Unlimited Trading Plan (Zero Brokerage Unlimited Trading)

Unlimited Trading Plan (Zero Brokerage Account in India)

The unlimited trading plans offer a truly unlimited number of brokerage free trading in the given segment for a fixed monthly fee.

Also known as Zero Brokerage Unlimited Plans, these plans offer an infinite number of trades by volume or size in a month. The broker doesn't charge per trade or volume-based commission in this plan.

This Fixed Monthly Brokerage Plan works like a monthly bus or train pass wherein you can take unlimited rides by paying a fixed monthly fee on a particular route. Here, in case of unlimited trading plans, a trader can make as many trading transactions as he wants.

Brokers in unlimited trading plans charge a flat monthly fee per segment and per exchange. So, if you wish to trade in equities and currencies then you have to pay separately for each segment. Also, if you wish to trade in NSE as well as BSE then also you have pay fees separately. The monthly fee for this plan varies from broker to broker.

Unlimited trading plans are suitable for

  • Active traders who trade frequently.
  • High-volume traders who trade in large trading value.
  • Frequent traders who make multiple trades in a day.


Prostocks ₹899 per month plan is cheaper than Zerodha if you on average place 3 or more orders per day. With Zerodha @ ₹20 per trade, it will cost you (3 * 21 days * ₹20 = ₹1260).


  • Save a big amount on trading brokerage and taxes.
  • Lowest breakeven point.

Unlimited Trading Brokers List in India

Broker Monthly Fee Request Callback Review
Indiabulls₹1000Open AccountIndiabulls Review
ProstocksRs 899Open AccountProstocks Review
SAS Online₹999Open AccountSAS Online Review
TradeplusAs per segmentOpen AccountTradeplus Review

Note: Customers still have to pay for taxes, exchange turnover charges, demat charges, SEBI charges and stamp duty on all the transactions.


1. Parvesh  Sep 15, 2020 08:30 I Like It. | I Don't Like It. | Report Abuse Reply
I think prostocks is better option for unlimited trading plan.

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