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RMoney Demat Account Charges, Review, Opening

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Raghunandan Money (RMoney) is a financial service provider. RMoney offers trading at BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX. RMoney also offers services like Demat Account, MF's, IPO, Insurance, Corp FD's, Bonds, and much more.

Demat and Trading Account is RMoney's key offering and offers a safe and hassle-free investment in shares, mutual funds, IPO, Bonds, NCDs, etc.

RMoney's Demat Account is linked with its Trading Account. RMoney also offers a 3-in-1 Account for all your trading and banking needs. You can now enjoy the benefits of Demat and Trading Account and NDLS Payments bank account and experience seamless transactions.

RMoney DP Service Provider

RMoney is a depository participant with Central Depository Services India Limited (CDSL). The company provides demat account related services through CDSL.

RMoney CDSL Membership Info:

  • SEBI Registration No. IN-DP-CDSL-607-2011
  • RMoney DP ID: 12069700

RMoney's 3-in-1 Account Benefits

RMoney in tie-up with NSDL Payments Bank has brought to you its 3-in-1 Account. You can now experience a seamless and advanced trading experience from RMoney with a safe and secure banking mechanism backed by NSDL Payments Bank.

Some of the benefits offered by RMoney's 3-in-1 Account include:

  • Auto-Payment Through Standing Instructions
  • Easy & Instant Fund Transfer
  • Receive Excess Funds Instantly
  • Zero Balance Account
  • High Rate of Interest
  • Digital Account Opening
  • Detailed Transaction Narrations As Per Choice
  • Exciting Cashback Offers
  • Schedule Bill Payments
  • Free of Cost NEFT
  • Use Statements for PMLA Purpose

10 Reason to Open Demat Account with Raghunandan Money

  • Instant paperless account opening. Open account in 5 minutes with no paperwork in most of the cases
  • Free Account Opening. No account opening charges
  • Free Demat AMC for first year
  • RMoney offers the lowest brokerage with its Freedom Zero Brokerage Plan. You can choose between Rs 9 per trade or Rs 999 per month
  • Free advanced trading platforms for all your trading needs. These include a web-based, a terminal-based, and a mobile trading app
  • RMoney offers algo-trading facility in association with Tradetron, Fox Traders, Algo-Bulls, etc
  • Do your own research facility with StocksEmoji
  • Free stock market trading courses
  • You get personalized NISM trained dealers for all your trading needs
  • AI-based investment platforms from industry players like Alphaniti, Narnolia, WealthDesk, etc.

RMoney Demat Account Opening Charges

To open a new Demat account with RMoney, the customer may have to pay Demat account opening charges. The broker may also charges Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC), a yearly fee to maintain the Demat account.

Demat Account Opening FeeRs 0 (Free)
Demat Account Annual Charges (AMC)Rs 0 for lifetime (Free)

RMoney Demat Charges

RMoney trading and demat account opening charges are Rs 0 (Free). RMoney charges Rs 0 for lifetime (Free) per year demat account AMC. RMoney demat debit transaction charge of Rs ₹12 for every debit transaction per debit transaction.

ID Transaction Charges
1 Demat Account Opening Charges Rs 0 (Free)
2 Transaction Charges (Buy)
3 Transaction Charges (Sell) ₹12 for every debit transaction
4 Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) ₹0 per year for lifetime
5 Demat + Courier charges ₹20 per DRF + ₹3 per certificate
6 Remat ₹20 per every 100 securities
7 Pledge Creation ₹25 + ₹12 per request (CDSL Charges)
8 Pledge Creation Confirmation
9 Pledge Invocation ₹25 + ₹12 per request (CDSL Charges)
10 Failed Transactions ₹20 per intimation per instruction
11 Other Charges Modification in CML: ₹20 per request
KRA Upload / Download: ₹20 per request

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Is Demat Account mandatory with RMoney?

    The demat account is mandatory to trade or invest in the stock market, mutual funds and IPOs. The Demat account is not needed if you are only planning to trade in F&O (Equity, Commodity or Currency).


  2. 2. Who can open a demat account with Raghunandan Money?

    Individual (an adult or a minor), Resident or NRI, HUF, Trust, and Corporate can open a demat account with RMoney.


  3. 3. Does RMoney offer a Minor Demat Account?

    Yes, a demat account can be opened on the name of Minor.

    In case of a Minor account, the legal guardian (either of the parents) has to be appointed. The documentation of the guardian has to be provided at the time of account opening.


  4. 4. Can I open a joint demat account with RMoney?

    Yes, a joint demat account can be opened with RMoney with 2 or 3 joint holders.


  5. 5. What is LifeTime FREE AMC Demat Account offered by Raghunandan Money?

    Demat account service providers charge Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) from the customer, irrespective to you do any transaction or not. This amount ranges from Rs 300 a year to Rs 1200 a year.

    Raghunandan Money offers a lifetime zero AMC demat account. To avail, this facility customer has to pay Rs 2499 at the time of opening a demat account. Out of this Rs 2000 is refundable at the time of account closing after 1 year.

    The customer doesn't have to pay yearly fees (know as AMC) in this plan.


Zerodha (Trade with the best stock broker)

Invest brokerage-free Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds (truly no brokerage). Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.

Information on this page was last updated on Thursday, November 23, 2023

Zerodha (Trade with the best stock broker)

Special Offer - Invest brokerage-free Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds (truly no brokerage). Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.


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