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Anand Rathi App Review (Mobile Trading App Demo, Guide, Charges & Download Links)

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Anand Rathi's mobile application, Trade Mobi is a hassle-free app with a user-friendly interface that helps customers to trade online. Trade Mobi gives you access to search scripts, watchlists, market movers' information, secure fund transfer, charting functions, effortless order placement, portfolio summary, etc,

Anand Rathi Trade Mobi app can be downloaded from the play store or app store for free. Anand Rathi Trade Mobi allows its customers to trade on the NSE Cash, NSE, F&O, BSE Cash, NSE Currency, and MCX exchanges.

Trade Mobi App Features

Trade Mobi offers multiple features like Global Markets performance tracking at a single tap, current and overall Gain, real-time updated charts, live price movement, overall market-to-market value, and long/short position type.

Anand Rahi Tarde Mobi App has a host of key features that include:

  • Safe, secure, and hassle-free mobile trading app.
  • Quick access to Search Scripts, Watchlist, and Market Watch.
  • Access real-time quotes and charts.
  • Place, modify, and cancel orders.
  • Access to Order, Position, and Trade Books
  • Quick and easy order placement.
  • Portfolio summary (Equities, F&O, Currency and Commodity)
  • Monitor the performance of global markets with just one swipe.
  • Get access to historic and current data to monitor the performance of securities.
  • Access Snap Quote for your shares with just one click.
  • Transfer funds from multiple banks.
  • Real-time Charts to Analyze the Trends
  • Access Markets overview to inspect the performance of shares on different exchanges.
  • Timely & reliable research inputs through SMS/Emails.

What's not available on Trade Mobi?

  • Mutual Funds
  • Real-time expert advisory
  • Back Testing
  • Market Scanner

Anand Rathi's Mobile Trading App Review

Anand Rathi Trade Mobi is a simple mobile trading app. It has a user-friendly interface and multiple features that can be used by both regular and experienced traders. Trade Mobi allows you to invest and trade in IPOs, stocks, options, and futures, among other securities.

Trade Mobi app doesn't provide Mutual Funds investment. For Mutual Funds, Anand Rathi has a separate mobile app.

Supported Platform / Devices

Trade Mobi is available Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones.

  • Trade Mobi App for Android Phone

    Anand Rathi Mobile Trading app for Android phones is available at Android Play Store.

  • Trade Mobi Trading App for iPhone (Apple phones)

    Anand Rathi Mobile Trading app TradeMobi is available at iTunes app store for iOS (Apple iPhone).

Trade Mobi App Demo

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How to download the Trade Mobi app by Anand Rathi?

    Search for 'Trade Mobi' in the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes App Store to download this app. The app is available for free of cost.



  2. 2. Can I use the Anand Rathi Trade Mobi app for transfer funds?

    Yes, fund transfer facility from multiple banks is available on the Trade Mobi App.



  3. 3. Can I apply in IPO's using the Anand Rathi Trade mobile app?

    Yes, Anand Rathi offers to apply online in IPO using the Anand Rathi mobile app- Trade Mobi.



  4. 4. How do I buy Mutual Funds using Anand Rathi Trade Mobi App?

    Mutual Funds are not available in the Trade Mobi app.



  5. 5. Can I place Cover order on Anand Rathi Trade Mobile App?

    No, cover orders (CO) are not available on this app.



  6. 6. Can I access charts from the Anand Rathi app?

    Yes, real-time charts are available on the app.



  7. 7. How do Anand Rathi users log in?

    Once you open an account with Anand Rathi, you can log in to the app, add funds to your trading account, and start investing online.

    Steps to login to Trade Mobi App

    1. Search Trade Mobi on the play store or app store.
    2. Download the AnandRathi Trade Mobi app.
    3. Add user ID.
    4. Password
    5. PAN or DOB
    6. Login

    You can also open an account through the Trade Mobi app for free of charge. Trade Mobi also allows you to log in as a guest member. You just have to enter your name, mobile number, email address, and city and you can access the app.



  8. 8. How to download Anand Rathi Trade Mobi?

    Anand Rathi Trade Mobi is a safe and secure app that can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and App Store.

    • Search Trade Mobi on the play store or app store.
    • Download the AnandRathi Trade Mobi app.
    • Open and log in.



  9. 9. What is Anand Rathi Trading App?

    Anand Rathi's trading app is Trade Mobi, which allows its customers to invest in securities like shares, bonds, futures, options, commodities, and currencies. Trade Mobi App is easy to use and has multiple features to make its customers' trading journey easy.



  10. 10. Is Anand Rathi Trade Mobi safe?

    Anand Rathi's mobile app, Trade Mobi, is a safe and secure application that allows its customers to invest quickly, and seamlessly in securities. TradeMobi double-checks your log-in security with 2FA Login (2 Factor Authentication).

    Anand Rathi is a SEBI registered stock broker and is a member of CDSL and NSDL.



  11. 11. How to use the Anand Rathi app?

    Anand Rathi's app TradeMobi is very easy to use and allows its customers to trade quickly in just a few clicks. The fund transfer facility is fast, safe, and secure and is available from multiple banks.

    Steps to use the Anand Rathi App:

    1. Download the app from the app store.
    2. Log in to the app using your customer ID and password.
    3. Add funds to your trading account.
    4. Select the desired stocks from the dashboard or watchlist.
    5. Click on the trade option denoted as "T" in the app.
    6. Select Buy, add quantity, i.e., the number of securities.
    7. Add a limit or order type and select a product type.

    You can check your order status from the main menu under the Trading option.



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Information on this page was last updated on Thursday, November 23, 2023

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