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Incorporated in 1994, Kotak Securities is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank and part of Kotak Group. The company is a full-service stock broker and offers a range of trading and investment services. It offers retail trading services in Equities, Commodities, Currency and Derivatives etc. In investments, it offers online IPO, Mutual Funds, Bonds and other fixed-income instruments to its customers.

Key Facts About Kotak Securities

  • 25+ years experience in the stock broking industry
  • Member of BSE, NSE, MCX, NSDL and CDSL
  • Strong global presence in the Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and America
  • 59+ lakh customer accounts
  • Conducts over 5 lakh trades per day
  • 1281 branches in 377 cities across India
  • Won several prestigious awards

Kotak Securities Trading Software

Kotak Securities has invested significantly in technology and offers a range of online trading software to its customers. Major platforms and tools offered by the company include:

  1. KEAT Pro X (Desktop Trading Terminal)
  2. Kotak Securities website (Web-based Trading Platform)
  3. Stock Trader (Mobile Trading App)
  4. Smallcase
  5. Call & Trade
  6. Chat to Trade

Kotak also offers many trading tools like:

  1. TradeSmart Derivatives
  2. TradeSmart Insights
  3. TradeSmart Trends

Kotak Securities Trading Platforms

1. KEAT Pro X (Desktop Trading Terminal)

Kotak KEAT Pro X is a free, user-friendly and high-speed online trading software. The software can be downloaded on a desktop or a laptop for online trading in BSE, NSE currency markets and MCX Commodities. Key features of the KEAT Pro X trading platform are-

  • A single platform to trade across multiple securities and multiple exchanges
  • Place buy/sell orders at high speed with shortcut keys
  • Live quotes from BSE, NSE, NSE currency markets & MCX Markets.
  • Access to key market data like market lots, top gainers/ losers, indices (Sensex, Nifty), most active scrips etc.
  • Create personalized watchlists with scrips across exchanges and track in real-time
  • Charting tools with technical indicators and historical data
  • Get live stock recommendations from the research team.
  • View and monitor your portfolio, keep a tab on open positions, P&L etc.
  • Access to various reports
Kotak KEAT

Kotak KEAT Pro X Application Download (Kotak KEAT Pro X online trading software free download)

The Kotak KEAT Pro X online trading software is downloadable. It is available for download for Windows .Kotak customers can download KEAT pro x for windows from the company's website.

Steps to download KEAT Pro X for Windows and Mac-

  1. Visit the website of Kotak securities.
  2. Click on 'Product' and then select trading tools.
  3. Under Trading Tools click on Keat pro X.
  4. In the Keat Pro X page click on the Download button to begin the download process.

Kotak KEAT Pro X Demo

Each trading platform is unique in features, functions and capabilities. Kotak KEAT Pro X offers a range of advanced features which would require some understanding to use optimally and intuitively. Kotak Securities provides a demo video that explains all the features of the desktop trading platform. The Kotak KEAT Pro X demo video is available on its website.

Steps to Watch Kotak KEAT Pro X demo video

  1. Visit the website of Kotak securities
  2. Click on 'VISIT HOME PAGE' box on the right side of the page
  3. Click on 'Offerings' and then on KEAT Pro X under 'Trading Tools'
  4. On the next page, click on 'View Demo'

2. Kotak Stock Trader (Mobile Trading App)

The Kotak Stock Trader is a mobile trading app. It is available free to all Kotak online trading customers and non-customers. Non-customers can download the app and sign in as a guest user and access its various features. The Kotak Stock Trader mobile trading software enables monitoring the markets, provides live quotes, helps traders create watchlists and view intraday charts. Key features of the Kotak mobile trading app are-

  • Trade online on-the-go, Buy and sell securities across BSE and NSE.
  • Monitor your investment portfolio in real time
  • Get live streaming quotes and stock market data
  • Access intraday charts, view intraday and EOD movements for any scrips on in the form of candlestick, line or OHLC Charts.
  • Create personalized watchlists
  • Transfer Funds from your bank account into trading or mutual fund account
  • Check Margin, available funds and limits etc
  • Get notifications and alerts
Kotak Mobile Trading

Kotak Stock Trader Download (Kotak Securities App Free Download)

The Kotak Securitiesmobile app is available for Android, iOS and Windows smartphone devices.

Kotak Stock Trader Demo (Kotak Mobile App Demo)

The Kotak stock trader app provides all the essential trading features of an online trading platform in a mobile app. If you wish to learn about how to use the Kotak stock trader app and know in detail about its various features then you can watch Kotak Stock Trader Demo video available in the youtube.

