Stoxkart Trading Software Review | Download, Demo

Stoxkart offers three online trading software to its customers free of charge. Customers have the flexibility to choose from the web, mobile, and desktop trading software to trade as per their convenience.

Stoxkart has made good investments in technology and offers a range of online trading software to its customers free of cost. The various trading platforms and tools offered by the company include:

  1. Stoxkart Pro (Advanced Mobile Trading App)
  2. Stoxkart Classic (Basic Mobile Trading App)
  3. Pro Web (Online Trading Website)
  4. Desktop Trading Application
  5. Stoxkart Invest (Mutual Fund App)

Stoxkart Pro (Advanced Mobile Trading App)

Stoxkart Pro mobile app facilitates trade analysis and placing buy/sell orders on-the-move. The app offers Stoxkart customers access to many useful features for deep analysis of trades. The app is also available for guest users or non-Stoxkart customers.

Stoxkart Pro Features

  1. Single platform for trading in Equity, Currency, Commodity and F&O.
  2. Place buy/sell orders from anywhere in the app.
  3. Dashboard to track all your investments from one place.
  4. Advanced Charting with 80+ indicators and charting tools.
  5. Place orders directly from Charts.
  6. Get Live News powered by 'Live Squak'.
  7. Robo Advisory- algorithm-driven suggestions.
  8. Advance Portfolio Analysis with real-time calculations.
  9. Historical Data for trade analysis.
  10. Set Unlimited Price Alerts.
  11. Unlimited customized watch lists.

Stoxkart Pro Mobile App Download

The Stoxkart Pro mobile app is available for Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones. The mobile app can be downloaded for free from:

Stoxkart Pro Mobile App Demo

Stoxkart has a few short videos on various features of the Stoxkart Pro mobile app demo. The videos would be useful for you to understand the various features of the mobile app and use it optimally. You can watch Stoxkart Pro Mobile App Demo here.

Stoxkart Classic (Mobile Trading App)

Stoxkart Classic is the basic mobile trading app offered by the broker. The app offers many useful trading features to help Stoxkart customer's trade on-the-move.

Stoxkart Classic Features

  1. Access multiple exchanges from 1 platform
  2. Invest in mutual funds
  3. Thematic investments to build portfolios around an investment idea.
  4. Get Live Streaming Quotes
  5. Create multiple market watch list
  6. Access Historical Charts
  7. View charts for scrips
  8. Options calculator to analyze the options price
  9. Instant fund transfer facility
  10. Place payout requests

Stoxkart Classic App Demo Video

Stoxkart Classic App offers a range of useful features. You may need assistance to understand some of the features of the app. Stoxkart offers a demo video available in English and Hindi:

Stoxkart Classic Mobile App Download

The Stoxkart Pro mobile app is available for Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones. The mobile app can be downloaded for free from:

Stoxkart Pro Web (Online Trading Website)

Stoxkart Pro Web is a browser trading platform with a user-friendly UI, comprehensive dashboard, live streaming quotes, reports and several other useful features.

Key features of Stoxkart Pro Web

  1. Market watch with all important information at one place
  2. Buy/sell mutual funds
  3. Live streaming quotes
  4. Detailed Scrip overview for trade analysis
  5. Analytics with Micro/Macro data
  6. Access to back-office reports
  7. Access to Research calls
  8. Notifications & Alerts

Stoxkart Desktop Trading Application

Stoxkart desktop trading platform can be downloaded on Desktop and Laptop and provides a terminal like an experience. The software provides real-time quotes, advanced charts, comprehensive order entry, research support etc.

Stoxkart Desktop Trading Platform Features

  1. Hotkeys for faster trading
  2. Access market screeners & analytics
  3. Access Portfolio tracker with portfolio health check-up
  4. Single Hand Navigation To Important Options
  5. Thematic Investments for portfolio creation around an investment idea

Stoxkart Invest (Mutual Fund App)

Stoxkart Invest is a dedicated mobile app for mutual funds. It allows Stoxkart customers to invest or monitor their mutual fund investments on-the-move.

Stoxkart Invest Features

  1. Paperless & simple investment process.
  2. Purchase, Redemption, SIP, Switch.
  3. Access to Fact Sheet of all the schemes.
  4. SMC Portfolio Health Check-up to guide you on investments.
  5. Create SIP online mandate.
  6. Expense tracker to monitor your spending.
  7. Plan your investments as per your goals.

