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Incorporated in 1994, Anand Rathi is one of India's leading financial services companies. Anand Rathi is a reputable full-service broker with a low client-to-complaint ratio. Anand Rathi has a presence in over 100+ branches and 1200+ sub-brokers spread across India and Dubai.

Anand Rathi is a SEBI registered broker and a depository participant with CDSL and NSDL. It is a member of the BSE, NSE, and MCX.

Anand Rathi is a client-centric company that offers a wide range of services such as trading and investment services in Equity, Currency, Commodities, Futures & Options, Mutual Funds and IPOs etc,

Anand Rathi provides investment advisory services; their team of professionals conducts research across all investment categories and produces timely reports, trading tips, and recommendations to assist clients in achieving their financial objectives.

The company offers a wide range of services to investors such as Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance & Distribution including insurance, loans, corporate deposits, investment opportunities and smart baskets, portfolio management, margin funding, loan against shares, etc.

About Anand Rathi

The following are key facts you should know about Anand Rathi.

  • One of India's leading financial services companies.
  • Over 24 years of experience in wealth generation.
  • Full-service broker offering a wide range of services.
  • Free research, trading tips, and recommendations.
  • Excellent mobile application, website, & desktop trading software for trading.
  • Pan India's presence through branches and franchises.
  • It offers free online account opening and Rs 0 Demat AMC for the 1st year.

Why Anand Rathi Broking is safer than other brokers?

  1. Strong Presence (In-person services)

    Anand Rathi has been offering financial services for over 25+ years and is one of the major financial and investment services providers in India. With 100+ branches and 1200+ sub-brokers, Anand Rathi has a strong presence in India and Dubai.

  2. Registered with Regulatory

    Anand Rathi is a SEBI registered broker and a member of the BSE, NSE, MCX, CDSL and NSDL. Anand Rathi offers to trade in Stocks, Equity Derivatives, Currency, and Commodity trading.

  3. Technology-Focused Company

    Anand Rathi offers technology-advanced investment software such as TradeMobi App, Trade X'Press+ web-based, and Trade X'Pro+ desktop-based applications. The advanced platforms aim at making investors' investments and the trading journey easy and seamless. To assist its consumers, the broker offers both online and offline services.

Anand Rathi Risks

While Anand Rathi broking is a safe broker serving customers for over 24 years, there are a few areas of concern a customer should be aware of:

  1. Wide range of businesses

    Anand Rathi is a large financial services provider with a range of products and services. The businesses owned by the group have different risk profiles. Most of them fall in the higher risk category in comparison to the stock broking business. The scale of failure in one such business could impact its brokerage business also.

  2. Margin Funding

    Anand Rathi offers margin funding to its customers. Margin funding is considered a risky business for stockbrokers where a broker lends the money to traders for the short term.
    Other discount stock brokers like Zerodha and Upstox do not offer margin funding.

  3. Proprietary Trading

    Anand Rathi undertakes proprietary trading which makes it a risky broker as compared to the broker not offering this facility.

  4. High brokerage charges

    Anand Rathi's brokerage charges are high compared to other brokers. The company charges 0.30% on delivery trades and Rs 250 per lot for commodity options.

  5. Relationship Manager (RM)

    Anand Rathi uses sub-brokers and relationship managers who could misguide customers for their personal benefits or to meet targets given by their peers. Most complaints about Anand Rathi are around RMs who did false promises or illegal transitions in a customer account.

Anand Rathi's Memberships

Anand Rathi is registered with SEBI and a member of leading stock exchanges like NSE, BSE and MCX. Anand Rathi is also a DP (Depository Participant) with NSDL and CDSL.

Anand Rathi's various membership details are as follows:

  • Member: BSE, BSE (F&O) NSE, NSE (F&O), MCX & NCDEX
  • Anand Rathi SEBI Registration no.: INZ000170832
  • CDSL & NSDL SEBI Registration No: IN - DP-437-2019
  • Portfolio Management Service INP000000282
  • Anand Rathi Wealth Limited, AMFI Registration No.: 111569
  • Anand Rathi Share and Stock Brokers, AMFI Registration No.: 4478


Anand Rathi is a safe, reliable, and trusted stockbroker in India. The firm is a legitimate stockbroker with all of the necessary licenses and memberships. The company provides a variety of trading platforms, all of which are safe and secure. The brokerage fees, on the other hand, are higher than those charged by other brokers. Anand Rathi customer also has to be careful with relationship managers and sub-brokers when following tips and giving access to the account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Who is the owner of Anand Rathi?

    Mr. Anand Rathi is the founder and group chairman of The Anand Rathi Group, a full-service financial service provider. He is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and is a financial and investment expert in India and the broader South-East Asian region. Before starting Anand Rathi in 1994, Mr. Anand Rathi worked for the Aditya Birla Group.

    Mr. Pradeep Gupta is the co-founder & vice chairman of the company.

    One of the Anand Rathi Group companies, Anand Rathi Wealth Ltd is a publicly listed company on BSE and NSE stock exchanges.



  2. 2. Is Anand Rathi good?

    Anand Rathi is one of the reliable and well-known full-service financial services firms in India. Anand Rathi has been offering financial and investment services since 1994.

    Anand Rathi offers its service online through advance trading and investment software as well as offline through 100+ branches, 1200+ sub-brokers and 2500+ employees.

    Anand Rathi has an in-house research team that works across business verticals. They provide trading and investment tips and a wide range of research reports for free to all their customers.

    Anand Rathi is a full-service broker offering personalized services, hand-holding and tips to its customers. The brokerage charged by Anand Rathi is on the higher side in comparison to the other full-service brokers like Angel One, Edelweiss and IIFL.



  3. 3. Is Anand Rathi SEBI registered?

    Yes, Anand Rathi is SEBI registered stock broker and depository service provider. Anand Rathi was incorporated in 1994 and is a depository participant of NSDL and CDSL.

    SEBI Registration no.: INZ000170832.



  4. 4. Is Anand Rathi safe for trading?

    Yes, Anand Rathi is a trusted stock broker, offering its services since 1994. Anand Rathi Group has been offering diversified financial services for a few decades without any major violation.

    Here are a few facts which make Anand Rathi trustworthy:

    • In the stock broker business since 1994.
    • SEBI registered broker.
    • Member of BSE, NSE and MCX exchanges.
    • Depository Participant with NSDL and CDSL.
    • No major violation reported with SEBI, stock exchanges or depositories.
    • Well-known and widely respected Chairman Mr. Anand Rathi and Pradeep Gupta.



  5. 5. Is Anand Rathi safe?

    Anand Rathi is a safe, authentic, and reputable stockbroker with all the required certifications to conduct broking operations in India.

    Anand Rathi is a SEBI registered stockbroker having membership with leading stock exchanges like NSE, BSE, and MCX. Anand Rath is also a DP (Depository Participant) with NSDL and CDSL.

    Moreover, Anand Rathi is a well-known, diversified financial service provider with over two decades of experience in the business.



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