Steps To Watch Kotak Stock Trader Demo

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. Search for 'Kotak Securities' YouTube Channel
  3. On the channel page, search 'kotak stock trader' to watch the demo video

3. Kotak Securities website (Web-based Trading Platform)

The Kotak Securities Website is an online trading website that offers all the essential trading features to the customers. The easy-to-use website can be accessed from any browser. Some of the key features of the web-based trading platform are-

  • Access to multiple securities across exchanges
  • Place buy/sell orders using multiple order types
  • Live streaming of quotes and other market data
  • Invest in IPOs, Mutual Funds and Bonds etc
  • View and monitor your portfolio
  • Check real-time Profit/Loss on your positions
  • Access to various types of reports
  • Transfer funds and put payout requests
  • Access Kotak University- an online resource to learn about stock markets, trading & Investments

4. Kotak Smallcases

Kotak also offers smallcases, a 3rd party investment tool. This tool is offered by many other stock brokers like 5paisa, Zerodha etc. A smallcase is a portfolio or a basket of stocks and ETFs built around a theme, idea or strategy. It consists of 2 to 50 instruments. Key features of the smallcase platform are-

  • Choose from 55+ different smallcases
  • 4 smallcase type options including thematic, model-based, sector trackers and beta
  • Select smallcase as per your risk profile- conservative, moderate and aggressive
  • Build your own personalized smallcase
  • Invest in 1 click
  • Track smallcases anytime, anywhere
  • SIP facility

5. Kotak Securities Fastlane

Kotak Securities Fastlane is designed for those traders who are using an old, slow computer. The Kotak Fastlane is a light and fast trading application built using Java technology. It even works on computers where installing .exe files is not permissible as in office computers. It doesn't require you to download or install any software. Key features offered by Kotak Fastlane are-

  • Place buy/sell orders
  • Track the market in real-time
  • Create personalized watchlists
  • Check your open positions
  • Get stock recommendations
  • Inbuilt list of S&P CNX NIFTY scrips streaming live, you can modify the list as per your needs

6. Kotak Securities Xtralite Website

Kotak Securities Xtralite website is designed for traders who have slow internet connectivity and therefore are unable to use other online trading software. Xtralite is a light and fast online trading website to trade in stock markets. Key features of the website are-

  • Offers good trading experience in slow internet connection
  • Works on mobile phones
  • Access to stock quotes
  • Track your portfolio
  • View funds available
  • Access to Kotak research

7. Kotak Securities Call & Trade

Kotak Call and Trade facility allows a customer to place an order over the phone by calling Kotak Securities Call and Trade number. The Call & Trade facility allows you to place as many orders as you want in a single call. There is no limit to the number of calls in a trade. Kotak customers can trade in all scrips in the cash, IPO and derivative segments. Kotak Call & Trade charges vary depending on the type of account.

Kotak Call and Trade Charges

Account Type


Gateway Account/ Advance Brokerage Account

First 20 calls free, Rs 20 per call charged after that

Value Account

First 20 calls free, Rs 15 per call charged after that

Privilege Account

Unlimited free calls

High Trader Account

First 20 calls free, Rs 15 per call charged after that

8. Kotak Securities Chat To Trade (Kotak WhatsApp Trading)

Kotak Securities is the first broking firm to allow customers to trade from WhatsApp & Telegram messaging apps. Customers can place a trade via Chat to Trade by sending a WhatsApp or Telegram message on 7400 102 102 from their registered mobile number. A once-in-lifetime 2-step authentication process is done, and if successful customers are connected by the system to their respective dealers. The facility also allows putting a request for fund transfer, margin requirement, portfolio information, and other service related queries.

The chat transcripts are recorded and stored in pdf format to ensure complete transparency.

Steps To Chat To Trade (How To Trade Using Kotak WhatsApp Facility)

  1. Start the chat on 7738988888
  2. Enter your client code in # tag format e.g. #abcd
  3. Authentication process (one time only) is initiated. Answer the 3 security questions asked
  4. On answering questions correctly, a Login access code will be generated. Enter the code in # tag format i.e. #1234
  5. On successful authentication, your chat is connected to the mapped dealer or customer support pool dealer
  6. If routed to Customer Support pool dealer then a trade access code will be generated
  7. Enter the trade access code in # tag format i.e. #1234
  8. On Trade authentication successful, you can place the trade order & get confirmation, once the order is executed

Kotak Trading Tools

In addition to advanced trading platforms and online trading services, Kotak Securities also offers good trading tools to its customers. These applications help customers in analyzing their trades, get market insights and keep a tab on market trends. Kotak Securities offer 3 trading tools or applications to its customers:

  1. TradeSmart Derivatives
  2. TradeSmart Insights
  3. TradeSmart Trends

1. Kotak TradeSmart Derivatives

Kotak TradeSmart Derivatives is designed for derivatives traders and helps them monitor and analyze different types of derivatives instruments like Call Options, Put Options, and Futures Contracts etc. The application provides real-time information on trades to traders. Key features of Kotak TradeSmart Derivatives applications are-

