SME IPO Subscription Status - Live from BSE SME, NSE Emerge in 2018

SME IPO Subscription is the number of times an SME Public Issue subscribed at BSE SME or NSE Emerge platform. Exchanges provide live SME IPO subscription status on its website for the bids received by them. We publish IPO live subscription for the current SME IPO and final bidding detail as of the last day of subscription for all the SME IPOs in past.

A privately held small and medium enterprise (SME) raises fund and get listed at SME platform of stock exchanges by offering its shares through Initial Public Offer IPO. Company going public receives bids from investors for shares offered through SME IPO is over-subscribed when it receives the bid for more than the number of shares on offer.

SME IPO live subscription help primary stock market investors in many ways:

  • SME IPO subscription status provides detail about the demand for the shares. Higher demand meaning the investor can expect better listing gains.
  • Retail investors can choose an IPO category based on the subscription figure i.e. Retail or HNI.
  • Investors can decide if it is worth going for IPO Funding based on the IPO subscription status BSE and NSE.
  • IPO subscription data plays a role in the IPO grey market rate movement.

Check the below table to for latest SME IPO subscription status. Click on the company name to see the detailed day wise SME IPO bidding information.

SME IPO Subscription Status - Live from BSE SME, NSE Emerge in 2018

Company Name Issue Size (Rs Cr) QIB (x) NII (x) Retail (x) Employee (x) Others (x) Total (x)
Axita Cotton Limited101.630.741.19
Deccan Health Care Limited422.450.911.68
Shankar Lal Rampal Dye-Chem Limited71.830.781.3
DRS Dilip Roadlines Limited312.030.261.14
Diksha Greens Limited131.990.071.07
Shubhlaxmi Jewel Art Limited63.035.414.22
Shree Krishna Infrastructure Limited11.334.492.93
Roni Households Limited30.481.761.12
BCPL Railway Infrastructure Limited (BRIL)172.160.481.32
Ultra Wiring Connectivity Systems Limited42.111.761.94
Veeram Infra Engineering Limited Limited (VIEL)101.620.751.19
Iris Clothings Limited112.010.271.14
S. M. Gold Limited71.970.231.1
Sun Retail Limited102.360.851.61
AKI India Limited32.140.991.56
B&B Triplewall Containers Limited191.880.281.09
Shubham Polyspin Limited62.273.642.95
Vinny Overseas Limited101.971.241.61
Silgo Retail Limited41.960.51.23
Marine Electricals (India) Limited422.040.431.23
Dolfin Rubbers Limited51.820.681.25
A-1 Acid Limited182.371.251.81
Kritika Wires Limited153.450.521.99
Parin Furniture Limited182.082.622.45
Rajnandini Metal Limited42.380.381.38
Kshitij Polyline Limited81.881.021.45
Innovative Ideals and Services (India) Limited121.011.581.3
Mac Hotels Limited11.881.171.52
Manorama Industries Limited641.561.590.371.07
Sky Gold Limited251.230.941.08
Spectrum Electrical Industries Limited251.990.561.27
Ahlada Engineers Ltd511.442.643.192.35
Ranjeet Mechatronics Limited477.4862.0369.75
Akg Exim Limited51.990.371.18
Rajshree Polypack Limited353.6113.432.925.36
Synergy Green Industries Limited2610.361.13
Lagnam Spintex Limited243.865.654.97
Sumit Woods Limited1810.61.76.41
Add-Shop Promotions Limited61.640.981.31
Marshall Machines Limited162.921.22.25
Supreme Engineering Ltd171.411.2
Aaron Industries Limited43.262.652.99
Dangee Dums Limited20104.0123.8563.98
Powerful Technologies Limited131.521.091.3
Sungold Media and Entertainment Limited11.862.172.02
Deep Polymers Limited152.30.481.39
Saketh Exim Limited91.770.841.3
Ushanti Colour Chem Limited115.716.736.24
Ganesh Films India Limited81.061.131.1
Supershakti Metaliks Limited601.870.421.14
Avon Moldplast Limited42.240.41.38
Ambani Organics Limited91.910.971.36
Raw Edge Industrial Solutions Ltd161.410.781.1
