Current Buyback List (Tender Offer) 2023

A tender offer is an invitation by the company to buy back its own shares from the existing shareholders of the company on a proportionate basis at a specified price. The buyback offer price is generally higher than the market price. The existing shareholders are the investors who hold the shares of that company as on the record date fixed by the company.

The company issues a Letter of Offer with the Tender form enclosed in it to all the eligible shareholders of the company. The eligible shareholders can approach their respective brokers to know the online/offline facilities to participate in the buyback as available at their end.

A Tender Offer buyback offers investors an opportunity to take advantage of the premium pricing and exit their positions to reap quick gains. The investors need to assess the company's background and prospects to decide whether they want to tender their shares or stay invested.

Refer below to the list of buybacks through the Tender offer.


Issue open

List of Buyback (Tender Offer) of Shares in India 2023

Company Name Record Date Issue Open Issue Close Buyback Type BuyBack price (Per Share) Current Market Price Issue Size - Shares (Cr) Issue Size - Amount (Cr) Compare
Siyaram Silk Mills LimitedSep 18, 2023Sep 25, 2023Oct 03, 2023Tender Offer720583.90.15108
Sinclairs Hotels LimitedSep 29, 2023Tender Offer200169.90.1530.4
BSE LimitedSep 14, 2023Sep 21, 2023Sep 27, 2023Tender Offer10800.35374.8
Larsen & Toubro LimitedSep 12, 2023Sep 18, 2023Sep 25, 2023Tender Offer32002912.33.1310000
KRBL LimitedAug 25, 2023Aug 31, 2023Sep 06, 2023Tender Offer500417.50.65325
FDC LimitedAug 25, 2023Aug 31, 2023Sep 06, 2023Tender Offer500374.550.31155
Indiamart Intermesh LimitedAug 25, 2023Aug 31, 2023Sep 06, 2023Tender Offer40002917.550.13500
Piramal Enterprises LimitedAug 25, 2023Aug 31, 2023Sep 06, 2023Tender Offer12501042.851.41750
Control Print (India) LimitedAug 18, 2023Aug 24, 2023Aug 30, 2023Tender Offer800758.950.0327
Aarti Drugs LimitedAug 04, 2023Aug 09, 2023Aug 17, 2023Tender Offer900548.450.0759.85
Ashiana Housing LimitedJul 28, 2023Aug 02, 2023Aug 08, 2023Tender Offer301209.60.1855
Goldiam International LimitedJul 21, 2023Jul 27, 2023Aug 02, 2023Tender Offer150127.350.2232.69
James Warren Tea LimitedJul 18, 2023Jul 24, 2023Jul 28, 2023Tender Offer250251.10.0717.5
Amrutanjan Health Care LimitedJul 13, 2023Jul 19, 2023Jul 25, 2023Tender Offer900632.40.0328.8
Wipro LimitedJun 16, 2023Jun 22, 2023Jun 30, 2023Tender Offer445412.7526.9712000
Axita Cotton LimitedJun 02, 2023Jun 08, 2023Jun 14, 2023Tender Offer5626.970.095.04
Hinduja Global Solutions LimitedMar 06, 2023May 22, 2023Jun 02, 2023Tender Offer17001004.850.61020
Welspun India LimitedMay 10, 2023May 16, 2023May 22, 2023Tender Offer120124.051.63195
TeamLease Services LimitedApr 03, 2023May 12, 2023May 25, 2023Tender Offer30502544.30.03100
Symphony LimitedMar 29, 2023May 03, 2023May 17, 2023Tender Offer2000873.950.1200
Godawari Power & Ispat LimitedMar 31, 2023Apr 10, 2023Apr 17, 2023Tender Offer500609.30.5250
Ajanta Pharma LimitedMar 24, 2023Mar 31, 2023Apr 10, 2023Tender Offer14251680.250.22315
Welspun Enterprises LimitedFeb 13, 2023Mar 16, 2023Mar 31, 2023Tender Offer200287.41.18235
Sportking India LtdFeb 10, 2023Mar 15, 2023Mar 29, 2023Tender Offer950805.80.0655.1
Abirami Financial Services (India) LimitedJan 27, 2023Mar 14, 2023Mar 29, 2023Tender Offer2826.540.061.68
VRL Logistics LimitedFeb 10, 2023Mar 13, 2023Mar 27, 2023Tender Offer700713.10.0961.25
Softsol India LimitedJan 13, 2023Mar 03, 2023Mar 17, 2023Tender Offer1701950.2135
Jagran Prakashan LtdJan 06, 2023Mar 02, 2023Mar 16, 2023Tender Offer7599.354.6345
Triveni Engineering and Industries LimitedDec 23, 2022Feb 16, 2023Mar 01, 2023Tender Offer350381.82.29800
eClerx Services LimitedDec 27, 2022Feb 03, 2023Feb 16, 2023Tender Offer17501772.750.17300
Technocraft Industries (India) LimitedDec 30, 2022Feb 01, 2023Feb 14, 2023Tender Offer10002001.40.15150
KAMA Holdings LimitedDec 23, 2022Jan 31, 2023Feb 13, 2023Tender Offer1450015202.6050.03
Tips Industries LimitedDec 30, 2022Jan 27, 2023Feb 09, 2023Tender Offer2600292.850.0132.76
Cosmo First LimitedDec 14, 2022Jan 27, 2023Feb 09, 2023Tender Offer1070673.050.1108
Triveni Turbine LimitedDec 23, 2022Jan 17, 2023Jan 31, 2023Tender Offer350420.90.54190


  • A tender offer buyback remains open for ten working days.
  • One must be the shareholder of the company as on the record date to be eligible to participate in the tender offer buy back.
  • The Demat and physical shareholders both can participate in a tender offer buyback.
  • One can tender their shares in part, full or ignore the offer as desired.
  • The tender offer buyback is done on proportionate basis to the extent of maximum buyback size. Thus, it is quite possible that not only a portion of your shares would get accepted.