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Zero Account Opening Fee + brokerage-free Equity Delivery + Pay only when you profit in Intraday. Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account online with Espresso by Sharekhan and start trading today.

Espresso by Sharekhan offers Espresso Mobile App, MyEspresso Website and Binge (Installable Trading Terminal) trading platforms to its customers for online trading. These trading apps are available free of charge for all Espresso customers.

Espresso is an online discount broker, offering services since 2020. Espresso's trading platforms are very easy to use and give you quick access to all important information on one screen. Information like order status, indices, watchlist, market movers, smart charts, etc.

The company provides integrated watchlists that help customers to avoid creating separate watchlists across all three platforms. A maximum of 100 scrips can be added to the watchlist.

Espresso Trading Software

Espresso is a strong trading platform that includes the following trading software:

  1. Espresso Trading App (Mobile Trading App)
  2. MyEspresso (trading website)
  3. Binge (installable trading terminal)

Espresso Trading Platform Review

Espresso trading platform offers a convenient online trading experience at an ultra-low-cost. The platform includes 3 trading software:

1. Espresso Trading App Review

The Espresso Trading App is a Mobile App for online trading and investment. Espresso Mobile is free for all Espresso customers and can be downloaded from both Play Store and App Store. Espresso App is safe and secure, beta-tested by trading and investing enthusiasts for ensuring the best end-user experience. The Espresso App is one of the fastest-growing apps with a rating of 4.6 and 4 on the Play store and App store, respectively.

Through the Espresso App customers can trade at BSE and NSE and can invest in IPO, Debt, Offer for sale, etc. transactions.

The App offers many essential trading features as listed below:

  • Available for Apple and Android devices.
  • Candlestick, Renko, etc. charts to track stock movements.
  • Pre IPO Apply Feature.
  • Integrated Watchlist.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Seamlessly connected with Espresso web.
  • Notifications and Alerts on price, executed orders, corporate announcements, results, 52 weeks high/low and board meetings.
  • Range of leverage products.
  • Tick-by-tick refresh of stock rates, multiple prices and graphs.
  • Easy and fast bank transfer.
  • Simplified access to your investment portfolio, reports and market movers.
  • Auto margin calculator.
  • Access to Moneyflix.
  • Voice search tool.
  • Multiple views in two clicks.
  • Espresso's watchlists allow 100 scrips to be added.

Espresso Trading App Demo

Espresso Mobile App Download

The Espresso Mobile App is available for free in Play Store and App Store for Google

2. MyEspresso (Trading Website)

The Espresso website platform is an online web-based trading platform. The web-based platform can be accessed from a mobile phone or computer which has a web browser installed on it. The Espresso web platform allows you to invest in IPO, OFS and Bonds.

The website is intuitive with a host of features as per below:

  • Real-time updates.
  • Access to reports like order, position, holding and end-of-day reports.
  • Super quick execution.
  • Multiple watchlists.
  • Split order feature.
  • Different tools like option chain, options calculator, margin & brokerage calculator.
  • Seamlessly connected to the mobile app.
  • Access to educational videos on the basics of investment.
  • All indices/stocks/positions information on one page.
  • Customised widgets.
  • Open low and Open High options on market movers.

MyEspresso Trading Website Demo

3. Binge Trading Platform (Desktop Trading Platform)

Binge is the Desktop Trading Platform of Espresso. It offers a range of features like different calculators, super quick price updates, reports, multiple watchlists, margin utilised information, heatmaps, multiple charts views etc.

The key features of the Espresso trading platform are:

  • Super-quick price update.
  • Limits across segments.
  • Real-time feeds.
  • Margin Utilised Information.
  • View and monitor current positions and P & L.
  • Live Scanner to scan markets for scrips with Highs & Lows for the day, week, month and year.
  • Quick access to watchlists.
  • Pre-defined watchlist that shows recent indices.
  • Customised watchlist
  • View and operate on 6 charts with fewer clicks.
  • Multiple chat views on a single screen.
  • Convert the watchlist into the heatmap.
  • Advanced charting tools.
  • Split order feature.

