Current Buyback List (Tender Offer) 2022

A tender offer is an invitation by the company to buy back its own shares from the existing shareholders of the company on a proportionate basis at a specified price. The buyback offer price is generally higher than the market price. The existing shareholders are the investors who hold the shares of that company as on the record date fixed by the company.

The company issues a Letter of Offer with the Tender form enclosed in it to all the eligible shareholders of the company. The eligible shareholders can approach their respective brokers to know the online/offline facilities to participate in the buyback as available at their end.

A Tender Offer buyback offers investors an opportunity to take advantage of the premium pricing and exit their positions to reap quick gains. The investors need to assess the company's background and prospects to decide whether they want to tender their shares or stay invested.

Refer below to the list of buybacks through the Tender offer.

Issue open

List of Buyback (Tender Offer) of Shares in India 2022

Company Name Record Date Issue Open Issue Close Buyback Type BuyBack price (Per Share) Current Market Price Issue Size - Shares (Cr) Issue Size - Amount (Cr)
Tanla Platforms LimitedTender Offer1200725.30.14170
S.P. Apparels LtdOct 07, 2022Tender Offer585424.050.0635.1
Shyam Century Ferrous LimitedSep 27, 2022Tender Offer2823.6128
SIS LimitedAug 30, 2022Tender Offer550411.650.1580
CARE Ratings LimitedSep 14, 2022Tender Offer515512.80.24121.95
Quick Heal Technologies LimitedSep 14, 2022Oct 04, 2022Oct 18, 2022Tender Offer300198.350.5150
Granules India LimitedAug 23, 2022Sep 27, 2022Oct 11, 2022Tender Offer400318.050.63250
Suraj LimitedAug 20, 2022Sep 14, 2022Sep 27, 2022Tender Offer7767.30.096.93
Birlasoft LimitedJul 15, 2022Aug 11, 2022Aug 26, 2022Tender Offer500290.950.78390 LimitedJul 04, 2022Jul 26, 2022Aug 08, 2022Tender Offer1150593.250.0775
Avonmore Capital & Management Services LimitedJun 15, 2022Jul 04, 2022Jul 15, 2022Tender Offer9584.550.098.72
Motilal Oswal Financial Services LimitedMay 27, 2022Jun 24, 2022Jul 07, 2022Tender Offer1100738.650.15160
Zydus Lifesciences LimitedJun 02, 2022Jun 23, 2022Jul 06, 2022Tender Offer650360.551.15750
Asahi Songwon Colors LimitedJun 03, 2022Jun 22, 2022Jul 05, 2022Tender Offer400300.750.029.6
IndiaMART InterMESH LimitedMay 11, 2022Jun 02, 2022Jun 15, 2022Tender Offer625044110.02100
Sinclairs Hotels LimitedMay 13, 2022Jun 03, 2022Jun 16, 2022Tender Offer143115.40.0710.01
Sarda Energy & Minerals LimitedMay 06, 2022Jun 02, 2022Jun 15, 2022Tender Offer1500805.150.08121.67
GAIL (India) LimitedApr 22, 2022May 25, 2022Jun 07, 2022Tender Offer19086.35.71082.72
Filatex India LimitedApr 08, 2022May 09, 2022May 23, 2022Tender Offer140108.50.4359.5
FDC LimitedFeb 19, 2022Apr 12, 2022Apr 27, 2022Tender Offer475265.250.29137.75
Gulf Oil Lubricants India LtdFeb 21, 2022Mar 25, 2022Apr 07, 2022Tender Offer600428.80.1485
K.P.R. Mill limitedFeb 19, 2022Mar 25, 2022Apr 07, 2022Tender Offer805541.950.22180
Mayur Uniquoters LimitedFeb 23, 2022Mar 24, 2022Apr 06, 2022Tender Offer650487.60.0640.63
Tata Consultancy ServicesFeb 23, 2022Mar 09, 2022Mar 23, 2022Tender Offer45003018.65418000
James Warren Tea LimitedJan 14, 2022Feb 23, 2022Mar 09, 2022Tender Offer295249.40.0824.86
Ajanta Pharma LimitedJan 14, 2022Feb 03, 2022Feb 16, 2022Tender Offer25501256.550.11285.6
MOIL LimitedDec 31, 2021Jan 28, 2022Feb 10, 2022Tender Offer205152.553.38693.77
MPS LimitedDec 17, 2021Jan 14, 2022Jan 28, 2022Tender Offer900642.10.0985
Weizmann LimitedDec 10, 2021Jan 13, 2022Jan 27, 2022Tender Offer6078.450.148.48
Cheviot Company LimitedDec 17, 2021Jan 10, 2022Jan 21, 2022Tender Offer17251131.20.0343.13
Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.Nov 27, 2021Jan 03, 2022Jan 14, 2022Tender Offer700395.90.23158.72


  • A tender offer buyback remains open for ten working days.
  • One must be the shareholder of the company as on the record date to be eligible to participate in the tender offer buy back.
  • The Demat and physical shareholders both can participate in a tender offer buyback.
  • One can tender their shares in part, full or ignore the offer as desired.
  • The tender offer buyback is done on proportionate basis to the extent of maximum buyback size. Thus, it is quite possible that not only a portion of your shares would get accepted.