How do I get my Angel Broking API key?

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An existing Angel Broking customer or a guest user can register to its SmartAPI portal to get all the details related to API. The API key is available on Angel Broking's SmartAPI website. The Angel Broking API is available for free to all its customers as well as guest users.

Steps to get Angel SmartAPI key

  1. Register to the Angel Broking SmartAPI Website.
  2. Log in to your SmartAPI account.
  3. Click on Create an App.
  4. Select one or more API Types (Publisher, Trading, Market Feed, Historical Data).
  5. Provide an app name, Redirect URL, and Postback URL.
  6. Enter the Angel Broking Client ID.
  7. Click on Create App.
  8. Get the API key and API secret key to access the SmartAPI.


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