  • One click snapshot using the heatmap to get an analysis on derivatives being traded
  • Get all key information like most active call and put contracts, rollover percentage, market-wide position limits, open interests, volatility, put-call ratios etc., in a single screen
  • Get strategy recommendation based on price target and date, risk preferences etc. Also know the payoffs, the break-even points, risk-reward ratios, maximum profit/loss potential of each strategy.
  • Get exclusive information on positions built up in 15-minute intervals.
  • Unusual Activities screen to identify bullish and bearish activities, breakout events and many such unusual activities.
  • Scan the secondary market and get real-time information on stocks, their support and resistance levels
  • Options Analytics for better understanding of movements of Options contracts
Kotak TradeSmart Derivatives

2. TradeSmart Insights

Kotak Securities TradeSmart Insights brings you information and insights on markets and stocks from across the globe. The application provides real-time insights on stock markets, detects market sentiment, offers instant alerts, and provides recommendations from different brokerage to make informed trading decisions. Key features of the platform are-

  • Live information on 35,000+ stocks from across the world markets
  • Provides new categorized as per sentiment- positive and negative
  • Customize news based on the sources, country and stocks in your portfolio.
  • Instant alerts on trading opportunities
  • Sentiment HeatMap to identify changing market sentiment and its impact on the stock price movement
  • Real-time information on the stock upgrades and downgrades by rating agencies and stock market analysts

3. Kotak TradeSmart Trends

Kotak Securities Smart Trends provides trends for each scrip in your portfolio or watchlists and helps you decide the levels to buy/sell a particular stock. Key features of the application are-

  • Identify profit targets and stop loss for your trades
  • One click access to patterns in the stock market and get alerts
  • Access to investor education library to learn analysis of the stock market, industry, technical analysis of stocks, identify trends and study charts and graphs like an experienced trader.
  • Analyze your trades and portfolio and make informed decisions.

Kotak Securities Commodity Trading Software

Kotak Securities doesn't offer commodity trading services. However, commodity services are offered by its sister company Kotak Commodities.

Kotak Securities Forex Trading Platform

Kotak Securities offers currency derivatives trading. Kotak Securities customers can use any of the trading software online to trade in currency Futures and Options.

  1. KEAT Pro X (Desktop Trading Terminal)
  2. Kotak Securities website (Web-based Trading Platform)
  3. Stock Trader (Mobile Trading App)

The steps to download Kotak Securities trading software is discussed above.

Key Takeaways

  • Kotak Securities has made significant investments in technology to offer a range of online trading software and tools to its customers.
  • Kotak Securities offer 5 advanced and free online trading platforms to its customers- Keat Pro X, Kotak Stock Trader App, and Kotak Website. These platforms not only offer advanced trading features but also address various papain pointsf traders like slow internet connection and trading on old computers.
  • Kotak also offers smart trading tools to help traders in derivatives trading, analyze market trends and get real-time insights.
  • All the platforms and tools are simple to use and offer customization options.

Kotak Securities Special Offer

Kotak Securities Trade Free Plan

Open a 3-in-1 account and get:

  • Brokerage-Free Intraday trades (Equity and F&O).
  • Flat Rs. 20 per trade brokerage in F&O

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How to buy stocks in Kotak Securities?

    For buying stocks in Kotak Securities, you need to open a Trading and Demat account with the company. Kotak securities offer stock purchases through mobile, desktop, tablet, or laptop.

    Steps to buying stocks in Kotak Securities:

    1. Log in to your Kotak Securities account.
    2. On the Search scrip box, type the scrip name or symbol you want to buy
    3. Hover the cursor over the stock details OR select the desired stock from the watchlist and click on the 'BUY' tab in blue that pops up an order window.
    4. Select the Trade type - Delivery/Intraday.
    5. Choose product type - Normal/Margin Intraday/Super Multiple.
    6. Click and choose order type - Limit/Market/SL-Limit/SL-Market.
    7. Input quantity and price.
    8. Click on the 'BUY' button and 'CONFIRM' the order.

    You will receive a message confirming your order.



  2. 2. How to withdraw money from Kotak Securities?

    You can withdraw funds from your Kotak securities online through Kotak Securities web or mobile trading platform in a few steps:

    Steps to withdraw money from Kotak Securities:

    1. Login to your Kotak Securities account.
    2. Look for the More option at the bottom of the screen. (in the Mobile App)
    3. Click on Funds.
    4. Go to the Fund Transfer tab.
    5. The screen will display From Bank to Trading Fund as for fund transfer.
    6. Click on the button placed in between to swap the fund transfer option from Trading to Bank.
    7. Click on Proceed.
    8. Review the Bank details.
    9. Enter the amount for withdrawal.
    10. Click on Confirm.

