Current Buyback Offers (Tender and Open Market) 2022

Buyback of shares is the repurchasing of own shares by a company. In simple words, buyback is nothing but a company buying back its shares from the existing shareholders. A company can announce a buyback offer either through a tender offer or through the open market or from odd-lot holders. The buyback offer price is usually higher than the market price.

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In the case of a tender offer, the existing shareholders as on a record date can opt to accept the offer and tender their shares in exchange for cash offered by the company as per the prescribed buyback ratio.

In the case of an open market offer, any Equity shareholder of the company can participate in the buyback offer through their stockbroker till the buyback window is open.

The buyback offer benefits the shareholders as it helps improve the shareholder value, increase return on share capital, and fetches a premium price. However, one should study the company's performance and understand one's need and risk appetite to decide whether one wants to stay invested or offer the shares in buyback.

Issue open

List of buyback of shares in India 2022

Company Name Record Date Issue Open Issue Close Buyback Type BuyBack price (Per Share) Current Market Price Issue Size - Shares (Cr) Issue Size - Amount (Cr)
Tanla Platforms LimitedTender Offer1200772.050.14170
S.P. Apparels LtdOct 07, 2022Tender Offer585426.550.0635.1
Shyam Century Ferrous LimitedSep 27, 2022Tender Offer2822.55128
ACC LimitedAug 26, 2022Sep 09, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange23002377.811259.98
Mindteck (India) LimitedAug 24, 2022Feb 23, 2023Open Market Through Stock Exchange180131.113.7
TCI Express LimitedAug 18, 2022Feb 13, 2023Open Market Through Stock Exchange20501836.2575
SIS LimitedAug 30, 2022Tender Offer550419.350.1580
CARE Ratings LimitedSep 14, 2022Tender Offer515504.50.24121.95
Quick Heal Technologies LimitedSep 14, 2022Oct 04, 2022Oct 18, 2022Tender Offer300198.250.5150
Granules India LimitedAug 23, 2022Sep 27, 2022Oct 11, 2022Tender Offer400324.350.63250
Suraj LimitedAug 20, 2022Sep 14, 2022Sep 27, 2022Tender Offer7766.950.096.93
Birlasoft LimitedJul 15, 2022Aug 11, 2022Aug 26, 2022Tender Offer500280.80.78390 LimitedJul 04, 2022Jul 26, 2022Aug 08, 2022Tender Offer1150631.70.0775
Techno Electric & Engineering Company LimitedJul 20, 2022Jan 19, 2023Open Market Through Stock Exchange325262.5130
Marksans Pharma LtdJul 15, 2022Jan 14, 2023Open Market Through Stock Exchange6046.860
Route Mobile LimitedJul 11, 2022Aug 29, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange17001338.05120
Bajaj Auto LimitedJul 04, 2022Jan 03, 2023Open Market Through Stock Exchange46003476.352500
Avonmore Capital & Management Services LimitedJun 15, 2022Jul 04, 2022Jul 15, 2022Tender Offer9584.150.098.72
Motilal Oswal Financial Services LimitedMay 27, 2022Jun 24, 2022Jul 07, 2022Tender Offer1100724.050.15160
Zydus Lifesciences LimitedJun 02, 2022Jun 23, 2022Jul 06, 2022Tender Offer650383.551.15750
Asahi Songwon Colors LimitedJun 03, 2022Jun 22, 2022Jul 05, 2022Tender Offer400298.750.029.6
IndiaMART InterMESH LimitedMay 11, 2022Jun 02, 2022Jun 15, 2022Tender Offer62504408.550.02100
Sinclairs Hotels LimitedMay 13, 2022Jun 03, 2022Jun 16, 2022Tender Offer143115.450.0710.01
Sarda Energy & Minerals LimitedMay 06, 2022Jun 02, 2022Jun 15, 2022Tender Offer1500827.70.08121.67
Cigniti Technologies LimitedMay 27, 2022Jun 29, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange500539.138
CL Educate LimitedMay 27, 2022Jul 29, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange170146.710
GAIL (India) LimitedApr 22, 2022May 25, 2022Jun 07, 2022Tender Offer19085.95.71082.72
SMC Global Securities LtdMay 20, 2022Aug 16, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange11577.575
Filatex India LimitedApr 08, 2022May 09, 2022May 23, 2022Tender Offer140100.90.4359.5
FDC LimitedFeb 19, 2022Apr 12, 2022Apr 27, 2022Tender Offer475262.850.29137.75
UPL LimitedApr 07, 2022May 20, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange8756561100
Atul LimitedApr 07, 2022May 09, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange110008895.6570
Gulf Oil Lubricants India LtdFeb 21, 2022Mar 25, 2022Apr 07, 2022Tender Offer600429.150.1485
K.P.R. Mill limitedFeb 19, 2022Mar 25, 2022Apr 07, 2022Tender Offer805540.40.22180
Mayur Uniquoters LimitedFeb 23, 2022Mar 24, 2022Apr 06, 2022Tender Offer650489.90.0640.63
Pennar Industries LimitedMar 23, 2022Sep 22, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange5040.5540
Tata Consultancy ServicesFeb 23, 2022Mar 09, 2022Mar 23, 2022Tender Offer45002997.35418000
James Warren Tea LimitedJan 14, 2022Feb 23, 2022Mar 09, 2022Tender Offer295235.30.0824.86
Ajanta Pharma LimitedJan 14, 2022Feb 03, 2022Feb 16, 2022Tender Offer25501276.250.11285.6
Emami LimitedFeb 09, 2022Aug 08, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange550505.25162
MOIL LimitedDec 31, 2021Jan 28, 2022Feb 10, 2022Tender Offer205148.953.38693.77
MPS LimitedDec 17, 2021Jan 14, 2022Jan 28, 2022Tender Offer9006400.0985
Weizmann LimitedDec 10, 2021Jan 13, 2022Jan 27, 2022Tender Offer6078.950.148.48
Cheviot Company LimitedDec 17, 2021Jan 10, 2022Jan 21, 2022Tender Offer17251141.350.0343.13
The Great Eastern Shipping Company LimitedJan 07, 2022Jul 06, 2022Open Market Through Stock Exchange333523.8225
Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.Nov 27, 2021Jan 03, 2022Jan 14, 2022Tender Offer700406.550.23158.72
  1. Participation in a buyback offer is voluntary.
  2. To be eligible to participate in the tender offer, one must be a shareholder of the company as of the record date.
  3. The eligible shareholders can tender for additional equity shares in the tender offer. The acceptance of the additional shares will depend on the number of shares left for the buyback.
  4. The buyback is open for all shareholders holding Equity shares in Demat form or physical share certificates.
  5. The buyback offer period depends on the type of buyback.
    • The tender offer for buyback shall remain open for ten working days.
    • The open market offer through the stock exchange mechanism shall remain open for a maximum period of six months.
    • The open market offer through the book-building process shall remain open for a minimum period of fifteen days and a maximum period of thirty days.

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