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Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Review

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Anand Rathi is a full-service broker in India with more than 25 years of experience in wealth creation. It offers various investment options to investors. Anand Rathi also has a dedicated mutual fund investment platform wherein it offers regular mutual fund schemes. The broker works as a distributor offering various mutual fund schemes from different AMCs (Asset Management Companies). Anand Rathi Mutual Fund platforms are web and app-based that allows investing through lump sum or SIP mode of investment.

Key Features of Anand Rathi Mutual Fund:

  • Offers a range of mutual fund schemes from different fund houses
  • Provides an easy and hassle-free way for mutual fund investments
  • No Demat account is required to invest in Anand Rathi MF
  • Transact, switch, redeem, purchase or sell from a single platform
  • Online, RTGS and NEFT payment mode facility
  • Offers web portal and mobile app for mutual fund investment
  • View MF summary, holding, transaction and portfolio summary

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Online Charges

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Charges

Anand Rathi Account Opening Charges


Anand Rathi Mutual Fund AMC Fees


Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Brokerage Charges


Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Commission

Charges commission 1% to 1.5% for regular mutual funds

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund DP Charges


Other Charges


Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Account Opening Process

For investing in Anand Rathi Mutual Fund, you are required to be a KYC compliant and registered mutual fund user with the broker. Investors need to register with the broker to create an Anand Rathi Mutual Fund account. Follow the below steps for new client registration: 

  • Visit Anand Rathi official website
  • Click on Services tab and choose a distributor from the drop-down list
  • Choose Mutual Funds from the available options
  • Click on 'Online MF' button, it will open a new page
  • Now, click on login
  • Click on New Client Registration
  • Fill the information step by step to register with Anand Rathi
  • Add your personal and bank details
  • Complete your KYC
  • Start investing in mutual funds

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund account provides an easy and hassle-free way of investing in mutual funds online. Further, you can also visit the official website and click on Open an Account option available at the right corner and tick mutual funds as a product. After submitting the information, the concerned executive will call you for further process. If you are a KYC compliant, you are not required to go through the process again. After opening the Anand Rathi MF account, you can access a variety of mutual fund schemes from various fund houses.

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund SIP

Anand Rathi allows both lump sum and SIP mode of investment through its investment platforms. You can transact, redeem, or switch the schemes through a single platform at Anand Rathi Mutual Fund SIP. Through auto mandate form you can also schedule your SIP investment on a particular date from the linked bank account automatically. Every mutual fund has a different minimum investment amount to invest through SIP. Generally, the minimum amount is Rs 500, but it can also be Rs 250 for some mutual funds. All the details regarding exit load, NAV, performance, and returns regarding mutual fund SIP are available in the funds details section. Anand Rathi MF Advisory app can also choose the right mutual fund scheme to invest through SIP.

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Investment Platforms

Anand Rathi offers web and mobile app to invest in mutual funds. If you are already registered with Anand Rathi for mutual fund investments, you can use the user ID and password to access these platforms.

1. Anand Rathi Mutual Funds Client App

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund offers an MF investment facility through the AR MF Client app. The application is available for both android and apple phone users for free. By installing the app in your device, you can start investing through your Anand Rathi MF account. 

Key Features of AR MF Client App

  • Transact, Track & Manage the mutual fund investment anytime and anywhere
  • Facility to switch, redeem, invest in SIP or lumpsum
  • Make multiple fund transfers from a single bank account
  • Track order status and mutual fund portfolio in real-time
  • Get access to your mutual fund reports

Download Anand Rathi Mobile App

  • Visit Google Play or Apple App Store
  • Search for Anand Rathi Mutual Funds Client
  • Click on the first option available
  • Install the app by click on the respective button
  • Login with Anand Rathi Mutual Fund account credentials
  • Start investing in mutual funds

2. Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Web

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund investment facility is also available through a web-based investment platform. It enables users to access the mutual fund platform from anywhere and manage their funds.

Key Features of Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Web

  • Easy online transactions in mutual fund through any web browser
  • Easy payment settlement through the client's bank account directly
  • Can use the same folio opened with other brokers for fresh purchase, redeem and switch
  • Get investment funds recommended by Anand Rathi experts
  • View and track overall portfolio details at one place

Access Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Web

  • Visit Anand Rathi official website
  • Click on the login option
  • Choose 'Online Mutual Fund' from the available options
  •  Type User code and password
  • Click on Login button to access Anand Rathi MF web

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Customer Care

Anand Rathi offers both online and offline customer support. For any query, you can contact a toll-free number on 1800 420 1004. You can also mail at for any account-related queries. Apart from this, for any grievance or complaint, you can mail at You can also visit your nearby branch for offline assistance. 

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Advantages

  • A variety of mutual fund schemes for diversifying the portfolio
  • Allows investment across different fund houses
  • Allows fresh transactions for your folio with other brokers
  • Offers web and portal based mutual fund investment platform
  • Provides mutual fund recommendation through AR MF Advisory app

Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Disadvantages

  • Doesn't offer direct mutual funds
  • Charges commission from the fund houses for mutual fund investment


Anand Rathi offers mutual fund investment from various fund houses. The funds offered by Anand Rathi are regular mutual funds. For new investors, it has a mutual fund advisory app that provides fund recommendations from experts. While the research & advisory services help customers, especially those who are new to mutual funds, direct mutual fund services offered by Zerodha, 5paisa etc., will deliver you more returns as they charge no commission and brokerage. This can easily help you save 1% of your profits which turns into substantial savings in long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Does Anand Rathi offer a mutual fund?

    Yes, Anand Rathi works as a distributor in offering mutual fund schemes. Although, it doesn't have any in-house mutual fund scheme. All the schemes offered through Anand Rathi are regular mutual funds from different fund houses.


  2. 2. Why should you choose Anand Rathi Mutual Fund?

    Here are the reasons for investing in Anand Rathi Mutual Funds:

    • Easy online transaction facility
    • A single platform to access hundreds of schemes from various fund houses
    • Online mode of payment
    • Offers experts' recommended investment basket
    • Allows using folio with different brokers for fresh transactions


  3. 3. Is Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Safe?

    Yes, investing in a mutual fund is as safe as investing with any other brokers. It is a SEBI registered broker offering a wide range of investment services. The company is registered with AMFI which allows it to offer mutual fund services to its customers.

    Anand Rathi only plays the role of a distributor. It doesn't offer any mutual fund schemes of its own. The company earns a commission for selling mutual funds. It is a low-risk business model which in no way put your investments at risk.


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