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Paytm Money offers Direct Mutual Funds to its customers for investment. Investors can use the Paytm Money website or Paytm Money mobile app to invest in mutual funds. Paytm Money is an all-in-one mutual fund app with direct mutual funds available for investment through SIP or lumpsum mode. The company has a tie-up with 38+ leading Asset Management companies covering around 96% of Industry Assets Under Management (AUM). The company offers to switch your regular mutual fund plans to direct mutual fund plans and help you earn 1% extra returns. It also provides its investors with a free risk profile assessment feature that helps them understand their risk appetite before starting an investment.

Paytm Money started in 2017 as a direct mutual fund platform. Investing in Mutual funds through Paytm Money is free, as there are no commissions, fees on buying or selling of mutual funds, or any other hidden charges.

Paytm Money is a SEBI registered Investment Advisory that offers advisory services for a mutual fund. The company provides its investors with hand-picked Investment Packs that combine 3-5 mutual funds to suit an investor's need and profile. These investment packs are made available as mini-investment pack having a minimum investment amount of Rs. 2,000 - 2,500, large investment pack having a minimum investment amount of Rs. 5,000, and tax saver pack comprising of ELSS funds.

Paytm Money charges for Mutual Fund

Paytm Money offers brokerage free mutual fund investment. They don't take any transaction fees, redemption charges, or commission from their customers.

Paytm Money offers only direct mutual funds. The direct mutual fund gives an additional earning to the investors by way of saving on the commission that an AMC is required to pay to the agents or brokers who act as mutual fund distributors in case of regular mutual funds.

Mutual Fund charges in Paytm Money



Paytm Money Account Opening Charges


Paytm Money Mutual Fund AMC Charges


Paytm Money Mutual Fund Brokerage


Paytm Money Mutual Fund Commission


Paytm Money Mutual Fund DP Charges


Paytm Money Mutual Fund Withdrawal Charges


Paytm Money Other Charges

No Hidden Charge

Paytm Money Mutual Fund app

Paytm Money offers investors an opportunity to invest in a wide range of Mutual funds as per their needs, goals, and risk profile through Paytm Money trading platforms - Paytm Money website and Paytm Money mobile app. Paytm Money offers the same investment platform to invest in MF, Equity, Derivatives, NPS, IPO, ETF, and Digital Gold. Paytm Money started as a mutual fund investment platform and has over 6 million users that invest through Paytm Money.

Key features of the Paytm Money platform include:

  • Clean user interface with a simple design that is easy to access.
  • Smart and Powerful Search to filter schemes by name, category, fund manager, and rating.
  • Rating of Mutual Funds by leading research agencies.
  • Facility to view funds with the highest return in their respective category.
  • Detailed information on the fund manager.
  • Instant withdrawal of 90% of investment money capped up to Rs. 50,000.
  • Grouping of mutual funds for ease of selection based on risk, fund size, returns, mode of investment, period.
  • Portfolio with latest updates on a daily basis.
  • Access to various mutual fund statements like Portfolio Holding, Transaction summary, Tax-saving, etc.
  • Timely SIP notifications.
  • Suggestion on best SIP dates for optimized returns.
  • Riskometer for all schemes that display the nature of the risk of each scheme.
  • Feature to set financial goals for goal-based tracking.
  • Facility to compare funds/schemes within the same category.
  • SIP starting Rs.100.

Paytm money mutual fund benefits

  • Zero fees, no transaction charges, no hidden fees.
  • Safe and secured app with 128-bit encryption.
  • Free and Digital KYC on mobile.
  • Free Risk Profile Assessment.
  • Simple Discovery of Mutual Funds.
  • Detailed information and tracking of mutual fund investment.
  • Convenient payment options with automated one-tap payments.
  • Comprehensive portfolio insights for free.



Paytm Money Mutual Fund App download

Paytm Money mutual fund app is available for free in the Google play store or App store.

