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Angel One API (Algo Trading) Review

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Angel One provides a set of FREE APIs for Trading through SmartAPI platform. SmartAPI by Angel One is a collection of APIs that allows you to do automated trading (Algo Trading) and also use 3rd party trading softwares like Fox Trader or Streak. Angel One API gives programmatic access to critical functionalities and data that allows users to place orders across all segments and exchanges, stream live market data, and historical data, and manage user portfolios.

Angel One API is a set of simple JSON APIs that enables users to customize their trading platforms, build full-fledged trading platforms as per their requirements, or even upgrade their advisory services. The API also helps to integrate with 3rd party advanced trading and charting tools.

Angel One API Benefits

  1. Angel One offers Trading API for FREE.
  2. No monthly fees for trading and historic data API.
  3. Allows customers to trade using their own Algo Trading programs.
  4. Users can integrate with 3rd party trading tools like Fox Trader.
  5. Real-time order execution.
  6. Available in five languages - Python, Java, R, Go, and NodeJS.
  7. Accessible by all from beginners to experienced traders, start-ups, and tech giants,
  8. Well-documented, detailed, and easy-to-grasp SmartAPI documentation.
  9. Integration with 60+ trading platforms viz Foxtrader, Streak.

Angel One API Charges

Angel One API is available for free of cost to all. There are no monthly or one-time charges for any of the investors that include - retail investors, start-ups, or fintech firms to use any of the APIs offered by Smart API.

Angel One API Pricing

Trading API cost

Rs 0 (Free)

Publisher API Cost

Rs 0 (Free)

Market Feed API Cost

Rs 0 (Free)

Historical data API Cost

Rs 0 (Free)

SmartAPI Angel One Features

Feature Description

Broking APIs

· Trading API

· Publisher API

· Market Data API

· Historical Data API

· Websocket API

Language Used


Exchanges supported



Equity, F&O, Currency, and Commodity

Operating System supported


Regulatory approval

Preapproved for most 3rd party trading platforms and custom programs. Assistance is provided by Angel One to obtain approval if you are building a new trading platform for others.

Real-Time data


Rate Limits

Refer to Angel One SmartAPI limit section below

Supported features in trading app

All Basic features

· Login Authentication

· Order placement, cancellation, modification

· Order History

· Portfolio

· Notifications

· · Logout

Integration with third-party software

60+ trading platforms - Foxtrader, Streak, Tradetron, Amibroker, StocksDeveloper


Rs 20 per trade

Order Types Available

Normal, Stoploss, After market Order, ROBO

Product Types available

Cash and Carry (CNC), Margin Intraday Square-off (MIS), Normal for futures and options (NRML), Bracket Order (BO- only for ROBO)

Angel One API Limit

Angel One SmartAPI has the following rate limits:


API Rate Limit

Order placement API rate limit

10 requests per second

Order modification API rate limit

10 requests per second

Order cancellation API rate limit

10 requests per second

Historical API rate limit

3 hits per second

LTP Data request rate limit

10 requests/second

Orderbook/Tradebook API rate limit

1 request/second

Angel One API Documentation

Angel One has well-defined documentation for its Smart API. This online documentation is available at Angel One Smart API documentation website. The Angel API Documents include programming guides using popular languages such as Python, Java, R, Go, and NodeJS.



Angel One SmartAPI Login

Smart API is available for clients having an account with Angel One. If you do not have a trading and Demat account with Angel One, open an instant account with Angel One for free to access SmartAPI.

Note: Angel One is migrating the users from the ODIN-based platform to new systems based on Omnesys in a phased-wise manner. Smart API is built on an Omnesys-based platform. Thus, if your account is still not migrated and you want to access the Smart API immediately, you need to request for migration of your account.

SmartAPI gives users access to the live infrastructure and robust platform of Angel One that can help multiple order placement, real-time and faster trade execution, managing user portfolio, and much more.

Steps to access Angle Broking API

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the SignUp tab to register yourself.
  3. Fill in the details (Email, Name, Password and Angel Client ID)
  4. Tick to agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Click on the Sign-Up button to complete the registration.
  6. Click on Create an App.
  7. Choose the API Type - Publisher API, Trading API, Market Feed API, Historical Data API.
  8. Provide an app name, Redirect URL, Postback URL, and Angel One Client ID (optional).
  9. Click on Create App.
  10. You will get the API key and secret key to access the SmartAPI.
  11. Fill up the Smart API migration form in case you get an error - 'YOUR USER ID OR PASSWORD IS INVALID' 'errorcode': 'AB1007': despite using the right credentials.

