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5Paisa is an online discount stock broker offering direct Mutual funds. By investing in direct MF schemes, investors can earn an additional 1% yearly. 5paisa charge flat Rs 10 per executed order brokerage for mutual fund orders.

5paisa allows both SIP and lump sum investments in mutual funds. It offers different fund categories to invest in. You can invest in direct mutual fund and NFOs (New Fund Offer) from the same mutual fund account.

5Paisa offers an online mutual fund investment platform for investors. It has collaboration with 21 AMCs to offers various mutual fund schemes based on investment needs. Key features of 5Paisa Mutual fund platform are:

  • Invest in direct mutual funds
  • Invest, pause and modify mutual fund schemes easily without any hassles
  • Navigate easily across different categories and schemes
  • Choose the schemes based on investment needs
  • Invest in mutual funds through SIPs
  • Track your mutual fund investments online
  • Calculate the estimated returns through SIP calculator
  • Invest either through mobile or browser-based trading platform
  • Open a free trading, demat and mutual fund account
  • Integrated platform for mutual fund and stocks
  • Offers customized smart investment plans

5Paisa Mutual Fund Charges

5paisa offers direct mutual fund at flat Rs 10 per executed order irrespective of the size of the order. By investing in a direct mutual fund with 5paisa, investors earn an additional 1% to 1.5% as AMCs don't pay the commission to the brokers.

5 Paisa Mutual Fund Charges

5Paisa Account Opening Charges

Rs 650 (one time)

5Paisa Demat AMC

Rs 540 per year

5Paisa Mutual Fund Brokerage

Rs 10 per order

5Paisa Mutual Fund Account Opening Process

5Paisa offers two types of accounts for mutual fund investments, which are:

  1. All in one Account

    This includes demat, trading and mutual fund accounts. You can invest in stocks, mutual funds and derivatives through a single account using the same user id and password. All the holdings can be tracked through a demat account.

  2. Mutual Fund Account

    5Paisa also offers a separate account for investors who want to invest only in mutual funds. This account includes a demat and a mutual fund account.

Steps to open 5paisa mutual fund account

5Paisa offers an instant paperless online account opening facility. To open an account with 5Paisa:

  1. Request a callback for any questions you may have.
  2. Visit the website.
  3. Fill the form on the website by entering your mobile number.
  4. Enter personal and bank details.
  5. Upload the required documents. Next, sign the form digitally to complete the application process.

5Paisa SIP

Investing in a mutual fund through a systematic investment plan (SIP) is a disciplined way to invest in mutual funds. 5paisa customers can start online SIP in just a few steps. The amount is deducted through the linked bank account on a particular interval and invested in chosen mutual funds automatically. The mutual funds are transferred to 5paisa demat account. The customer can sell (redeem) the existing MF holdings at the time.

5Paisa SIP Order

Steps to start 5Paisa SIP

To start a SIP of Mutual Fund with 5paisa, you need to take the following steps:

  • Login to 5paisa mobile application or website
  • Pick the right fund based on your investment needs
  • Enter the amount you want to invest in the scheme every month
  • Select the date on which you want to invest every month
  • Pay for the first installment
  • Track the performance of the mutual fund holdings

Steps to stop 5paisa SIP

To stop your SIP with 5paisa, you need to take the following steps:

  • Login 5Paisa mobile app or 5paisa website
  • Visit MF order book
  • Click on the mutual fund SIP section
  • Choose the scheme you want to stop SIP
  • Click on the stop SIP option
  • Select the reason and submit by clicking on stop SIP

Note: After stopping the SIP, there will be no new investment in the scheme. Although, the invested amount will be stay invested. To withdraw the amount, you need to redeem (sell) the mutual fund units.

5Paisa SIP Calculator

5paisa SIP calculator helps you to calculate required returns for a specific goal based on the entered investment amount, selected the investment period and estimated returns.

5Paisa SIP Calculator

5Paisa Mutual Fund Platform

5Paisa offers a mobile trading app and trade station web-based platform. Investors can log in using their account credentials to start using any trading platform for mutual fund investment. Investment in mutual funds can be done through the following platforms:

1. 5Paisa Mobile App

5paisa offers a mobile trading application to invest across stocks, derivatives, commodities, currency, and mutual funds. Unlike Zerodha, 5paisa has one single app with a range of investment options. Key features of 5Paisa Mobile App includes:

  • Integrated platform to invest across various asset classes
  • Invest in Equity, Debt and Hybrid asset types.
  • Direct Mutual Funds for additional earning
  • Get live updates from NSE, BSE and MCX
  • One-click order execution of orders
  • Set price alerts on real-time market feed
  • Invest through SIP or lump sum
  • Invest in:
    • High-Risk High Return
    • Equity Funds for Long Term
    • Moderate Risk Balanced Funds
    • Low-Risk Debt Funds
    • Tax Saving ELSS Funds
    • Instant Redemption Liquid Funds

2. 5Paisa Website

5Paisa provides a browser-based website to invest in mutual funds. The integrated stock trading and MF investment website is simple and easy to use. The website also offers investment tools like fund screener, SIP calculator and lump sum calculator.

5Paisa offers direct mutual funds only. These funds give an additional earning of around 1% yearly in comparison to regular funds.

5Paisa Mutual Fund Customer Care Number

You can reach 5Paisa customer care at +91 89766 89766 or mail at Note that 5paisa charges Rs 118 for every call to customer service as call center charges. This is unlike any other broker.


5Paisa provides direct mutual fund schemes to investors. This offers an additional 1% yearly earning on most of the funds. 5paisa has integrated trading and mutual fund investment platform which makes online investing easy.