To download the app:

  • Visit Google play store/ App store.
  • Search for 'Paytm Money - Stocks & Mutual Funds Investment App' in Play Store and 'Paytm Money Stocks Trading App' in App Store.
  • Click on install to download the app.
  • Login to invest.

Paytm money Mutual Fund KYC

To access the Paytm Money mutual fund account, you need to open an account with Paytm Money.

Steps to open Paytm Money mutual fund account:



Documents required for Paytm Money mutual fund account:

  • PAN Card.
  • Address proof like Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID, or Driving License.
  • Photo.
  • Scan Copy of your Signature
  • Bank Account Details.

Paytm Money Mutual Fund login

To access the Paytm Money mutual fund account, you need to log in using the existing Paytm credentials that you must be using to make payments. In case you do not have a Paytm login, create a new account using your mobile number or email and set a password. Use these credentials for Paytm Money investments.

Paytm Money Mutual Fund customer care

Paytm Money has an in-built Customer support section with a list of frequently asked topic wise queries that can help you resolve your issues. In case your query is not listed or addressed, you can raise a request for the same through the app.

Alternatively, you can drop an email to

To raise a request through the app, you need to login to Paytm Money mobile app, go to Customer Support section from the menu and select the category related to your query and submit the request.

Paytm money Mutual Fund statement

Paytm Money offers its clients various types of mutual fund statements that help them do detailed tracking of their investments.

  • Portfolio Holding Statement

    It is a summary statement of all MF holdings as on a specific date.

  • Transaction Statement

    It is a summarized statement of all the transactions that include investments, redemptions, and subscriptions for a chosen period.

  • Realized Gains Statement

    It is a summary statement reflecting Net Profit/Loss on the redemptions.

  • Investment Insights

    It is a statement that provides detailed insights on your investments based on the category, asset class, and scheme.

  • Tax Statement

    It provides information on your investments in ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme). This statement can be used as investment proof for tax filing purposes to claim exemption.

All the above statements are available in PDF format and can be requested to be sent anytime to your registered email address.

Paytm Money Mutual Fund cut-off time

The mutual fund cut-off timelines determine the NAV at which you can buy or sell a mutual fund. The cut-off timeliness differs across different schemes or categories and is very important as it decides the NAV at which units get allocated to you. To ensure that you get the mutual funds at NAV of the same day, the funds/redemption request should reach the AMC the same day before the cut off timings. In case the AMC does not receive the funds/request before the cut-off time, the next day's NAV gets applicable to you.

Paytm Money Mutual Fund cut off timings

Fund Type


Cut-off timings

Liquid and Overnight Funds


1.30 PM



3.00 PM

All other schemes

Buy / Sell

3.00 PM

Paytm money Mutual Fund withdrawal time

You can withdraw the funds anytime you wish unless you have invested in Tax saver funds that have a lock on a period of 3 years. If you invest in Insta redemption funds, you can withdraw up to 90% of your investment amount capped to a maximum of Rs.50,000. The time at which you withdraw the funds decides the NAV applicable as explained in the above table.

Paytm Money NFO

NFO (New Fund Offer) is a subscription offer for a new fund launched by the asset management company (AMC) or mutual fund house to raise capital. Paytm Money offers its investors to apply for NFO online through Paytm Money mutual fund platforms using UPI, Auto Pay, Net-banking.

Paytm Money maintains complete information about the NFO that includes:

  1. List of open NFO,
  2. Minimum investment amount for a given NFO
  3. NFO period,
  4. Fund Manager details.
  5. Underlying scheme and risk associated with the fund,
  6. Comparison feature with other mutual funds within the same category.

Paytm Money switch to direct

Paytm Money has launched a switch to direct feature that allows customers to switch their external Regular mutual funds to Direct mutual funds for free. This facility of Paytm Money allows the investors to earn up to 1% higher returns on their investments by saving commission on the Regular mutual funds.

