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5paisa Capital Limited is a Mumbai based online discount broker. The company started its discount broking operations in 2016 and become 2nd largest online discount brokers in India by late 2018. It offers a range of stockbroking and investment services to its customers. The company offers trading services in stocks, currencies, commodity and derivatives. Besides it also offers other financial products like Mutual Funds, Insurance and Loans. The company is a Depository Participant of NSDL.

5paisa's key unique selling point (USP) is its low brokerage fees. It charges a flat brokerage fee of ₹10 per executed order irrespective of the size of the trade. The in-house build trading platform offered free to all its customer is another USP of 5paisa.com.

5Paisa offers Instant Paperless Trading and Demat Account opening process.

5paisa offers good online trading software to its customers. They can choose from the web, mobile, and desktop trading applications to trade as per their convenience.

Robo advisory and Algo trading are other software's offered by the company. Robo Advisory is an investment advisory tool that helps you choose mutual funds as per your age, financial goals and profile. Algo Trading leverages computer programs to analyze markets and places trades on the terminal without manual intervention.

The company also runs 'School' an online learning resource for investor education. It offers informative courses on Stock Market, Stock Analysis, Mutual Funds, Taxation and Trading.

Key Facts about 5paisa (as of May 2019)

  • 2nd Largest online discount broker in India
  • Flat brokerage fee of ₹10 per executed order
  • Serves 1,75,000+ active clients
  • 17,000 Cr.+ Daily Turnover
  • 500 Cr.+ Assets under Management
  • 3% share of total equity trade volumes at the exchanges
  • Instant Paperless Trading and Demat Account
  • Offers advanced platforms like Robo advisory and Algo trading

5paisa Trading Software

5paisa has made good investments in its online trading software and offers a range of trading platforms and tools to its customers free of cost. The various trading platforms and tools offered by the company include:

  1. 5paisa (Mobile Trading App)
  2. Trade Station EXE (Desktop Trading platform)
  3. Trade Station Web (Browser-based platform)
  4. Algo Trading (Automated trading tool)
  5. Robo Advisory (Mutual Fund Selector)

1. 5paisa Mobile App (Mobile Trading App)

5paisa mobile trading app offers online trading using smartphone across segments and exchanges. Majority of the trading done with 5paisa is done using 5paisa app.

The trading mobile software is available for Apple and Android smartphones. It offers a range of features to analyze and trade on-the-go. Key features of the 5paisa mobile trading app include:

  • An intutive mobile app with simple design.
  • Trade and invest across stocks, commodity, currency, mutual fund, insurance, etc.
  • Access to research and advisory inside the app.
  • Live quotes on stocks and markets.
  • Place orders with a single click.
  • Place advance order types like Bracket Orders (BO) and Cover Orders (CO)
  • Multiple watchlists.
  • Invest in 5paisa smallcase.
  • Access to 'Auto Investor', an advisory feature that recommends mutual funds based on your profile and goals.
  • Access to 5paisa forum.
  • Instant paperless personal loan facility.
  • Monitor your trades and investments at any time.
  • Fund transfer via UPI.
5paisa Mobile App

5paisa Mobile App Download

The 5paisa mobile app is available for Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones. The mobile app can be downloaded for free from:

2. Trade Station Web (Browser-based platform)

5paisa.com (Trade Station Web) is an online trading website of 5paisa broker. The web browser-based platform is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. Customers can use their personal computers to access the website and trade. It offers a range of features such as:

  • Access NSE and BSE and trade across equity, derivatives and currency
  • Market watchlist to monitor scrips
  • Comprehensive portfolio tracker
  • Advanced charting tools for in-depth scrip view
  • Detailed scrip data including market depth and Option Chain
  • Order slicing for better prices
  • Bracket Orders (BO) and Cover Orders (CO)
  • Consolidated view of your positions and holdings across instruments
  • Fund Transfer facility
  • Access to multiple reports
5paisa Trade Station Web

