Minimum Brokerage Charges by Discount Brokers

Minimum brokerage charges by discount brokers are the minimum commission you pay every time you buy or sell stocks and other securities. There are many online discount brokers in India who charge zero brokerage on some segments as minimum brokerage charges i.e. you don't have to pay any commission for buying and selling shares.

Some discount brokers charge a small flat brokerage fee as minimum brokerage charges. For example, 5paisa charges ₹10 per trade. This minimum brokerage fee of ₹10 per trade is irrespective of the trading value. So whether you're selling stocks worth ₹1 lakh or ₹1 crore, 5paisa minimum brokerage charges will be ₹10.

Benefits of Minimum Brokerage or Zero Brokerage Charges

  • Significantly lower your trading costs
  • Helps you reach break-even quickly
  • Increase your profitability

Minimum Brokerage Amount (Discount Brokers)

Broker Minimum Brokerage Acct Opening Fee Brokerage (Eq Delivery) Active Clients Request Callback Review
Zerodha₹0₹200₹0 (Free)1,257,180Open AccountZerodha Review
Upstox₹0₹0 (Free)₹0 (Free)555,302Open AccountUpstox Review
5paisa₹20 per trade₹650₹20 per executed order380,693Open Account5paisa Review
SAMCO₹0₹0₹20 per executed order48,578Open AccountSAMCO Review
Master Trust₹0₹555₹10 per executed order37,120Open AccountMaster Trust Review
Alice Blue₹0Equity ₹310 | MCX ₹200 | ₹500 All segments₹0 (Free)33,114Open AccountAlice Blue Review
TradingBells₹0₹300 Equity | ₹200 Commodity₹0 (Free)26,916Open AccountTradingBells Review
Trade Smart Online₹15 per executed order₹200₹15 per executed order23,794Open AccountTrade Smart Online Review
SAS Online₹0₹200₹012,550Open AccountSAS Online Review
Prostocks₹0₹0₹0 (Free)6,000Open AccountProstocks Review
  • Discount brokers may have some conditions on minimum brokerage charges. Please understand the conditions before opening the account.
  • The zero brokerage charges are available for certain segments, mostly equity delivery. So check with your broker before trading.


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