How to withdraw money from Kotak Securities?

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You can withdraw funds from your Kotak securities online through Kotak Securities web or mobile trading platform in a few steps:

Steps to withdraw money from Kotak Securities:

  1. Login to your Kotak Securities account.
  2. Look for the More option at the bottom of the screen. (in the Mobile App)
  3. Click on Funds.
  4. Go to the Fund Transfer tab.
  5. The screen will display From Bank to Trading Fund as for fund transfer.
  6. Click on the button placed in between to swap the fund transfer option from Trading to Bank.
  7. Click on Proceed.
  8. Review the Bank details.
  9. Enter the amount for withdrawal.
  10. Click on Confirm.

Points to Note:

  • The transfer request gets executed on the next business working day.
  • The margin and exposure requirements get checked before the transfer is allowed.


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