Types of Angel One API

1. Angel One API for trading (Trading APIs)

Angel One API for trading is to place, modify and cancel trading orders. These trade execution APIs can place various order types like regular orders, after-market orders, cover orders, ROBO orders, and GTT orders using API.

Angel One Trading API also helps to retrieve user holdings and positions, manage user portfolios, and define margin rules.

You can also use the Angel One APIs to connect with any third-party algo trading software like Fox Trader, Tradetron, etc. to set up your trading strategies and automate trading.

Angel One also allows you to manage your trades without any coding through its tie-up with Streak, a 3rd party Algo Trading software. You can create, backtest and deploy your trading strategies by signing up at However, using Streak comes with a cost that ranges from Rs 350 to Rs 1400 based on the subscription plan and validity.

Angel API for Algo Trading

Angel API is designed for high-frequency algorithmic trading. These HTTP JSON APIs are available in five languages - Python, Java, R, Go, and NodeJS. Using API, you can convert your trading ideas into trading strategies and build your own algorithmic trading system.


  • The trading APIs can be used for any exchange and segment except for mutual funds.
  • The Trading APIs are meant for trade execution and do not offer access to any technical indicators. The technical indicators need to be created on your own.
  • An Algo trading to perform well requires thorough back-testing before implementing it to live.

2. Angel One WebSocket API

Angel One WebSocket API allows you to receive quotes for instruments across all exchanges during live market hours on a single WebSocket connection. The live quotes include fields like open, close, high, low, last traded price, and market depth view for the top five orders.

The Websocket Order Status API also provides notifications for order updates in the form of text messages.

To connect to SmartAPI WebSocket API, you need a WebSocket client library in your choice of programming language.

3. Angel One Historical Data API

SmartAPI historical data provides users with data spanning decades back within seconds. It is available only for NSE Equity Segment and contains the timestamp, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, and volume. The historical data is presented in the form of a candle for the requested period and is available in several time intervals like 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly, and daily.

The historical data is commonly used for backtesting purposes when one intends to do algo trading to give correct trading signals.

4. Angel One Publisher API

Angel One Publisher API enables publishers or app owners to add one-click buttons to the apps or webpages that allow order placement and trade execution. You can use the SmartAPI branded buttons or customized buttons to enable users to initiate a trade with a single click.

A publisher can also provide a facility for users to create a basket of stocks using dynamic buttons. The app/website visitors can click on the embedded buttons to place an order directly from there rather than leaving the website and logging into the Angel One account separately to place the order.

This feature is beneficial for both parties as it enhances the user experience and increases website traffic. The Publisher API can also help you to take your advisory services to the next level.

Angel One API Example

1. Trading API Example

Currently, you may be placing a manual trade order based on the strategies formulated in your mind post-analysis of historical data, trends, and key performance indicators of stock. You also need to monitor the markets to wait for the right time.

With Angel One APIs, you need not constantly track your stocks. You can build your own algorithms based on the strategies formulated. The algos can automatically place orders for you when the required conditions get met.

2. Publisher API Example

You are in the advisory business that provides investment advice and research services to clients. The investors must be reading the information on your webpage or app and then logging into their broking accounts to place an order.

With Angel One Publisher APIs, you can provide add-on services to clients that allow them to place trade orders directly from your webpage using Publisher API without requiring them to go to a separate window and thus enhance the user trading experience.

Angel One API Key

You should have an Angel One Trading account to access Angel One API. The Angel One API is available for free to all customers. Once you open a trading account with Angel, you can register and get the API key online.

Steps to get Angel One API key

  1. Open a Trading Account with Angel One.
  2. Sign up on SmartAPI Angel One to create your account.
  3. Log in to your SmartAPI account.
  4. Click on Create an App.
  5. Select the API Type - Publisher API, Trading API, Market Feed API, Historical Data API.
  6. Provide an app name, Redirect URL, and Postback URL.
  7. Enter the Angel One Client ID (optional).
  8. Click on Create App.
  9. Get the API key and API secret key to access the SmartAPI.

Angel One API Support

Angel One provides API support via email ( and a discussion forum to resolve any issues related to the API. SmartAPI forumis a group of experienced and professional developers and other API users. The participants share their experiences and knowledge on the community forum which can serve as a guide for anyone. You can post your queries/issues related to API on this forum for a solution.

Launched in Nov 2020, Smart API has 15000+ registered users as of May 2021 who trade smarter than harder.


