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Founded in 1987, Angel Broking Limited is a full-service retail broking company in India. It provides broking and advisory services, margin funding, mutual funds and Portfolio Management Services. It also provides loans against shares (through one of its subsidiary, Angel Fincap Private Limited).

Angel Broking IPO Latest Update

Angel Broking is a member of BSE, NSE, MSEI, NCDEX & MCX. The company is also a Depository Participant with CDSL through which it offers demat and other depository services.

Angel Broking is popular among traders for its technology platforms, strong research services and flat fee brokerage plans. It is one of the few full-service stock brokers that offer flat fee brokerage plans. To compete with discount stock brokers, Angel Broking started offering 'Angel iTrade PRIME Plan', a flat brokerage fee plan wherein the company charges a brokerage fee of ₹20 for all segments except Equity Delivery. There is no charges for Equity Delivery..

As a full-service stock broker, Angel Broking provides research services. The research team conducts technical and fundamental research and publishes a range of reports on stocks, companies, IPOs and markets.

Angel Broking offers its services through the online and offline mediums. For online trading, it offers desktop, web and mobile platforms. For offline trading, the company has built a robust network of over 110 branches and 11,000 sub-brokers across 1800+ cities (as of June 2018).

Key Facts about Angel Broking

  • Mumbai based full-service stock broker with over 3 decades of experience in broking industry
  • Member of BSE, NSE, MSEI, NCDEX & MCX
  • Offers a full range of services including stock broking, financial products, margin funding and research
  • Offer flat fee brokerage plans
  • Manages ₹113.02 billion in assets and over 1.11 million active accounts
  • Strong presence with over 110 and 11,000 sub-brokers across 1800+ cities

Angel Broking Trading Software

Angel Broking has made significant investments in trading technologies. The company offers a range of in-house developed trading platforms and tools like:

  1. Angel SpeedPro (Desktop Trading App)
  2. Angel Broking Trade (Online Trading Website)
  3. Angel Broking App (Mobile Trading App)
  4. Angel ARQ (Investment Advisory Tool)

All the online trading software are available free to customers.

1. Angel SpeedPro (Desktop Trading App)

Angel SpeedPro is a desktop trading application offers a terminal like an experience to traders. Angel Broking customers can download this application in a desktop and laptop, connect internet and trade. The Angel Broking desktop trading application offers a range of advanced and essential features to analyze and trade:

  • Single window access to multiple segments and exchanges
  • Trade and monitor from a single window
  • Live streaming quotes
  • Instant order execution
  • Monitor your portfolio with scrip-wise buy prices, day's gain/loss and overall profit/loss
  • Buy or redeem mutual funds
  • Access to research reports
  • Watch and update live market data in excel
  • News notification and Alerts
Angel SpeedPro

Angel Broking SpeedPro Download (Angel Broking Desktop Terminal Download)

Angel SpeedPro is a downloadable desktop application. The desktop app offers a range of features and provides a terminal like experience with live streaming quotes and fast order execution.

Steps for Angel Broking Speed Pro Download

  1. Visit the website of Angel Broking
  2. Click on 'Platforms and Tools' on the top menu
  3. Click on 'View Details' in the SpeedPro section
  4. Click on 'Download' button to download Angel SpeedPro on to your desktop

Angel Broking SpeedPro Demo (Angel Broking Desktop Terminal Demo)

Traders both, new and experienced, who are using the SpeedPro desktop app for the first time would need an understanding of the various features and capabilities of the platform. Angel SpeedPro demo video provides detailed information on how to login to the platform, its various trading features and customization options.

Steps to Watch Angel Broking SpeedPro Demo

  1. Visit the website of Angel Broking
  2. Click on 'Platforms and Tools' on the top menu
  3. Click on 'View Details' in the SpeedPro section
  4. Click on 'View Demo' button available on the platform image or at the bottom of the page to watch Angel SpeedPro Demo

2. Angel Broking Trade (Online Trading Website)

Angel Broking Trade is the web-based trading platform of the company. It offers many features to manage your portfolio, identify opportunities with access to the latest research information and trade quickly. The various features offered by Angel Broking Trade website are-

  • Trade in multiple segments from a single platform
  • Create watchlists and track desired scrips
  • Stock screeners
  • Interactive charts with technical indicators
  • Access to the latest market information, live news, research reports, and calculators etc
  • Facility to add and manage accounts and investments of the entire family
  • Instant notifications and reminders
Angel Broking Trade

