on Download Software from the sidebar.
  • Click on download sign in front of ANT Meta to download the software.

Alice Blue Trading Tools:

Alice Blue offers the following trading tools for investors:

  • ANT Scanner
  • ANT Bridge

ANT Scanner

ANT Scanner is an advanced feature to filter stocks in ANT Mobi and ANT Web. It supports various filter, some of them are:

  • Day's Looser
  • Day's Gainer
  • Volume Shockers
  • Most Active Filter
  • Near Upper/Lower-Circuit Filter
  • Return on Investment
  • 52 Week High/Low Breakers
  • Near 52 Week Low/High

ANT Bridge

ANT Bridge is an AI-driven trading app that can be connected to 3rd party applications such as Amibroker, Python, Excel to Trade (E2T) and MT4. It supports the buy & sell order execution in ANT Desk from the app. Other key features of the app are-

  • Integration with Charting Tools
  • Semi Algo Strategies & Back Testing
  • Access to Advanced Charting tool & Historical Data
  • Powered by AI and genetic algorithms

Alice Blue 3rd Party Trading Tools

In addition to above-mentioned proprietary trading tools, Alice Blue also offers its customers access to a wide range of 3rd party trading tools to enhance their trading experience. Some of the major online trading tools offered in the Alice Blue Trade Store include-


It is an advanced share market app that helps traders to compare, choose, and follow the best market experts. A user can compare the experts based on the past performances of their suggestions, reviews, and ratings. The app is available on both Android and iOS Apple smartphones.

  • Access to a big pool of SEBI registered Market Experts
  • Compare, choose and follow experts based on their performance and ratings.
  • Get expert recommendations in multiple trading segments.

Pricing- The app is available at a subscription price of Rs 400.

Alice Algo Terminal

It is a unique algo trading platform. It allows traders to select pre-built strategies and MT4 based algo trading. Some of the key features of the platform are-

  • Available in web and app versions. App Available for Android and IOS
  • Pre-loaded Strategies Eagle and Money Machine
  • Easy and Fast
  • Traders can customize strategies
  • 20 INR per Order/AliceBlue Account

Pricing- The price is based on Subscription.


The platform provides Alice Blue customers access to stock trading technical strategies based on Fibonacci, indicators, and methodologies. It also provides them access to expert advisors for trade recommendations. Traders can use the platform to upgrade their trading skills and achieve their targets.

Pricing- The platform is available for Free for Lifetime.

Alice Blue Mutual Funds

A direct online mutual fund platform that allows customers to invest in a wide variety of funds from various AMCs. Key features of the platform are-

  • Choose from 100's of schemes from around 40 AMCs.
  • Select a scheme based on the risk type.
  • Completely paperless online process.
  • 0% fee and brokerage
  • SIP facility available

Pricing- Completely free for Lifetime.


It is India's first option trading platform that allows traders to build, select and execute strategies from the platform. Traders can build strategies based on their market outlook and check the profit potential and risks involved in the trades. Key features of the platform include-

  • Access to Open Interest Analyser, Option Analyser, Option Chain, Greeks, Screeners, Events Calendars, IV Percentile, etc.
  • Custom build your strategies
  • Paper Trading with Virtual Money available for beginners
  • Trade in multileg strategies in 1 click.
  • Access to learning videos on Options trading

Pricing- Lite: Rs 600/ month and Pro: Rs 950/ month


It is a platform that allows you to invest in a basket of stocks or portfolios built around a theme or idea. Each basket is a collection of 10-12 stocks picked by experts. Key features of smallcase include-

  • Pick your choice from trending market themes & strategies
  • Long term investment approach
  • Diversify and minimize your risks
  • No management fees
  • No lock-in periods

Pricing- Rs 100/ smallcase (on Buy orders)


Tickertape is an upgraded version of the screener from Smallcase, a stocks discovery tool. It goes beyond symbols, prices & numbers to convey information about stocks & indices and offers many key features like-

  • Filter stocks based on future revenues and cashflows
  • Find stocks rated high by brokers
  • Compare stocks with their industry peers
  • Find stocks based on technical indicators
  • Rank stocks based on earnings, value, and momentum


Alice Blue offers various trading platforms and tools for clients. All the trading platform offered by the broker are technologically advanced. Alice Blue customers also have choice to enhance their trading strategies with 3rd party tools available on Trade Store. The variety of online trading platforms and tools offered by the discount broker not only makes for convenient trading but also help them in analyzing and deciding on trading strategies. Trade School, broker's investor education portal, helps customers in upgrading their trading skills.

Alice Blue Special Offer

Free Equity Delivery Trade

Trade brokerage-free equity delivery (truly no brokerage). Pay flat Rs 15 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account online with Alice Blue and start trading today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How to trade in Alice Blue?

    Alice Blue offers easy and convenient trading through its trading platforms.

    Steps to trade in Alice Blue

    1. Log in to the 'ANT Mobi' mobile trading app by Alice Blue using your Client ID and password that opens the default market watchlist screen.
    2. Search for the stocks you want to buy using the search icon on the top left of the screen.
    3. Click on the stock you want to trade.
    4. Once you select the stock you can see a green 'BUY' button and a red 'SELL' button at the bottom of the screen.
    5. Click on the 'BUY' button to buy a stock or the 'SELL' button to sell a stock.
    6. You will be redirected to a page where you can enter the quantity and price at which you want to buy or sell the stock.
    7. You can select if you want to place an intraday order or a cash and carry (CNC) order, also known as a delivery order, on this page.
    8. The order gets confirmed once you click on the 'BUY' or 'SELL' button at the bottom of the screen.
    9. The order gets executed on finding a matching order on the exchange floor.



  2. 2. How can you access Alice Blue ANT trading platforms?

