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Angel Broking Account Opening Charges 2020

Angel Broking account opening charges are ₹0 (Free) for a trading account and ₹0 (Free) for demat account. Angel Broking charge ₹450 (from 2nd year) AMC for demat account.

Trading Account Opening Charges₹0 (Free)
Account AMC Charges₹0 (Free)
Demat Account Opening Charges₹0 (Free)
Demat AMC (Yealy)₹450 (from 2nd year)

Incorporated in 1987, Angel Broking is Mumbai, India based Stock Broking and Wealth Management company focused on retail customers.

Angel Broking has largest network of branches, sub brokers and franchisees located across over 900 cities and towns in India. Angel also offers online trading & investment services through its powerful online trading platform.

Angel Broking IPO Latest Update

Facts about Angel Broking (As of Nov 2016)

  • Number of Customers: 10 Lakhs+
  • Number of Sub-Brokers: 8500+
  • Presence in Number of Cities: 900+

Products offered by Angel Broking

  • Equity Trading
  • Commodities Trading
  • Mutual Funds
  • Life Insurance
  • IPO
  • Depository Services (Demat Account)
  • Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
  • Investor Advisory

Angel Broking is member of the Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, NCDEX and MCX. Angel is also registered as a Depository Participant with CDSL.

Angel Broking Account Opening

To trade or invest, you need an account with Angel Broking. If you are planning to invest or trade in stocks, commodities or currency, you need a trading account. If you are planning to invest in equity (hold the shares you are buying for few days or month), IPO or Mutual, you also have open a Angel Broking Demat Account.

Open an Account in Angel Broking in 2 easy ways

To open an account in Angel Broking, an stock market investor or trader can follow below 2 easy ways:

  1. Online Account Opening (through Digital KYC)

    Angel Broking offers 1 hour account opening though online DKYC (Digital Know your Customer) process. This is the fastest way of opening trading and demat account.

    Visit Angel Broking website and click on 'Open an Account' button to open an online trading account.

  2. Visit Angel Branch Office or Sub-broker

    Find the branch office or office of a sub-broker, visit them or give them a phone call. They will arrange a personal visit to open an account for you. This is most convenient way to open an account with Angel as they has largest network of office around India. You can surely find a branch in your neighborhood.

Angel Broking Account Opening Specials

Angel Broking has a special offer for visitors using which you can open an Online Trading + Demat Account for FREE (zero account opening charges).

Angel Broking also offer life time Zero AMC Demat Account with one time deposit of Rs 1500 (payable in 2nd year).

Angel Broking Account Opening Status

To check the account opening status, please call your sales representative who helped you with filling the form or visit local Angel Broking branch.

Angel Broking Account Opening Forms

Angel Broking demat account opening form pdfs are not available online. Please contact the sales advisor of Angel Broking or visit local branch to get the account opening forms.

Angel Broking Account Closing Procedure

Angel Broking offers 2-in-1 account which includes trading and demat account. If you are no more making investment or trades though Angel or moved to some other broker, it is recommended to close the account to avoid unwanted penalties or misuse of your account.

Note that most Angel accounts comes with Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC), which are payable even if you use it or now. The AMC keep accumulating every year with very high interest.

Follow below simple steps to close Angel Broking Account:

  1. Visit nearby Angel Broking office.
  2. Clear all pending dues.
  3. Transfer or sell all your demat account holdings with Angel.
  4. Return back all unused offline demat transaction slips.
  5. Fill the Account Closure Form and submit it in the branch. The Angel Broking Account Closure Form pdf can also downloaded from Angel Broking website.


  • Account closure request is not accepted through Email or Phone call. Person visit and physical form submission is required.
  • If there are multiple account holders on the account, each one has to sign on account closing form.
  • If the closure request is rejected, customer gets an SMS on the registered mobile number.
  • Customers who are out of India can download the form, print it, fill it, sign it and send it to your registered branch in India.

Make sure to keep a copy of your account closure request acknowledgement at safe place until you have written confirmation that your account is closed. Many Angel customers complaint that despite submitting the account closure request, they keep getting bills from Angel and later struggle to close the accounts. It's very important to follow-up on account closure to avoid unwanted surprises as many a time the requests get rejected.

It usually takes 7 working days for Angel Broking to process the account closure request. Customer receive a confirmation letter within 15 days.

It's very important for customer to get a confirmation of the account closure to avoid surprises later. If you do not receive any information in 15 days, contact the local branch where you submitted the closure request.

Angel Broking Special Offer

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Get full-service brokerage plan with discount broker pricing. Brokerage free equity delivery trading (truly no brokerage) and pay flat ₹20 brokerage for Intraday and F&O trades. Get high-quality research reports and personalized services for free. To open an account with Zerodha, simply leave your contact information with us and Angel Broking representatives will call you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What type of account Angel Broking offers?

    Angel Broking offers following 4 types of accounts:

    1. Equity Trading Account
    2. Currency Trading Account
    3. Commodity Trading Account
    4. Demat Account


  2. 2. Can I have 2 trading account in same name with Angel Broking?

    No, it's against the law to have multiple trading account with same name with a same broker.


  3. 3. Can I have more than one Demat Account with Angel Broking in same name and PAN number?

    Yes, you can have as many demat accounts as you want with Angel Broking on your name. There is no restriction on the number of the demat accounts in the same name with a broker.

    But note that there is a restriction on the number of trading account with a broker. One individual (by unique PAN Number) can open only 1 trading account with a particular stockbroker. But you could open multiple trading accounts by choosing different brokers i.e. one with Angel Broking and another with Sharekhan.

    Number of Demat & Trading Account with a Broker

    Customer Name


    Demat Account

    Trading Account

    Deepak Kumar

    Angel Broking

    Demat 1 to x

    Trading 1

    Deepak Kumar


    Demat 1 to x

    Trading 2

    Rajveer Singh


    Demat 1 to x

    Trading 1

    Rajveer Singh

    ICICI Direct

    Demat 1 to x

    Trading 2


  4. 4. How to close Angel Broking Demat account?

    To save maintenance charges, it's recommended to close all your inactive or zero balance demat accounts. Though it's a tedious task to close the account in comparison to account opening. Because when you want to open an account, stock brokers might call you 100 times to have one meeting with you but when you have to close it you either need to sign a document and courier it or visit their branch personally.

    You can close your demat account with Angel Broking any time you like it. There are no charges for account closure. To close the account, the customer has to download the Account Closure Form from their website under "Important Document" section. Fill the Account Closure form and submit the same to your respective Angel branch. To know the debit+credit details of your account you can contact your registered branch or you can check the same form your back office login 

    Before submitting the request to close the account, the customer has to keep in mind:

    1. There should not be any shares present in your demat account.
    2. There should not be any negative cash balance.
    3. You are required to submit the unused delivery instruction booklet slip back to the DP

    Once all these formalities are taken care of correctly, you have to courier the form or visit the nearest branch. After submitting the form, it takes 3-5 days to close your account.


    1. You cannot close your account by making an online request via email without submitting a physical request of account closure.
    2. In case of a joint account, the account Closure form should be signed by all the holders.
    3. It is mandatory to mention all the relevant details on account closure form
    4. You should first clear all your debit in all the segments and then submit the closure request
    5. You cannot close your demat account without transferring your shares to another demat or without selling it.


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