Stoxkart Invest Mutual Fund Mobile App Download

The Stoxkart Invest mobile app is available for Google Android smartphones. The mobile app can be downloaded for free from:

Stoxkart Commodity Trading Software

Stoxkart offers commodity trading services from MCX. Stoxkart trading platform for commodity trading includes:

  1. Stoxkart Pro (Advanced Mobile Trading App)
  2. Stoxkart Classic (Mobile Trading App)
  3. Pro Web (Online Trading Website)
  4. Desktop Trading Application

Stoxkart commodity trading software download is available on its website.

Stoxkart Forex Trading Platform

Stoxkart offers currency derivatives trading in various currency pairs at BSE and NSE.

Customers can use any of the available Stoxkart trading software online to trade in currency futures and options. The steps to download Stoxkart trading software are discussed above.

Note: Stoxkart customers may have to activate the commodity & currency segments. The segment addition form can be downloaded from the website, filled and sent to the company's registered address.


Stoxkart offers an excellent choice of online trading platforms to its customers. The platforms are user-friendly and offer a good set of features for trade analysis and online trading.

Stoxkart Special Offer

No Profit. No Brokerage

Get free equity delivery trades and pay flat Rs 15 brokerage for Intraday only when you make profit To open an account with Stoxkart leave your contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How do Stoxkart works?

    Stoxkart is a stock broker offering online trading services at BSE, NSE, and MCX for a low brokerage fee of Rs 15 per executed order. There are no brokerage charges on Equity delivery trades and only those orders on intraday trading are charged Rs 15 per order where a customer earns a profit. Stoxkart also offers Mutual Fund investment and IPO application services.

    Stoxkart customers can use desktop software, website and mobile apps provided by the company to trade/invest in the stock market, invest in mutual funds and IPOs.

    Steps to trade with Stoxkart

    • Open a 2-in-1 account (trading & demat account)
    • Link it with your bank account
    • Transfer funds from your bank to trading account
    • Log in to website or its mobile trading app
    • Place buy/sell orders
    • The shares or mutual funds will be credited to your Stoxkart demat account


  2. 2. How to start trading with Stoxkart?

    You can start trading with Stoxkart by opening a 2-in-1 account (trading and demat). These accounts are linked with an existing savings bank account. Once the account is opened, you can transfer funds from your bank to the trading account, log in to any of the Stoxkart trading software (desktop, website or mobile apps) and place buy/sell orders in equity, currency, commodity, derivatives etc.


  3. 3. How to use is the official trading website of Stoxkart, an online discount stock broker. The website provides you with detailed information on the various services provided by the company. A few important services provided on include:

    1. Instant online account opening (paperless)
    2. Download trading software
    3. Login to and trade across exchanges (NSE, BSE & MCX)
    4. Download various forms related to account opening/modification/closure etc.
    5. Buy mutual funds and apply IPO online
    6. Access to the company's blog covering various aspects of the stock market and investing
    7. Access to customer support for help


  4. 4. How to buy shares on Stoxkart?

    You can buy shares on Stoxkart using any of the online trading platforms offered by the company. Stoxkart offers installable desktop software, online trading website and 'Stoxkart Pro' and 'Stoxkart Classic' mobile apps for trading.

    You need to first open a 2-in-1 account with the company and link it to your savings bank account. Once the account is opened, you will be able to buy shares on Stoxkart

    Steps to buy shares on Stoxkart

    1. Login to Stoxkart Mobile App or website.
    2. Transfer funds to your trading account from your linked bank account.
    3. Search for the desired company using the search box
    4. Enter order details like quantity, price and order type.
    5. Place buy order to the stock exchange.
    6. Check the status of your order in the Order Status page.

    On successful order execution, the shares will be credited to your Stoxkart demat account.


  5. 5. How to sell shares on Stoxkart?

    Stoxkart offers online buying/selling of shares and mutual funds. You can sell shares using Stoxkart desktop software, website or mobile trading apps.

    Steps to sell shares using Stoxkart

    1. Log in to website
    2. Go to 'Net Position' that lists all your open positions
    3. Click on the desired share you want to sell.
    4. Click on the 'Square off' button
    5. Confirm the order.
    6. Check the status of your order on the 'Order Book'.


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