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Kotak Securities is leading stock broker in India. Kotak Securities is retail broking and investment arm of Kotak Bank, a popular private sector bank in India part of Kotak Mahindra Group.

The services offered by Kotak Sec includes Equity Trading, Currency Derivatives Trading, Commodities Trading, Demat Services, IPO Mutual Fund, Bonds, NCD and Portfolio Management Services (PMS).

Demat account is one of the key service offered by Kotak Securities. Demat account allows its customers to hold shares in an electronic format.

The Trinity account, a 3-in-1 account which is combination of a saving bank account, a demat account and a trading account is the most popular offering of Kotak Sec. The Trinity acct offers easy seamless transactions between these 3 accounts.

You can also open just Demat account or a 2-in-1 Demat and Trading account with Kotak.

Kotak is depository participant (DP) with both National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

Key features offered by Kotak Demat Account include:

  • Trinity account offers seamless transaction between trading and demat account.
  • Easy online and offline access to shares, bonds, mutual funds etc. you hold.
  • Easy to convert your physical holdings into electronic form and other way.
  • Dividends credited automatically in linked bank account.
  • Easy online portfolio management.
  • Local customer support available through branches in almost all towns and cities in India.

Kotak Securities Demat Acct Opening Fee

To open a new demat account with Kotak Securities, customer has to pay demat account opening fee. Most share brokers also charge Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC). AMC is yearly fee charged to the customer to maintain the demat account with the broker. Find the Kotak Securities Demat Account Opening Charges and Kotak Securities AMC as below:

  • Kotak Securities DP Account Opening Fee: ₹0
  • Kotak Securities DP Account AMC: ₹600
  • Share Debit Transaction Fee: Rs 27 or .04% which ever is higher
  • Is demat account mandatory?: No

Kotak Securities Demat Account Charges

Kotak Securities Depository Service Charges for Resident Retail Customers
SrAccount HeadRateMinimum Payable
1 Dematerialisation Rs.50/- per request and Rs.3/- per certificate -
2 Rematerialisation Rs.10/- for 100 shares Rs. 15/-
3 Debit Transactions 0.04% of the value of securities Rs. 27/-
4 Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) Rs. 50/-per month for Resident Indian
Rs. 75/-per month for NRI
5 Pledge Charges 0.05% of the value of securities Rs. 30/-
6 Invocation of Pledge 0.04% of the value of securities Rs. 30/-
7 Charge for Client Master change intimation Rs.25/-  

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