Rudrabhishek Enterprises Limited181.810.521.17
Jakharia Fabric Limited191.820.611.21
Ganga Forging Limited50.842.811.78
Bright Solar Limited190.060.090.07
Rajnish Wellness Limited112.020.231.13
Accuracy Shipping Limited350.561.424.791.5
Priti International Limited57.418.17.76
ShreeOswal Seeds & Chemicals Limited2.65.694.17
Sonam Clock Limited101.043.82.42
Palm Jewels Limited80.821.51.16
Waa Solar Limited280.852.841.85
Nakoda Group of Industries Limited61.90.741.32
Latteys Industries Limited81.193.742.47
Debock Sales and Marketing Ltd41.071.881.47
Arihant Institute Limited70.693.712.2
Affordable Robotic & Automation Limited312.725.34.63
Suumaya Lifestyle Limited31.491.391.44
Shree Vasu Logistics Limited92.450.881.67
Sirca Paints India Limited779.696.448.32
Innovators Facade Systems Limited4028.1813.8523.45
Megastar Foods Limited81.881.521.7
U. H. Zaveri Limited71.893.762.83
Milestone Furniture Limited140.823.452.13
Five Core Electronics Limited460.930.040.48
E2E Networks Limited21130.8213.3973.81
Akshar Spintex Limited261.719.245.49
Indo US Bio-Tech Limited719.5219.8719.74
SoftTech Engineers Limited2231.2128.9430.82
Godha Cabcon & Insulation Limited91.11.691.39
Dhruv Consultancy Services Limited232.512.562.64
Dr Lalchandani Labs Limited43.356.484.96
Aakash Exploration Services Limited101.591.381.48
Mahickra Chemicals Limited522.429.8827.85
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Limited104.5614.459.67
Garv Industries Limited32.171.892.13
Power & Instrumentation (Gujarat) Limited68.6111.910.26
Narmada Agrobase Limited70.931.481.21
S.S. Infrastructure Development Consultants Limited1714.436.8211.19
MMP Industries Limited840.410.660.78
Soni Soya Products Limited42.133.532.86
Vera Synthetic Limited53.293.73.49
AVG Logistics Limited332.281.081.92
Taylormade Renewables Limited111.750.741.25
Penta Gold Limited131.020.160.59
Orissa Bengal Carrier Limited161.151.441.3
Kapston Facilities Management Ltd211.071.311.19
Continental Seeds and Chemicals Ltd40.562.361.46
Lex Nimble Solutions Ltd620.251.12
Benara Bearings & Pistons Ltd331.062.771.181.91
Yasho Industries Limited281.80.411.11
Mittal Life Style Ltd42.370.581.47
Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd90.961.361.16
Uravi T and Wedge Lamps Ltd151.370.981.2
Active Clothing Co Ltd261.910.431.17
Ridings Consulting Engineers India Ltd60.811.831.32
Advitiya Trade India Limited41.950.251.1
Tara Chand Logistic Solutions Ltd202.642.882.76
Marvel Decor Limited262.030.81.54
Macpower CNC Machines Ltd361.925.073.8
Shreeshay Engineers Ltd51.2211.11
Inflame Appliances Ltd60.171.290.73
Sarveshwar Foods Ltd541.131.831.64
Uniinfo Telecom Services Ltd201.463.042.31
East India Securities Ltd92
Hindcon Chemicals Limited7
Banka BioLoo Limited121.620.441.09
Arvee Laboratories (India) Limited82.183.622.9
Tasty Dairy Specialities Ltd24155.3240.697.96
Bhatia Communications & Retail (India) Limited241.980.731.36
South West Pinnacle Exploration Ltd3518.04144.1611.72.8229.42
Kenvi Jewels Limited60.730.170.45
Sintercom India Limited425.8203.7216.413.9238.92
Mohini Health & Hygiene Ltd29.639.0522.3
Lorenzini Apparels Limited41.421.71
A and M Jumbo Bags Limited43.9710.887.44
Focus Suits Solutions & Services Ltd6
Gujarat Hy-Spin Limited41.897.734.81
Medico Remedies Ltd1.162.521.84
Gautam Gems Limited70.789.615.2
Vasa Retail and Overseas Ltd4175.44259.96218
Shree Ram Protiens Ltd192.946.684.81
Solex Energy Limited715.424.9120.21
Ashoka Metcast Limited120.512.631.57
CRP Risk Management Ltd300.673.872.27
S K S Textiles Limited136.922.715.01
Silly Monks Entertainment Ltd1524.1612.3618.28
Jhandewalas Foods Limited16466.6988.58278.82
Rithwik Facility Management Services Ltd4
Brand Concepts Limited1212.1911.3711.78


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