    Points to Note:

    • The transfer request gets executed on the next business working day.
    • The margin and exposure requirements get checked before the transfer is allowed.



  3. 3. How to log in to Kotak Securities first time?

    Kotak Securities account requires activation when you log in to your Kotak Securities account for the first time.

    Steps to log in to Kotak Securities first time:

    • Go to the 'login account activation' page of Kotak Sec website or click on Activate Account in Kotak Securities Mobile App.
    • Enter User ID and password received on account opening.
    • Input new password.
    • Set the security questions.
    • Agree to disclaimers.

    Once your account gets activated, you can start your investment journey using the login credentials set during the account activation.



  4. 4. What is Kotak Securities user id?

    Kotak Securities user ID is an alphanumeric ID required to log in to your Kotak Securities trading account.

    The User ID is unique to each customer and is provided once your Kotak Securities account gets opened. If you forget your User ID, you can click on Forgot User ID and provide your mobile number, PAN number and Date of Birth to retrieve your User ID.



  5. 5. What is MIS in Kotak Securities?

    MIS or Margin Intraday Square-Off is an order type used for intraday trading in Kotak Securities.

    MIS facility in Kotak securities allows you to take higher exposure than the funds available in your account and trade intraday with margin benefits through cash and stocks. You can take multiple positions across segments using MIS, including cash, stock futures, index derivatives, and currency on the NSE and MCX exchanges.

    The open MIS positions need to be squared-off as per the below cut-offs failing which the broker initiates auto-square off of these positions.

    Auto Square Off Timings:

    • Equity/F&O: 3.20 pm
    • Currency: 40 pm
    • Commodity: 30 minutes before market closure.



  6. 6. How to place a basket order in the Kotak Securities mobile app?

    Kotak Securities offers traders the opportunity to place basket orders. With a basket order, you can place multiple orders for multiple scrips with a single click.

    All you need to do is create a basket with multiple orders for the same or different stocks and combine these orders to place them in one go.

    You can create up to 10 baskets of 50 securities each.

    Each basket can contain stocks from different segments, i.e. equity derivatives, currency or commodity stocks can be included in one basket.

    Baskets can also be created after the market closes. Once created, baskets remain saved, i.e. you can create baskets after the market closes and then execute them during market hours.

    The basket order function can be used via the "Orders" tab in Neo mobile/web.

    The steps to place a basket order with Kotak Securities are:

    1. Open the Order tab in the Kotak Neo mobile app.
    2. Click on "Basket" in the "Order" tab.
    3. There are 5 predefined baskets. Click on "Basket 1" to start or add a new basket. Add multiple scrips to the basket.
    4. You can search for stocks or securities using the search bar and add them to the basket by clicking "Add to Basket 1".
    5. You can also select securities from your watchlist. Click "Add from Watchlist" and select multiple securities.
    6. You can select securities from multiple watchlists. If you want to select all scrips from the watchlist, click "Select All".
    7. After you select the securities, the "Edit Basket" screen will open. On the "Edit Basket" screen, you will need to enter the following information:
      • Select the product type for all shares or F&O shares, i.e. either Cash/MTF/NRML/ MIS.
      • Select buy/sell for each security.
      • Enter the number of shares/lots you wish to buy/sell for each security.
      • Price for each security. You can also place market orders.
        • Click Save Basket 1 (once the basket is saved, the order can be placed at any time).
        • Click Push to place orders and all orders in the basket will be placed.
        • The orders are placed in the order of the basket.
        • You can check the order status on the Orders - Open/Closed tab.



  7. 7. How to sell shares in the Kotak Securities app?

    To sell shares through Kotak Securities app, follow the given steps:

    1. In your account, go to Portfolio from the bottom menu on the home screen.
    2. All the stocks you have invested in will be displayed. Select the stock you want to sell.
    3. On the investment details screen, click the Sell button and select the stock exchange, i.e. NSE or BSE.
    4. Complete the order form on the "Invest" tab" by entering the number of shares you wish to sell.
    5. For the selling price, you can choose either a "Limit" order or a "Market" order. For a Limit order, you must enter a limit price, while for a Market order, the sale will be executed immediately at the current market price.
    6. Check the Cash or MTF product types to verify the available quantities you hold.
    7. You can review your order using the Order Summary link.
    8. After reviewing the order, click "Swipe to sell" to sell shares directly.
    9. On the Order Confirmation screen, you can view your orders in the order book by clicking the "View Orders" button.



Kotak Securities Account Opening Enquiry

Kotak Securities - Pay ZERO Intraday Brokerage + F&O Rs 20 per trade. Open Instant Account Now

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Special Offer: Kotak Securities - Pay ZERO Intraday Brokerage + F&O Rs 20 per trade. Open Instant Account Now


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