To switch from your regular plans to Direct mutual funds, you need to request or download your CAS (consolidated view of all MF holdings) and upload it in the Paytm Money app.

Paytm Money Best Mutual Funds

Paytm Money provides its investors with a list of best mutual funds that are grouped based on various parameters like ratings, returns, and risk profile as per below:

  1. List of Top-rated funds based on the ratings assigned by credible agencies by CRISL, Morning Star, and Value Research.
  2. List of Best Return mutual funds with highest returns over a different time range across various categories.
  3. Selective list of Mutual funds that would do better than fixed deposits for risk-averse investors.

Apart from this, Paytm Money provides advisory services to its mutual fund investors through selective investment packs. These investment packs are created based on thorough and in-depth research and have the right combination of 3-5 mutual funds that best suit your risk profile.

Paytm Money for Mutual Funds - Conclusion

Paytm Money offers their investors to start mutual fund investments with SIP as low as Rs.100. You can enjoy commission-free, brokerage- free, digitized investments. Paytm Money has zero transaction fees with no other hidden charges. The company offers only direct mutual funds of the fund houses with a feature to compare between funds for better analysis and an option to convert your regular funds to direct mutual funds. Paytm Money gives you access to mutual funds from 38+ AMCs to help you invest as per your financial goals using SIP or lumpsum investment modes.

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  • Pay flat ₹20 per executed order for Delivery, Intraday & F&O.

This is a limited-time offer. Open Instant Paytm Account online and start trading today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is Paytm Money Mutual Fund?

    Paytm Money Mutual Fund is a Direct Mutual Fund investment platform available to Indians for mutual fund investments.

    Paytm Money offers only Direct Mutual Funds that enable investors to earn an extra return of up to 1%.

    The investments in mutual funds through Paytm Money is free with no commission, no brokerage, no transaction charges, or any other hidden charges. The company also offers Investment Advisory Services by way of Investment packs that contain 3-5 mutual funds as per investor risk profile.



  2. 2. Paytm Money is Direct or Regular mutual fund platform?

    Paytm Money is a Direct Mutual fund platform and does not offer regular mutual funds.

    The company offers a switch to direct facility to its customers to convert their external regular mutual funds to Direct mutual funds and earn extra returns up to 1% by saving on the commission cost.



  3. 3. Is Paytm Money Direct Mutual Fund?

    Yes, Paytm Money is a Direct Mutual fund platform offering only Direct Mutual fund to its investors.

    The Direct Mutual Fund enables the investors to earn an extra return of up to 1% by saving on commission cost. The company offers a switch to direct facility to its customers to convert their external Regular mutual funds to Direct mutual funds.



  4. 4. How to use Paytm Money Mutual Fund?

    To invest in Paytm Money Mutual Fund, log in using your mobile number or email id in the Paytm Money website or mobile app. If your status is KYC verified, you are eligible to start making the investments.

    To invest in mutual funds, go to the Mutual Fund section of the website or app and search and explore mutual fund schemes by ratings, ideas, categories, fund managers, and much more. Make your investment by choosing either SIP or lumpsum mode of investment.





  5. 5. How to add nominee in Paytm Money mutual fund?

    Paytm Money provides an option to add a nominee as part of the KYC Registration and verification process.

    It is an optional step. You can choose to add the nominee while you are opening the account or can add it later. It is preferable to add a nominee as early as possible.

    An account with a nominee added helps to ease the process of transfer of investments in the event of the death of an investor.



  6. 6. What is Paytm Money Mutual Fund helpline number?

    Paytm Money offers online customer support through an in-built Customer support section and email.

    The Customer support section has a list of frequently asked questions that can assist resolve your queries. In case your query or issue is not on the list, you can raise a request with the customer support team through the Paytm Money app in the respective category. Alternatively, you can drop an email to



  7. 7. How to withdraw money from Paytm money mutual fund?