3. Angel Broking App (Mobile Trading App)

Angel Broking app is the mobile trading software of the company. The Angel Broking App is powered by ARQ, a data-driven recommendation engine that leverages Machine Learning, cognitive algorithms and expert insights to recommend mutual funds and top stocks. The Angel mobile trading app has many other useful features including-

  • Access to ARQ advisory, notification and portfolio monitoring
  • Live streaming quotes
  • Multiple watchlists
  • Interactive intraday charts with 40+ technical indicators
  • Online fund transfer with 40+ banks
  • Mutual Fund Investments
  • Instant news and in-depth Reports on stocks and Markets
  • Get basic ratios and last 5 corporate actions for stocks.
  • Access to advisory calls
  • View and track your portfolio for Equity, Derivatives and Mutual funds.
  • Access last 10 transactions for Ledger, DP and Funds reports.
Angel Broking Mobile App

Angel Broking Mobile Trading App Download

The Angel Broking Mobile app is available for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphone users. The free app can be downloaded from-

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

4. Angel ARQ (Investment Advisory Tool)

Angel ARQ is a rule-based investment engine that offers personalized stocks and mutual funds recommendations. The tool is built using Machine Learning, Cognitive algorithms and uses Nobel-prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory. It provides you with the best asset allocation advice after understanding your risk preferences.

ARQ Score Meaning (What is ARQ Score)

The other key feature of Angel ARQ tool is the ARQ score. ARQ Score is an indicative score for checking the quality of a stock. A higher ARQ score means a stronger stock while a low ARQ score means a bad stock. The ARQ score of a stock is generated based on a number of parameters like Fundamentals, Corporate Governance, Market Cap, Total Asset Base, Ratios and Valuations etc.

Key Facts About Angel ARQ

  • Personalized advisory offering index-beating returns
  • Check the health of your portfolio with ARQ score
  • Identify and replace weak assets
  • Uses predictive models to recommends investments with high future potential
  • No minimum investment amount commitment
  • Recommendation notification sent via SMS
  • Powered by machine learning, cognitive algorithms & deep industry insights
  • Cuts through emotional bias
  • Powered by cutting-edge technology
  • Back-tests prove ARQ outperforms benchmarks
  • Available at zero cost
Angel ARQ

The Angel ARQ tool can be accessed from Angel Broking trading website and mobile app.

Angel Broking ARQ Demo

Angel ARQ is one of its kind product in the market. It offers some unique features and hence Angel Broking customers would need some understanding of the features of the tools to optimally use it. Angel Broking provides a few short videos explaining various features of the platform.

Steps To Watch Angel Broking ARQ Demo

  1. Visit the website of Angel Broking
  2. Click on 'Explore ARQ' on the top menu
  3. On the ARQ page, scroll down to 'GET TO KNOW ARQ - BETTER' section to watch ARQ demo videos.

Angel Call & Trade Services

Angel Broking also offers call & trade service wherein its customers can place orders over the phone. Each customer is allocated a dedicated dealer. The name and number of the specific dealer are provided with the welcome kit which sent at the time of account opening. The customer can call him and ask the dealer to place an order. This service is charged at ₹20 per executed order.

Angel Broking Commodity Trading Software

Angel Broking offers commodity trading services across NCDEX and MCX. Angel Broking trading platform for commodity trading includes:

  1. Angel SpeedPro (Desktop Trading App)
  2. Angel Broking Trade (Online Trading Website)
  3. Angel Broking App (Mobile Trading App)

Customers can use any of the available Angel Broking trading software online to trade in commodities. The steps to download Angel Broking trading software is discussed above.

Angel Broking Forex Trading Platform

Angel Broking offers currency derivatives trading in various currency pairs at BSE, NSE and MSEI.

Customers can use any of the available Angel Broking trading software online to trade in currency futures and options. The steps to download Angel Broking trading software is discussed above.

Key Takeaways

  • Angel Broking offers best in the industry online trading software and tools
  • Angel ARQ, its smart investment engine, is truly revolutionary and leverages highly advanced data algorithms recommend top stocks and mutual funds
  • Angel ARQ can be accessed in the trading website and mobile app
  • The trading software is available on all three versions- mobile, web and desktop and packs advanced features
  • The platforms and tools are available free of charges to customers
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