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Kotak Securities offer a set of free APIs through Kotak Trade API. Kotak Trade API is a collection of REST APIs that allows you to build your own trading platform and enjoy a personalized trading experience. Kotak Trade API provides access to the live market data, feeds, positions, margins, manage user portfolio, speedy order execution, and much more.

Kotak Securities Rest API is available only for online clients and is compatible with any programming language. Kotak Securities has a ready SDK (software development kit) for Python and is planning to add more SDKs for easier integration.

Refer Kotak Securities API documentation and Kotak Securities API GitHub (Python SDK) for more details.

Kotak Securities API benefits

  • Free of cost APIs.
  • Compatible with any language.
  • Availability of Historical data and sandbox environment for testing strategies. (A sandbox environment is an isolated testing environment that helps users test new codes without impacting the system on which they run)
  • Allows traders, developers, and start-ups to make custom-made trading applications.
  • Dedicated support team available for quick query resolution.
  • Faster trade execution.

Kotak Securities API Charges

Kotak Securities offers free-of-cost APIs to its users. The company does not charge any monthly or annual subscription fee to access these APIs. Kotak Securities offer Rest and simple python SDK APIs to its users.

There is no extra brokerage for orders placed through API. The brokerage charged is as per your chosen brokerage plan.

Kotak Securities API Features

Feature Description

Broking APIs offered

· Trading API

· Websocket API

Language Used


Language Supported

All languages

Exchanges supported


Segments supported




Real-Time data


Rate Limits

10 orders per sec


As per the selected Kotak Securities Brokerage Plan.

Supported features in trading app

All Basic features

- Two Factor login authentication.

- End to end trading functionalities that include Order placement, cancellation, modification

- Portfolio and Holdings.

- Market feeds.

- Tradebook and Orderbook.

- Notifications.

- Logout.

Integration with Third Party Software


Order Types Available

Normal / Delivery

Margin Trading Facility (MTF)

Margin Intraday Square up (MIS)

Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC)

After Market Order (AMO)

Kotak Securities API Demo

Kotak Securities API login

Kotak Securities Trading API is available for Traders, Start-ups, and, Developers who have an account with Kotak Securities and do online trading. You require Kotak Securities login credentials to request Kotak Securities Trading API login details. If you do not have an account with Kotak Securities, open an instant account with Kotak to access the free APIs.

Steps to get Kotak Securities API access and Kotak Securities API Key:

  1. Log in to your Kotak Securities account.
  2. Go to New Products at the top of your screen.
  3. Click on Trade API.
  4. Read and accept the Disclaimer.
  5. API credentials get sent to the registered email address.
  6. Visit the Kotak Securities API Manager (API login page).
  7. Sign in with API credentials received in the mail.
  8. Follow the steps given in the mail to get the API key and generate an access token.

Types of Kotak Securities API

Kotak Securities Trading API offers APIs to support end-to-end trading functionalities from login to logout that include:

  1. Kotak Securities Sessions API

    Kotak Securities Sessions API is used to generate a one-time token (OTT) required for two-factor authentication.

  2. Kotak Securities Quotes API

    Kotak Securities Quotes API helps you get market quotes, OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close), and Market depth details of the stocks, based on which you can decide the price points of your trade orders.

  3. Kotak Securities Orders API

    Kotak Securities Orders API help to place, modify and cancel trading orders of different types like regular orders, after-market orders, stop-loss orders, etc.

  4. Kotak Securities Positions API

    With Kotak Securities Positions API, you can check all your positions and holdings.

  5. Kotak Securities Reports API

    Kotak Securities Reports API assists in fetching the Orderbook and Tradebook. The Orderbook report provides the details about your open, executed, rejected, or cancelled orders, whereas the Tradebook report provides you with your executed trade details.

  6. Kotak Securities Margin API

    Kotak Securities Margin API informs you about the margin available to you for trading.

  7. Kotak Securities Watchlist API

    You can customize your watchlist by adding and removing the scrips as per your requirement using the Kotak Securities Watchlist list and track the market movements, open, close, high, low, and Market depth for the desired stocks.