3. Trade Station EXE (Desktop Trading platform)

Trade Station EXE is a downloadable desktop trading terminal developed by 5paisa. The online trading software can be downloaded on a desktop or a laptop and can be used for trading using the internet. It offers a range of features such as-

  • A high-speed desktop-based trading platform provides access to NSE and BSE
  • Customizable watchlists to monitor your favorite stocks and contracts
  • Advanced charting features to analyze stocks
  • Bracket Orders and Cover Orders
  • Instant Fund Transfer facility
  • Order Slicing feature for better prices
  • Short cut keys for faster trading
5paisa Trade Station Exe

5paisa Trade Station Software Download (Trade Station Desktop App Download)

5paisa Trade Station provides a broker's terminal like experience with high-speed trading. It offers many useful and advanced trading features to a trader. The online trading software can be downloaded from 5paisa website.

Steps To Download 5paisa Trade Station

  1. Visit 5paisa stock broker website
  2. Click on 'Stocks' on the top menu and then on 'Trading Platforms'
  3. Click on 'TRADE STATION EXE' on the list of platforms
  4. Click on 'Get EXE' to download 5paisa Trade Station

5paisa Trade Station Desktop App Demo

Trade Station is a desktop application with several advanced features. Traders, new and experienced, would need to acquaint themselves with the various features and functions of the platform. Currently, 5paisa doesn't provide trade station desktop app demo video. However, you can contact the customer support of the company to learn in detail about the trade station features.

4. 5paisa Algo Trading (Automated trading tool)

5paisa algo trading is an automated trading tool that leverages advanced technologies to facilitate automatic trading decisions. Its various features include-

  • Create, backtest and deploy your algos
  • Preloaded algos including Amibroker, Jobbing, Pivot, Buy/Sell Call execution, Bulk buy/sell and Paired spread trading strategies
  • Expert assistance for coding strategies
  • Get API documents to code strategies yourself
  • Seamless integration of strategies with the trading platform
  • Assistance in getting strategy approved by the exchange
  • A real-like simulation environment for strategy testing

5. 5paisa Robo Advisory (Mutual Fund Selector)

5paisa robo advisory is a fully automated advisory tool that suggests mutual funds based on your financial goals, time frame and income profile.

How does 5paisa Robo Advisory work?

5paisa robo advisory is a fully automated advisory tool that recommends an investment plan to you based on the answers you provide to the various questions asked.

Steps in 5paisa robo advisory

  1. Select your financial goal- Buying car/home, child's education/marriage, retirement etc.
  2. Set quantitative targets with the exact amount required to realize the financial goal and the time frame to achieve it.
  3. Enter your age, monthly income and savings
  4. Select your experience level and understanding of the investment market
  5. Select your risk level
  6. Select what you look for in investment in terms of risk and returns
  7. Analysis of your risk profile
  8. The system recommends mutual funds

Commodity Trading Software

5paisa offers commodity trading services for MCX. 5paisa trading platform for commodity trading includes:

  1. 5paisa (Mobile Trading App)
  2. 5paisa.com (Browser-based trading website)
  3. Trade Station EXE (Desktop Trading platform)

5paisa commodity trading software download is available on its website. Steps to download Trade Station EXE is provided in the above Trade Station EXE review section.

5paisa Forex Trading Platform

5paisa offers currency derivatives trading in various currency pairs at BSE and NSE. 

Customers can use any of the available 5paisa trading software online to trade in currency futures and options. The steps to download 5paisa trading software is discussed above.

Customers may have to activate the currency segment before starting to trade in currency. The segment modification form needs to be downloaded from the website, filled and sent to the company's registered address. The form is available on the company's website.

Key Takeaways

  • 5paisa offers best in the industry trading platform.
  • Option to choose from 3 trading software to suit customers needs (web, mobile, and desktop).
  • All trading software's are free to all the customers.
  • In-house build trading platform, RMS and OMS. Customers get a quick turnaround for their new feature requests.
  • Management is focused on offering the best trading platform and investing a huge amount of money for this.

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