Espresso Binge Demo


Espresso operates three trading platforms: mobile app, Myespresso web platform and Binge desktop platform. Espresso trading platforms allow its customers to trade on BSE, NSE, MCX, NSEFO and NSECURR exchanges. These evolving Espresso trading platforms aim to make the trading and investment journey easy, efficient, and seamless for its customers.

Espresso Sharekhan Special Offer

Free Equity Delivery Trading + Pay only when you profit in Intraday

  • Zero Account Opening Fee +
  • Brokerage-free Equity Delivery and loss making intraday trades +
  • Flat Rs 20 per trade brokerage for Intraday (profit trades) & F&O +
  • Trade with trusted sharekhan brand.

This is a limited-time offer. Open Instant Espresso Account online and start trading today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How to use Espresso?

    Once you Open Espresso Account you can choose any of the platforms to trade. You just have to log in to Mobile App, Myespresso or Binge and you are all set to invest in securities.

    Trading platforms and tools offered by the company include:

    1. Espresso Mobile App
    2. Myespresso Web Platform
    3. Binge Desktop Platform



  2. 2. Is it secure to use Espresso trading platforms?

    Espresso trading platforms are secure and safe for trading and investment in the Indian Stock Market. The platform has multiple safety features which make it secure for online investment.

    Key Safety features of the Espresso Trading Platform

    • The customer gets SME and Email alerts for every transaction in the demat account.
    • System locks your trading account if you enter your password incorrectly 3 consecutive times.
    • A separate T-pin (a telephonic password) is provided for placing an order through call & trade. 
    • On the Espresso website/app, a session expires in case there is no activity on the trading screen for 4 hours.



  3. 3. What are the order types available with Espresso?

    Espresso offers order types including Limit Order, Market Order, GTD (Good Till Date), Bracket Order, Stop-loss Market Order, Stop-loss limit Order and BTST order.



  4. 4. What is MyEspresso?

    MyEspresso is an online trading website by Espresso. Espresso is a Sharekhan online discount brokerage brand owned by BNP Paribas; a France-based global financial institution.

    The MyEspresso web platform allows customers to trade and invest in stocks, currency and commodities on exchanges like NSE, BSE and MCX. MyEspresso was launched in 2020 and is among the best trading website in India. In addition to trading, MyEspresso also offers investment in Mutual Funds, Debt instruments and IPO.

    MyEspresso compiles all relevant data, including indices, market movers, orders, and reports, on a single website, making trading simple for customers.



  5. 5. Where to check charts on the Espresso website?

    In the market watch section, there are different scrips. You just need to keep the cursor on particular scrip and select the chart option.



  6. 6. How to buy shares in Espresso app?

    You need to have a trading and Demat account with Espresso to buy shares through the Espresso App. You also need sufficient funds to place an order.

    Steps to buy shares in Espresso App

    1. Download and login to the Espresso App on your phone.
    2. Select or search for the stock you wish to buy.
    3. Choose the option Buy or Sell.
    4. Select product type: CNC, MIS and MIS+
    5. Type - Intraday or Delivery
    6. Order type Market Order, Limit Order, stop loss market order and a stop-loss limit order.
    7. Add share quantity and select the Normal or Bracket option.
    8. Place order.



  7. 7. Does Espresso allow BTST?

    Yes, Espresso allows BTST orders (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) that enable you to sell the shares before you get their delivery in your Demat account.



Espresso Sharekhan Account Opening Enquiry

Zero Account Opening Fee + brokerage-free Equity Delivery + Pay only when you profit in Intraday. Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account online with Espresso by Sharekhan and start trading today.

Information on this page was last updated on Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Special Offer: Zero Account Opening Fee + brokerage-free Equity Delivery + Pay only when you profit in Intraday. Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account online with Espresso by Sharekhan and start trading today.


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