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Anand Rathi allows its customers to invest in mutual funds through its separate mutual fund investment platforms. The broker acts as a distributor, selling a variety of mutual fund schemes from various asset management companies (AMCs).

The Anand Rathi Mutual Fund platforms are web and app-based, and they allow investors to invest in a lump sum or through a systematic investment plan (SIP).

Anand Rathi provides mutual fund Market Data to its customers for making decisions on selecting mutual funds. The market data webpage can be used to do the following:

  • Compare three mutual funds at once.
  • Examine mutual fund performance by scheme and category.
  • Search for schemes through the 'Find the scheme option'.
  • Get the latest news on mutual funds.

Anand Rathi has been a well-known mutual fund distribution house since 2002 in India, partnering with some of the country's most well-known mutual funds. Anand Rathi employs 271 relationship managers across 11 offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Chandigarh, Jodhpur, and Noida, as well as a representative office in Dubai.

The Key Features of Anand Rathi Mutual Fund:

  • It offers a range of mutual fund schemes from different fund houses.
  • It provides an easy and hassle-free way of investing in mutual funds.
  • Investing in Anand Rathi MF does not require a Demat account.
  • Transact, switch, redeem, purchase, sell, or sell from a single platform.
  • Online, RTGS and NEFT payment mode facility.
  • It offers a web portal and a mobile app for mutual fund investment.
  • Have over INR 32,906 crores of assets under management across.
  • View MF summary, holding, transaction and portfolio summary

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Investment Platforms

Anand Rathi offers a mutual fund investment web portal and mobile app. The mutual fund trading platforms of Anand Rathi are designed to provide a simple and convenient trading experience.

1. Anand Rathi Mutual Funds Client App (Mobile App)

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund offers an MF investment facility through the AR MF Client app. The MF Client App offers multiple features like single-point access, safe and quick fund transfers, mutual fund portfolio reporting, etc.

Key Features of AR MF Client App

  • Transact, track, and manage the mutual fund investments at your fingertips.
  • Facility to switch, redeem, and invest in SIP or lumpsum.
  • Make multiple fund transfers from a single bank account.
  • Track order status and mutual fund portfolio in real-time
  • Get access to your mutual fund reports.

2. Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Website

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund's investment facility is also available through a web-based investment platform.

Key Features of Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Web

  • Easy online transactions in mutual funds through any web browser.
  • Easy payment settlement through the client's bank account directly.
  • Online payment options include OTM, RTGS, and NEFT.
  • View Overall Portfolio Summary, MF Summary, MF Gain/Loss, MF Holdings & MF Transactions.
  • overall view of mutual fund gain or loss, holdings, summary, and portfolio summary.
  • Lumpsum and SIP investments are available.
  • Non-AR account holders can also invest in mutual funds,
  • Get investment funds recommended by Anand Rathi experts.
  • View and track overall portfolio details in one place.
  • No Demat account is required.

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Advantages

  • A variety of mutual fund schemes for diversifying the portfolio.
  • Separate Mutual Fund Client Application and Web platform.
  • Market data information for comparing multiple mutual funds at once.
  • Access to the latest mutual fund news.
  • It allows investment across different fund houses.
  • It allows fresh transactions for your folio with other brokers.
  • Offers a web and app-based mutual fund investment platform.
  • It provides mutual fund recommendations through the AR MF Advisory app.

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Disadvantages


Anand Rathi offers mutual fund investments from various fund houses. The funds offered by Anand Rathi are regular mutual funds. For new investors, it has a mutual fund advisory app that provides fund recommendations from experts. The research & advisory services help customers, especially those who are new to mutual funds.

Online stock brokers like Zerodha, Upstox, and 5paisa offers direct mutual fund which provides higher returns because they do not charge commissions or brokerage fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Does Anand Rathi offer a mutual fund?

    Yes, Anand Rathi works as a distributor in offering mutual fund schemes. Although, it doesn't have any in-house mutual fund scheme. All the schemes offered through Anand Rathi are regular mutual funds from different fund houses.



  2. 2. Why should you choose Anand Rathi Mutual Fund?

    Here are the reasons for investing in Anand Rathi Mutual Funds:

    • Easy online transaction facility
    • A single platform to access hundreds of schemes from various fund houses
    • Online mode of payment
    • Offers experts' recommended investment basket
    • Allows using folio with different brokers for fresh transactions



  3. 3. Is Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Safe?

    Yes, investing in a mutual fund is as safe as investing with any other brokers. It is a SEBI registered broker offering a wide range of investment services. The company is registered with AMFI which allows it to offer mutual fund services to its customers.

    Anand Rathi only plays the role of a distributor. It doesn't offer any mutual fund schemes of its own. The company earns a commission for selling mutual funds. It is a low-risk business model which in no way put your investments at risk.



  4. 4. What is the Anand Rathi Mutual Fund App?

    Anand Rathi Mutual Fund App is a mobile platform for investing in mutual funds. Investing in Mutual Funds through the Anand Rathi Mobile App is a very simple and instant process. Customers can track and manage their investments in mutual funds by using the AR Mutual Funds App.

    The application is available for both Android and Apple phone users for free. By installing the app on your device, you can start investing through your Anand Rathi MF account.

    The following are the steps for using the Anand Rathi Mutual Fund App:

    Steps to download Anand Rathi Mobile App

    1. Visit Google Play or the Apple App Store.
    2. Search for Anand Rathi Mutual Funds
    3. Click on the AnandRathi MutualFunds-Client
    4. Install the app by clicking on the respective button.
    5. Login with your Anand Rathi Mutual Fund account credentials.
    6. Start investing in mutual funds



  5. 5. Does Anand Rathi offer Mutual Fund Recommendations?

    Yes, Anand Rathi has a dedicated team that monitors securities regularly and offers investment advice and recommendations to its customers.

    Anand Rathi also provides online mutual fund market data on its web page so that users can make informed decisions about which mutual fund to invest in.

    AR allows you to check the past performance of various mutual funds schemes and offers a comparison calculator to compare different schemes instantly.

    Steps to use for Scheme Comparison:

    1. Open MF Market Data web page.
    2. Scroll down to the MF Comparison.
    3. Enter Scheme 1, 2, and 3 and add AMCs and scheme names.
    4. Click on "compare."
    5. You can see the mutual fund comparison.



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