    You can withdraw money from Paytm Money Mutual Funds anytime and anywhere at your fingertips unless the mutual funds have any lock-in-period. Paytm Money also offers Insta redemptions wherein you can withdraw 90% of the investments daily capped to Rs 50,000.

    Steps to withdraw money from mutual fund investments in Paytm Money:

    1. Log in to Paytm Money web/ Paytm Money app.
    2. Go to the Portfolio section.
    3. Select the Mutual Fund you wish to redeem from the Insta Redemption category or Mutual Funds options.
    4. Click on Sell.
    5. Enter the Sell amount or select on Withdraw all units.
    6. View the Exit charges and tax implications, if any, for your reference.
    7. Click on Next and then Confirm & sell to place the redemption request.

    The amount gets credited to your registered bank account within 1-3 working days.



  8. 8. Is Paytm money safe for mutual funds?

    Paytm Money is a safe and secured app for your investments with bank-level security that protects personal information and transactions from unauthorized access. The Paytm Money also offers login with two-factor authentication of fingerprint and PIN-based locks that provides an additional security level.



  9. 9. What is Paytm money international mutual fund?

    An International Mutual Fund is a fund that invests more than 80% of its assets in equity/equity-related instruments of foreign counties.

    Amongst the Direct Mutual Funds offered by Paytm Money, the company also offers International Equity funds to its investors. The International Equity Funds have become quite popular recently due to well-performing US Equity markets and higher returns given by such funds. However, one should be aware that these funds are highly volatile. Thus, one must understand the pros and cons of International Equity Funds before deciding to invest in them.



  10. 10. Does Paytm Money have a mutual fund calculator?

    Paytm Money currently does not have an in-built Paytm Money mutual fund calculator to assess the estimated returns and maturity value.

    Paytm Money has a live Portfolio tracking that displays the real-time value of your investments. It helps us know the returns fetched on the funds invested.



  11. 11. Is Paytm Money Mutual Fund safe?

    Paytm Money mutual fund investments are safe and secured as the funds move directly from your bank account to AMC and from AMC to your bank account. At no point in time, the funds reach Paytm Money.

    Moreover, the Paytm Money trading platforms are secured with bank-level security that protect your personal information and transaction details from unauthorized access. Paytm Money login is also secured with two-factor authentication with fingerprint and pin-based locks.



  12. 12. Can I invest in stocks through Paytm Money?

    Yes, you can invest in stocks and mutual funds through Paytm Money, a SEBI registered stockbroker that offers online trading and investment services.

    Paytm Money offers brokerage-free Equity Delivery trading and charges a lower of 0.05% of transaction value or Rs 10 per executed order. You can invest in stocks using Paytm Money mobile app or Paytm Money web-based trading platform.



  13. 13. What is Paytm Money SIP?

    Paytm Money SIP allows investors to invest money in a disciplined form in Stocks, ETFs, and Mutual funds.

    In Paytm Money SIP, a specific amount of money gets debited from your account on a specific selected date every month, week, or quarter for investment purposes. This money then gets invested in Equity Stocks, ETFs or Mutual Funds.



  14. 14. Is Paytm Money free for mutual funds?

    Yes, Paytm Money allows you to invest in Mutual funds for free. Paytm Money does not charge any commissions, fees on buy/sell of MF, or any other hidden charges.

    Paytm Money Mutual Fund Charges



    Account Opening Charges

    Rs 200

    Mutual Fund AMC Charges

    Rs 0

    Mutual Fund Brokerage

    Rs 0

    Mutual Fund Commission

    Rs 0

    Mutual Fund DP Charges

    Rs 0

    Mutual Fund Withdrawal Charges

    Rs 0

    Other Charges




  15. 15. Can I invest in SIP through Paytm Money?

    Yes, you can invest in SIP through Paytm Money.

    SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is the disciplined way of investing at regular intervals for a defined time frame as per your choice. Paytm Money allows SIP in Stocks, ETF's and Mutual funds. You can choose a monthly or weekly payment plan, mutual fund scheme and decide the amount you want to buy for the SIP plan.