  8. Kotak Securities WebSocket API

    Kotak Securities WebSocket API helps you get live equity, derivate, and currency data from NSE and BSE. You can push up to 30 scrips in one request.

  9. Kotak Securities Historical Data API

    Kotak Securities Historical Data API helps you fetch the archived data spanning several years back in time. The historical data is required for backtesting purposes to test the trading strategies for improved trading experience.

Kotak Securities API Support

You can connect with Kotak Securities through the mail, call, BOT chat, or WhatsApp for any issues related to API.

Kotak Securities API Support Email ID: service.securities@kotak.com

Kotak Securities customer care support: 1800 209 9191

Kotak Securities WhatsApp No.: 7738988888

Kotak Securities also have a GitHub where users can discuss and ask questions related to any API-related query.


Kotak Securities offer a set of free APIs to build customized trading platforms, automated trading, and deploy tested strategies for maximizing their profits.

These APIs help to place real-time market orders with pre-defined conditions so that you don't lose any time in order placements. Customers can analyze the market data, back-test their strategies, and understand market trends for an improved trading experience.

The APIs can be consumed in any language and offer a smooth and secure trading experience to the customers.

Kotak Securities Special Offer

Kotak Securities Trade Free Plan

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  • Free Account Opening
  • Brokerage-Free Intraday trading
  • Flat Rs. 20 per trade brokerage in F&O

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Does Kotak Securities offer API?

    Yes, Kotak Securities offer Kotak Trading API to its online clients at zero cost for end-to-end trading support.

    Kotak Securities Trading API helps users build and customize their own trading platform and automate trading. Kotak Trading API is available for traders, stratus, and developers and assists in faster trade execution and improved trading experience.

    Kotak Securities API is a collection of user-friendly REST APIs that can be consumed in any language. It also maintains a ready Python SDK on GitHub for easy reference.



  2. 2. What are Kotak API charges?

    Kotak Securities provide free API to its users. There are no subscription charges to access Kotak Trading APIs.

    You need to pay brokerage as per your trading plan and other regulatory charges as applicable. If you do not have an account with Kotak Securities, you need to open a trading account to access the APIs. Kotak APIs can be easily activated by logging in to your Kotak Securities accounts.



  3. 3. What is Kotak Securities API used for?

    Kotak Securities API helps customers build their own trading platform and trading models according to their requirements and supports end-to-end trading with ease and convenience.

    Kotak Trading APIs allow automatic order placement through coding, eliminating the need for traders to sit and wait in front of computer screens for favourable market conditions.

    Kotak Securities API assists in:

    • Order placement/modification/cancellation.
    • Access live market feeds.
    • Manage user portfolios.
    • Login/logout.
    • Notifications,
    • Manage Watchlists
    • Access Tradebook, Orderbook, Positions, Holdings, Margin information.



  4. 4. How to use Kotak Securities API?

    Kotak Securities offer REST APIs free of cost to its customers. You must have a trading account with Kotak Securities to access and use Kotak Securities API.

    Kotak Securities provide detailed Kotak Securities API documentation and Python SDK for assistance and guidance on the usage of Kotak Trading APIs.

    Kotak Stock Trading API helps you build a customized trading platform with access to real-time market prices and data. You can also use the extensive historical data and the sandbox environment to back-test your strategies and build customized trading models.



  5. 5. Is Kotak Trading API free?

    Yes, Kotak Securities offer free APIs to its customers with no subscription charges.

    The brokerage charges for trades executed through API depend on the chosen plan. With Trade Free Plan, you can enjoy free intraday trading across segments and a flat fee of Rs 20 for F&O trades across Equity, Currency, and Commodity.

    Refer Kotak Securities Brokerage Charges for more details.



Kotak Securities Account Opening Enquiry

Kotak Securities - Pay ZERO Intraday Brokerage + F&O Rs 20 per trade + Free Account Opening. Open Instant Account Now

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