Unlike Zerodha who offers brokerage free Mutual Funds investment, 5paisa charges Rs 10 per order brokerage. 5paisa also charges Rs 118 for every customer service call by the customer which is an unexpected high hidden fee.

5paisa Special Offer Limited Time Offer - Free Account Opening (Rs 650 waived)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How to buy mutual funds at 5Paisa?

    To start investing in Mutual Funds with 5paisa, you have to open an online paperless account with them. 5paisa offers a 2-in-1 account which is a combination of Trading, Mutual Funds and Demat account. Once opened, customers can invest in Mutual Funds online through 5paisa mobile app or website. 5paisa also offers mutual fund advisory services at an extra cost.



  2. 2. How to add money to the 5paisa ledger account?

    5Paisa allows adding funds through UPI, Net Banking and IMPS transfer. Add the funds in the ledger account in the following ways:

    1. 5paisa Add Money using UPI

    Steps to add funds in ledger account through UPI:

    • Open 5Paisa mobile app and login
    • Click on the Menu, then on 'Trade'
    • Further, click on 'Funds' and later on 'Add Funds'
    • Select Mutual Fund Ledger and enter the amount
    • Click on UPI option and add funds
    • Choose the UPI application name to add funds

    2. 5paisa Add Money using Net Banking

    5Paisa has tied up with 44 banks to get payment gateway facility to add funds in a mutual fund account. You can easily transfer the funds from the bank account to a mutual fund account through net banking. Here are the steps to add funds through net banking:

    • Login to 5paisa mobile app
    • Click on Menu>Trade> Funds
    • Click on add funds option
    • Choose mutual fund ledger account
    • Enter amount and select net banking option
    • Click on Add Funds
    • Login to bank website with credentials

    Finally, the amount is deducted from the bank account and credited in the mutual fund account.

    3. 5paisa Add Money using IMPS

    You can instantly transfer the funds in the mutual fund account without any document through IMPS. You just need to add 5Paisa as a beneficiary in your registered bank account.



  3. 3. How to delete the 5paisa mutual fund account?

    To close the mutual fund account with 5Paisa, you have to download the account closure form from the website, fill it, sign it and send the application to the Mumbai office. It takes around 2 working days once the application is received. You get a call and confirmation email once the account is closed.

    Note: You cannot close or delete a 5paisa mutual fund account online. A manually signed paper form is required for closure.



  4. 4. How much 5paisa charges for mutual fund account?

    5Paisa charge Rs 10 per order brokerage fee for mutual funds transaction. Rs 10 is changed on both the buy and sell-side.

    Note that 5paisa also offers direct mutual funds along with regular mutual funds. The direct mutual funds offer an additional 1 to 1.5% earning every year as AMCs don't pay any commission to brokers for these and transfer them to the customers.



  5. 5. How can I invest in 5paisa mutual fund?

    Investing in a mutual fund through 5Paisa is quite easy. You need to access 5paisa mobile app or trading website and visit the mutual fund section. Next, choose the fund house and mutual fund you want to invest in. You also have to provide some information regarding investment such as investment amount, mode of investment, time horizon, bank account details, etc. You can add money in the 5Paisa mutual fund account through UPI, Net banking and IMPS transfer.



  6. 6. Does 5paisa offer a free mutual fund account?

    No, 5paisa doesn't offer a free mutual fund account similar to other brokers like Zerodha. 5paisa Mutual Fund account charges are as below:

    5 Paisa Mutual Fund Charges

    Account Opening Charges

    Rs 0 (Free)

    Demat Annual Maintenance

    Rs 300 yearly

    Mutual Fund Brokerage

    Rs 10 per order



  7. 7. How is 5paisa for Mutual Funds?

    5paisa is good for mutual funds investment as it helps you save significant money on brokerages. The company also offers direct mutual funds wherein customers get an additional 1% to 1.5% yearly return. It charges Rs 10 per executed and Demat AMC of Rs 300 every year. Its competitor Zerodha doesn't charge any brokerage and offers lower Demat AMC of Rs 300 per year.

    5paisa offers a mobile app and a website to invest in mutual funds online.



  8. 8. What are 5paisa mutual fund charges?

    5paisa offers direct as well as regular mutual funds. 5paisa charge flat Rs 10 per executed order brokerage for mutual fund investment. The flat rate brokerage is irrespective of the fund type or order size. Separate brokerages are charged for buy and sell orders. Rs 10 brokerage is applicable for both lump sum and SIP investment.



  9. 9. Does 5paisa offer Direct Mutual Fund?

    Yes, 5paisa offer direct mutual fund as well as regular funds. Direct mutual funds are offered directly from AMCs and the broker doesn't get any commission from AMCs for these funds. The savings are passed on to the customers which results in an additional 1 to 1.5% earnings per year. The direct MF removes the middleman.



  10. 10. How to sell mutual funds with 5paisa?

    Clients can sale (redeem) mutual funds online at anytime using the following steps:

    1. Login to website or 5paisa mobile app
    2. Visit MF holdings or portfolio
    3. Click on the scheme you want to redeem
    4. Click on redeem option available along with the scheme
    5. Select the amounts and units you want to redeem
    6. Click on the confirm to redeem



5paisa Account Opening Enquiry

FREE Account Opening (Rs 650 waived) + Brokerage-free Mutual Funds + Trade at flat Rs 20 per order. Open Instant Account with 5paisa and start trading today.

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Special Offer: FREE Account Opening (Rs 650 waived) + Brokerage-free Mutual Funds + Trade at flat Rs 20 per order. Open Instant Account with 5paisa and start trading today.


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