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Angel One, a leading full-service stock broker in India, offers online trading to both resident and non-resident Indians (NRIs). Angel One offers 2-in-1 accounts to NRIs combining a trading and a demat account linked to each other. NRIs can use the account to trade in stocks, equity derivatives, and IPOs.

Angel One iTrade PRIME Plan is a discount brokerage plan. In this scheme, the customer pays a flat ₹20 per executed order.

The company also offers research advisory services wherein daily, weekly and rollover reports are published on economic and market trends. The research team also provides recommendations on top stocks, IPOs and other investment instruments.

Angel One doesn't offer Mutual Fund services. However, it offers Portfolio Management Services (PMS) wherein customized solutions are designed to meet various investment goals.

Angel One offers a range of online trading applications for trading and analysis. Angel SpeedPro is its desktop trading platform. Angel One Trade is its browser-based website for trading whereas Angel One App is a mobile trading application.

Angel One NRI Trading Account

Angel One NRI services include:

  1. NRI Trading Account
  2. NRI Demat Account

The trading account allows NRIs to buy and sell securities across BSE & NSE.

The demat account holds the securities in electronic format. These accounts are opened and managed by CSDL and NDSL. The role of Angel One is limited to an intermediary between the central depository and the customer. The demat account offers a secure way to hold securities just like a bank account. Read NRI Demat Account Explained for more details on Demat Accounts.

In addition to the above 2 accounts, NRIs would need PIS Certificate, NRE & NRO bank accounts to trade. Those who wish to trade in derivatives would need a CP Code.


  • PIS Certificate is a must for trading in shares.
  • NRI can trade only in delivery-based shares. No intraday trading on stocks allowed.
  • Currency and commodities trading is not allowed to NRIs.

Angel One NRI Demat Account

Angel One offers NRI demat account through its membership with CSDL. A demat account is a must to trade in India Stock Markets.

Angel One NRI Demat Services Review

  • Can be opened in single or jointly with another NRI.
  • Angel One NRI demat account is same as demat account for resident Indians.
  • NRIs need to choose the account subtype as Repatriable or Non-Repatriable.
  • An NRE or NRO bank has to be linked with a demat account.
  • The dividend, interest or bonus earned are auto-credited to the linked NRI bank account.
  • The demat account can be accessed online.
  • SMS, notifications and alerts are provided for every debit/credit from the account.

Angel One NRI Trade Process

Angel One offers a completely online and fast trading experience to NRIs. Once your NRI 2-in-1 account is opened, the step-by-step Angel One NRI trading process for trading in Equity is as follows:

  1. Transfer Funds

    You need to transfer funds from your PIS account to your bank account. The bank will inform Angel One about the fund transfer based on which your trading limit will be updated.

  2. Placing an Order

    Login to any of the Angel One trading platforms and place a buy or a sell order online. Angel One's system will check the funds for a buy order or availability of securities the demat account for a sell order. If everything is alright then your order will be executed.

  3. Debit/Credit

    Depending on whether you have placed a buy or sell order, your linked NRI bank account, and linked NRI demat account will be automatically credited or debited. It takes T+2 days to debit/credit to happen with T being the day of trading.

  4. Reporting

    All transactions at the end of the day are automatically reported by Angel One to your Bank for onward reporting to RBI.

Angel One NRI Trading Account Charges

Angel One NRI brokerage charges for trading in Equity and Equity Derivatives.

NRI Account Opening Charges₹0
NRI Account AMC₹0
Equity Delivery Brokerage
Equity Future Brokerage
Equity Options Brokerage
Other Charges

Angel One NRI Trading Software Review

Angel One offers a range of in-house developed trading platforms and tools like:

  1. Angel SpeedPro (Desktop Trading Platform) Angel SpeedPro
  2. Angel One Trade (Online Trading Website) Angel One Trade
  3. Angel One App (Mobile Trading App) Angel One App Review
  4. Angel ARQ (Investment Advisory Tool) Angel One Trade

All the online trading software are available free of cost to NRIs.

Angel One Investment Options

The investment options available to an NRI at Angel One.

Investment OptionStatus
Mutual FundsNo

Angel One NRI Account Opening Process

To trade/invest with Angel One, an NRI has to open a 2-in-1 NRI account.

How to open NRI account with Angel One?

  1. Visit Angel One Branch

    If you're in India then you can visit the nearest Angel One branch office and open an account.