  16. 16. How can I invest in Paytm Mutual Fund?

    You can invest online in Paytm Money Mutual Fund for free using the lumpsum or SIP mode of investment.

    Steps to start investing in Paytm Mutual Fund

    1. Log in to Paytm Money App or website with Paytm credentials.
    2. Tap on the Invest tab at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Search funds based on investment ideas, ratings, fund managers, AMCs. or Fund Categories.
    4. Select your desired fund and tap on Invest Now.
    5. Invest via SIP or the lump summode and enter the Investment Amount.
    6. Tap on Proceed to Payment.
    7. Enter the desired date of SIP.
    8. Make payment using Autopay, Net banking, or Debit card for automatic deduction.
    9. Click on Proceed to payment to complete the payment.

    You can start a SIP as low as Rs 100 every month at Paytm Money.

    Paytm Mutual Fund Investment Demo



  17. 17. How is Paytm Money for Mutual fund?

    Paytm Money is a decent choice for Mutual Funds investment due to the below key benefits and features offered by the broker.

    • Commission-free and brokerage-free Mutual Fund Investments.
    • Offers Direct Mutual Funds that allow investors to earn an additional 1% return.
    • Offers SIP starting with Rs 100.
    • Safe and secured trading platform for MF investment.
    • Instant withdrawal facility up to 90% of Investment amount capped up to Rs 50,000.
    • Hassle-free online account opening process.



  18. 18. How to close the Paytm Money Mutual Fund account?

    A Paytm Money Mutual Fund account can be closed by sending a signed paper account closure form to the Paytm office in Bengaluru.

    Steps to close the Paytm Money mutual fund account

    1. Visit the Paytm money website.
    2. Click on Products >> Stock Market.
    3. Go to the bottom of the screen and click on Download Centers under the Support section.
    4. Download the Account closure Request form.
    5. Fill in the required details.
    6. Send the signed form to the address mentioned on the form.

    For a quick account closure process, make sure to:

    1. Sell or transfer mutual funds or securities.
    2. Clear all dues.
    3. Close active SIPs



  19. 19. How to delete SIP in Paytm Money?

    You can delete the active SIP in Paytm Money at any time by submitting an online request.

    Steps to delete SIP in Paytm Money

    1. Login to Paytm Money App or website
    2. Go tothe "Mutual Funds" section
    3. Go to"Manage SIPs" and click on 'SIP date".
    4. Click on"Delete" to delete your SIP.



  20. 20. Does Paytm money charges for mutual fund?

    Paytm Money customers do not have to pay brokerage fees for trading mutual funds. However, they do have to pay account opening fees. Paytm Money offers unlimited buying and selling of mutual funds for free.

    Paytm Money's mutual funds are free from any brokerage fees for customers. The same goes for other fees such as transaction fees and commissions.

    Paytm Money offers various opportunities to invest in several mutual funds at the same time, in the form of investment packages. The investment value of these packages also depends on the accessibility and willingness of the customer.



  21. 21. What is delete sip in Paytm money?

    SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is an investment vehicle offered by mutual funds to investors. Through SIP, customers can invest a certain amount in a disciplined manner at certain intervals.

    Paytm Money customers can also change, cancel or delete their ongoing SIPs at any time.

    To delete SIP,

    1. Open the Paytm Money app and log in.
    2. In the app, go to the "Mutual Funds" section.
    3. Under "Manage SIP"," find "SIP Date"."
    4. Click "Delete" to delete the selected SIP.



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Pay ₹0 brokerage for first 15 days and flat ₹20 per trade brokerage for delivery, intra-day and F&O trades thereafter. Get the offer

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Special Offer: Pay ₹0 brokerage for first 15 days and flat ₹20 per trade brokerage for delivery, intra-day and F&O trades thereafter. Get the offer
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