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Best Broker for Stock Research (Full-service Broker)

Best Broker for Stock Research (Full-service Broker)

Market research, stock recommendation and intraday trading tips are among the most important offering of a full-service stock broker. Many investors, who don't have enough time and resources to do their own research, rely upon their stock broker's recommendations for trading and investment in the stock market.

All full-service brokers have a dedicated research team. They offer a range of research reports and trading tips catering to long term investors as well as to the day traders. These reports are delivered via SMS, mobile app notifications, email, alerts in the trading software, and personal call from a relationship manager.

For Full-service brokers, add-ons like trading tips is the unique selling point. These research reports help them justify the high brokerage charges (in comparison to the discount stock brokers who don't offer these add-ons).

Below is the list of best research broker in India:

Best Broker for Stock Research

Broker Trading Tips Market Report News Alert Result Analysis Active Clients
HDFC SecuritiesYesYesYesYes650114
Kotak SecuritiesYesYesYesYes443461
Angel BrokingYesYesYesYes426716
Motilal OswalYesYesYesYes323543
SBI SecuritiesYesYesYesYes210892
Reliance SecuritiesYesYesYesYes119904
SMC GlobalYesYesYesYes106354
Nirmal BangYesYesYesYes92975
Anand RathiYesYesYesYes75204
Aditya Birla MoneyYesYesYesYes43739
IDBI CapitalYesYesYesYes43504
Yes SecuritiesYesYesYesYes11592

At high-level stock brokers offers:

  1. Research Reports
    • Stock Specific Reports
    • Sector Specific Reports
    • Market & Economy Reports (Key events impacting the markets)
    • Short Term Reports
  2. Recommendations
    • Long Term (1 to 5 years)
    • Mid Term (1 to 3 months)
    • Short Term (1 day to 1 month)

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