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Angel Broking Demat Account Charges, Review, Opening

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Angel Broking is Mumbai India based stock broker offering trading, investment and advisory services to retail customer. Angel Broking has a network of over 8,500 branches, sub brokers and franchisees.

Angel offers products and services including Equity Trading, Currency Trading, Commodity Trading, Mutual Funds, IPO, Life Insurance, Depository Services (Demat Account) and NRI Trading Account. Angel also provide services like Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Investment Advisory.

With over 10 lakh customers and presence in over 900 cities in India, Angel is among the most popular stock broker in India.

Depository services or demat account is one of the key services offered by Angel though a 2-in-1 account. The 2-in-1 account include trading and demat account.

Demat account holds shares, mutual funds, bonds etc. electronically, in a very similar manner where bank account holds money. The demat account allows customers to buy or sell the shares electronically without any paperwork.

Angel is registered as a Depository Participant with Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

Angel Broking Demat Account Schemes

Angel Broking offers 2 demat account schemes:

  1. Life Time AMC Scheme

    In this scheme, with one time upfront payment of Rs 1250, customer can get lifetime zero AMC demat account.

  2. Investor Scheme

    In this scheme, customer does pay any upfront money but Rs 300 is charged yearly as Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC).

All other fees remain same for both the plans.

Angel Broking Demat Account Key Features

  1. Wide network of branches for personalized customer service.
  2. Easy online and offline transfer of shares
  3. Pledging facility to avail loan
  4. Option to freeze the demat account for certain time, if required, to avoid misuse.
  5. Demat account can be access though branches, mobile trading app, desktop trading app and from Angel Broking website.
  6. Direct deposit of dividends in linked bank account.
  7. Bonus issues, right shares, or stock split are automatically updated in the Demat accoun
  8. Hold mutual funds in the same demat account.
  9. Facility to convert physical share certificate to demat through branches.

Angel Broking DP Account - Additional Charges

  1. Rs 11 per debit transaction within Angel. Rs 21 per debit transaction outside Angel.
  2. Rs 25 for pledge creation and pledge closure.
  3. Any extra statement is charged at Rs 25 per statement.

Angel Broking Demat Acct Opening Fee

To open a new demat account with Angel Broking, customer has to pay demat account opening fee. Most share brokers also charge Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC). AMC is yearly fee charged to the customer to maintain the demat account with the broker. Find the Angel Broking Demat Account Opening Charges and Angel Broking AMC as below:

  • Angel Broking DP Account Opening Fee: ₹0
  • Angel Broking DP Account AMC: ₹450 (from 2nd year onwards)
  • Share Debit Transaction Fee: ₹20 per debit transaction
  • Is demat account mandatory?: No

Angel Broking Demat Account Charges

Angel Broking Depository Service Charges for Resident Retail Customers
Sr Services Scheme - Lifetime Free AMC Scheme - Investor
1 One Time Upfront Fee ₹1250 ₹0
2 Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) No AMC ₹300 per year
3 Deliveries/ Debit transaction
a Within Angel ₹11 per ISIN
b Outside Angel ₹21 per ISIN
4 Charges for Pledge creation / Pledge closure ₹25 per ISIN
5 Charges for applying for certain corporate benefits
(e.g. Right issue, Buy back etc) on behalf of client
for shares held with Angel
₹11 Request
6 Dematerialization ₹10 per certificate and ₹30 per DRF request for postage charges plus ₹30 per rejection
7 Rematerialization Actual CDSL charges plus ₹30 per request towards postal charges
8 Additional DIS requisition ₹25 booklet
9 Additional Request for account statement or Holding with valuation, freeze & Unfreeze etc. ₹25 Request

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1. VIRENDRA KUMAR SRIVASTAVA  Dec 29, 2016 14:02 Reply
Dear sir,
i have been transfered 33 share SAINIK FINANCE & INDUSTRIES LTD from physical form to demat a/c . but i am sorry my share not dematlised . what is the reason to dematlised please give me in detail in my mailaddress.

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