    You can directly access the web-based platform, ANT Web, on any web browser by login on it. For other platforms, you have to download and install it on your device or system. After successfully login, you can access ANT Desk, Mobile and Meta platforms.



  3. 3. How to download ANT desk software?

    • Visit the official website of Alice Blue
    • Hover the mouse on ANT menu
    • Select ANT from the drop-down list
    • Click on ANT Desk from the main menu
    • Click on the 'Download Now' button



  4. 4. Why to use ANT Platform?

    Here are the benefits of trading with ANT platforms:

    • Trade across BSE, NSE and MCX
    • Get live streaming quotes
    • Place cover and aftermarket order
    • Get price alerts on market swings
    • Live research is available across all platforms except ANT Mobi
    • Access multiple charts and technical indicators



  5. 5. What is a cover order in Alice Blue?

    A Cover Order (CO) in Alice Blue is an advanced order type used in intraday trading to limit losses. Alice Blue offers cover orders along with other advance orders like bracket orders and stop-loss orders. In a cover order, the buy/sell order gets placed along with a stop-loss order.

    Say, you place a buy order at Rs 100 and also place an SL order of Rs 95. If the stock is going down, a Sell order will be automatically executed at Rs 95, preventing you from unlimited losses.

    All open CO positions get auto squared off before the end of the day (Equity & F&O: 3.15 pm, Currency: 4.15 pm, Commodity: 15mins before close). The margin requirement varies based on the stop-loss price.



  6. 6. What is a bracket order in Alice Blue?

    A Bracket Order (BO) is an advanced order type that allows traders to limit losses and lock in a profit. Clients can choose BO as an order type in the Place Order window.

    A Bracket Order is a set of 3 orders (1 Buy, 2 Sell) placed at once. For example, you place a buy order for a stock at Rs 100. You also place a higher sell order at Rs 110 and a lower sell order at Rs 90. The higher sell order locks in the profit whereas the lower sell order limits the losses. A sell order will get automatically executed when any of the set 'sell order' prices are reached.



  7. 7. What is the transaction password in Alice Blue?

    Alice Blue has two levels of password for higher security. One password is called the Login Password that allows an investor to log in to the application. The other password is known as the Transaction Password that allows the investor to place orders.



  8. 8. How to add money to an Alice Blue account?

    You can add money to your Alice Blue trading account using the 'ANT Desk' desktop trading software. Log in to the ANT Desk platform using your client code and password. You can select the Pay-in option under the Funds section on the top of the page. A payment window opens up where you can select the payment gateway or bank and the segment (Equity/Debt/Currency/Commodity) you want to transfer funds to. Type in the amount and it will redirect you to the payment gateway or bank page to complete the fund transfer process.

    Alice Blue has also introduced UPI Fund transfer.

    Following are the steps to start using the UPI payment method for fund transfer on Alice Blue:

    1. Log in to the Client Back Office through your web browser or the BOT mobile app
    2. Select the menu button - Online Payment and click on UPI Option.
    3. Click on Update UPI ID to add your UPI ID linked to the registered bank account.
    4. After adding the UPI ID, you can transfer funds to the desired segment.
    5. Go to your preferred UPI mobile app and authorize your payments.



  9. 9. How to login to an Alice Blue account?

    You can log in to the Alice Blue account using the credentials provided at the time of account opening.

    Steps to login to Alice Blue Web

    1. Visit
    2. Enter the User ID and password.
    3. Provide answers to the verification questions to set the two-factor authentication and login to ANT Web.

    Steps to login to Ant Mobi

    1. Download the ANT Mobi app from Google Play Store or App Store as per your preference.
    2. Enter Client ID and password.
    3. Set the 2FA by answering the verification questions.
    4. Click on Submit to log in to the Ant Mobi app.



  10. 10. How to withdraw funds from Alice Blue?

    Alice Blue customers can withdraw funds either through their trading platform or by using the BOT app.

    Steps to withdraw funds through the Alice Blue trading platform are as follows:

    1. Log in to the Alice Blue trading platform.
    2. On the Dashboard, click on the Funds
    3. You will see two options at the bottom of the page - Pay-in and Pay-out. Click on Pay-out.
    4. Sign in to the Alice Blue back-office page with your credentials.
    5. Click on the Requests taband select the Withdraw
    6. You will now see a View Funds Click on the same to view your trading account balance.
    7. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on the payment button.
    8. You will receive the amount in your bank account within 48 hours.

    You can also request fund withdrawal through BOT mobile app. BOT is an app by Alice Blue available on the Google Play Store, designed for back-office reports and financial transactions with Alice Blue.

    Follow the below steps to withdraw funds via the BOT App:

    1. Click on the Menu on the top left corner.
    2. Tap on 'Request' from the drop-down menu, select 'Withdraw Funds', and tap on 'View Punch' to view the balance available for withdrawal.
    3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and tap on 'Payment'.



  11. 11. What is Alice Blue BOT?

    Alice Blue BOT is the back-office platform of Alice Blue that provides complete details of the financial transactions that include margins, positions, holdings, ledger, reports, and others.

    Alice Blue BOT is a next-generation, all-in-one portfolio managing platform for your Demat and Trading account. You can access Alice Blue BOT over the web or the 'BOT by Alice Blue' mobile app.



Alice Blue Account Opening Enquiry

Get brokerage FREE equity delivery trading (truly no brokerage) and Flat Rs 15 intranet and F&O trade brokerage. Open Instant Account online with Alice Blue and start trading today.

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Special Offer: Get brokerage FREE equity delivery trading (truly no brokerage) and Flat Rs 15 intranet and F&O trade brokerage. Open Instant Account online with Alice Blue and start trading today.


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