How to add money to the 5paisa ledger account?

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5Paisa allows adding funds through UPI, Net Banking and IMPS transfer. Add the funds in the ledger account in the following ways:

1. 5paisa Add Money using UPI

Steps to add funds in ledger account through UPI:

  • Open 5Paisa mobile app and login
  • Click on the Menu, then on 'Trade'
  • Further, click on 'Funds' and later on 'Add Funds'
  • Select Mutual Fund Ledger and enter the amount
  • Click on UPI option and add funds
  • Choose the UPI application name to add funds

2. 5paisa Add Money using Net Banking

5Paisa has tied up with 44 banks to get payment gateway facility to add funds in a mutual fund account. You can easily transfer the funds from the bank account to a mutual fund account through net banking. Here are the steps to add funds through net banking:

  • Login to 5paisa mobile app
  • Click on Menu>Trade> Funds
  • Click on add funds option
  • Choose mutual fund ledger account
  • Enter amount and select net banking option
  • Click on Add Funds
  • Login to bank website with credentials

Finally, the amount is deducted from the bank account and credited in the mutual fund account.

3. 5paisa Add Money using IMPS

You can instantly transfer the funds in the mutual fund account without any document through IMPS. You just need to add 5Paisa as a beneficiary in your registered bank account.


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