Angel One offers one of the best trading APIs for free. It enables customers to trade in stock and commodities using their own handwritten programs (Algo trading) and integrate with 3rd party trading tools. The API is available for free of cost to all. Most other broker either doesn't offer API (Upstox, ICICIDirect) or charge a monthly fee (Zerodha Rs 2000, ProStocks Rs 1000). The brokerage is charged at Rs 20 per trade across segments except for brokerage-free equity delivery trading. The support through documentation, email, and discussion forum is good.

Angel One Special Offer

Discount Brokerage Plan (Flat Rate Pricing)

Get a full-service trading account with discount broker pricing. Pay Rs 0 brokerage for equity delivery and flat Rs 20 brokerage for Intraday and F&O trades. Get high-quality research reports and personalized services for free. Open Instant Account and start trading in just a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is SmartAPI in Angel One?

    SmartAPI in Angel One is an Algo Trading API that allows traders to use their own computer programs or 3rd party trading platforms as a frontend to trade at BSE, NSE and MCX.

    Angel One API includes Trading API, WebSocket API, Historical Data API and Publisher API. All these APIs are available to Angel One customers for FREE of charge.

    Angel One has API for almost all the functions related to trading like real-time order execution, manage user portfolios, retrieve order history, positions, holdings, live market data, historical data, and much more. You can also convert your trading ideas by coding trading strategies and automate trading.

    Angel One APIs are simple, convenient and easy to use by beginners, experienced traders or developers, startups, and fintech firms. It helps users customize the trading platform as per their convenience or build their own innovative trading platform.



  2. 2. Is Angel One SmartAPI free?

    Angel One API is FREE to all customers with no monthly subscription charges. Customer pays only the brokerage of flat Rs 20 per executed order and taxes while trading using API.

    To use Angel One API, you need to open a trading account with them and sign up for SmartAPI access.

    Angel One does not charge any fees for any of the APIs it offers including Trading API, Publisher API, Market Feed API, and Historical Data API.



  3. 3. Does Angel One provide API?

    Angel One offers FREE Trading API for Algo Trading to all customers. Angel One APIs are known as SmartAPI. SmartAPI platform has 4 APIs; Trading API, Market Feed API, Historical Data API, and Publisher API. All kinds of customers including retail traders, advisory firms, and start-ups can use Angel One APIs for free.

    The Trading API provides complete trading functionalities. It allows users to place, modify, cancel and execute various types of orders. It also helps to retrieve order history, provide trade notifications, manage user portfolio, and assist real-time trade execution.

    The Market Feed API helps access live market data for the required stock or instrument.

    The Historical data API helps to retrieve the backdated data (open, close, high, low, volumes) for any instruments of the NSE Equity segment that can assist in coding trading strategies and automate trading.

    The Publisher API helps add a one-click trade button/s on your website/app to enhance the user trading experience.



  4. 4. How do I get my Angel One API key?

    An existing Angel One customer or a guest user can register to its SmartAPI portal to get all the details related to API. The API key is available on Angel One's SmartAPI website. The Angel One API is available for free to all its customers as well as guest users.

    Steps to get Angel SmartAPI key

    1. Register to the Angel One SmartAPI Website.
    2. Log in to your SmartAPI account.
    3. Click on Create an App.
    4. Select one or more API Types (Publisher, Trading, Market Feed, Historical Data).
    5. Provide an app name, Redirect URL, and Postback URL.
    6. Enter the Angel One Client ID.
    7. Click on Create App.
    8. Get the API key and API secret key to access the SmartAPI.



  5. 5. How to use SmartAPI Angel One?

    Using SmartAPI in Angel One is a simple and easy process. To be eligible to use SmartAPI, you need to be a client of Angel One. Angel One SmartAPIs are available at zero cost (without any subscription charges) to all customers.

    To access Angel One SmartAPI, you need to sign up and register with SmartAPI. Once your account gets created, you need to create the app, provide the name for your app, a postback URL and redirect URL, and generate the API key and API secret key that allows you to start using SmartAPI for free.



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1. Shanavas   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|June 6, 2023 7:29:23 PMReply
Angel API - out of 10 - 3 marks

Times out a lot. - Order, LTP, historic data - all times out.
Only python SDK works. Nothing else is updated.
Historic candle data is available only for stocks and FNO. - Not available for indices and MCX.

no plugin for amibroker/ninja/excel etc.
No proper support also.

And thy claim they got some award for their API. HAHA..