  2. Contact Customer Support

    NRIs who are currently outside India can email to support@angelbroking.com or call at 022-33551111/ 42185454 to open Angel One 2-in-1 account.

Angel One Account Opening Documents

You need to provide the following documents to open an NRI 2-in-1 account with Angel One:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Valid Visa
  • Address Proof
  • Colour Photographs
  • Copy of PAN Card

All the documents need to be self-attested and attested by the notary public.

Angel One Key Features

3-in-1 AccountNo
Free Research and TipsYes
Automated TradingNo
Other Features

Angel One NRI Mutual Fund

Angel One doesn't offer Mutual Funds to resident Indians or NRIs through its trading platform. However, Angel One NRI customers can invest in Mutual Funds directly through AMCs by providing their Angel One demat account details in the application form.

Angel One NRI Customer Care

Angel One NRI Support Desk contact information. Find Angel One NRI contact number.

Angel One NRI HelplineNumber
Angel One NRI Customer Care Number022-33551111/022-42185454
Angel One NRI Customer Care Email IDsupport@angelbroking.com

Angel One NRI Trading Account Advantages

  1. The flat-fee stock broker offers trading at a low brokerage charge.
  2. Offers access to good trading software and tools.
  3. Offer solid research advisory services.

Angel One NRI Trading Account Disadvantages

  1. Doesn't offer 3-in-1 accounts. Only offer 2-in-1 account combining trading and demat accounts. So, NRIs to first transfer funds from their PIS account to Angel One trading account before trading.
  2. Doesn't offer Mutual Funds to NRI customers.


Angel One comes across as a decent choice for NRIs looking to trade in Indian stock markets. The company offers best-in-the-industry research services and trading recommendations to NRIs. It doesn't offer mutual fund investment services to NRIs. However, it charges a low flat-fee brokerage which makes it an attractive stock broker for NRIs.

Angel One Special Offer

Discount Brokerage Plan (Flat Rate Pricing)

Get a full-service trading account with discount broker pricing. Pay Rs 0 brokerage for equity delivery and flat Rs 20 brokerage for Intraday and F&O trades. Get high-quality research reports and personalized services for free. Open Instant Account and start trading in just a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Can NRI open account in Angel One?

    Yes, NRIs can open an account with Angel One. The process is very similar to that for resident Indians Demat account opening but requires additional documentation.

    The NRI applicant needs to obtain the account opening form via mail or by visiting any of the Angel One branches (if NRI is in India), fill the form, sign it, and attach the required attested documents.



  2. 2. Can US-based NRIs open a trading account with Angel One?

    Yes, US-based NRIs can open a 2-in-1 trading account with Angel One. This account combines a demat and trading accounts. NRIs, however, have to open PIS, NRE & NRO accounts on their own from a bank. They also need to get a CP code to trade in Equity Futures & Options.



  3. 3. How can NRIs open account with Angel One?

    Online account opening facility is not available to NRIs. They can open an account in 2 ways-

    1. Visit a Branch

      If you are in India, then visit the nearest branch office to open an account.

    2. Contact Customer Support

      You can contact Angel One customer care number either through email or call. The Angel One contact numbers are 022-68071111 / 022-42185454.



  4. 4. How to open NRI Demat account in Angel One?

    You can open an NRI Demat account online as well as offline with Angel One. If the NRI is in India, you can obtain an account opening form from the nearest branch, fill it, attach the required attested documents, and submit the form. If the NRI is outside India, send an email to support@angelbroking.com to open an Angel One 2-in-1 account. The company representative will connect with you to assist with the account opening process.

    Before applying for the NRI account, the applicant must make sure that they have a PAN card, NRI bank account, and a Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) letter of approval for the NRI issued by the Reserve Bank of India.

    Other documents required for Angel One NRI Account Opening:

    • Passport size photo of the account holder with a signature across it.
    • PAN Card copy.
    • VISA and passport.
    • Overseas address proof.
    • Cancelled cheque of the NRO/NRE bank accounts.

    All the documents must be notarized/signed by the banker, notary, or Indian Embassy of the country where the NRI resides.



Angel One Account Opening Enquiry

Brokerage free equity delivery trades, free tips and flat Rs 20 intraday and F&O trade brokerage. Open Instant Account and start trading today.

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Special Offer: Brokerage free equity delivery trades, free tips and flat Rs 20 intraday and F&O trade brokerage. Open Instant Account and start trading today.


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