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Upstox App Review (Mobile Trading App Demo, Guide, Charges & Download Links)

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Upstox is a Mumbai based discount stock broker. Upstox offers a fast, reliable & easy-to-use trading platform for traders in India stock market.

Upstox is an online investment brand of RKSV Securities. Incorporated in 2009, RKSV is a Mumbai, India based SEBI registered financial service provider. RKSV offers online stock trading, commodity trading, currency derivatives trading, mutual funds, and demat account. RKSV Sec is a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, NSDL, and CDSL.

Upstox offers low-cost trading services. The equity delivery (cash & carry) trading is offered for free to the customer. No brokerage is charge for orders placed in this segment. For all other trading segments across exchange, upstox charge flat Rs 20 per trade brokerage.

Upstox is a company that has significantly invested in technology. It provides excellent trading platform and tools to its customers. This includes Upstox Pro Web, Upstox MF, Upstox Pro Mobile, and Algo Lab etc. It also offers partner platforms like Nest Desktop, AmiBroker, Dart Stock and Fox Trader.

Key Facts about Upstox

  • 2nd largest discount stock broker.
  • Over 1 Lakh customer and Rs 15 Cr daily turnover as of Nov 2018.
  • Offering low-cost brokerage services since 2009. Trusted and reliable services.
  • Registered member of SEBI, BSE, NSE, MCX, NSDL and CDSL.
  • Offer simple flat rate trading plan (Rs 20 per executed order).
  • Offer upto 20x leverage in intraday.
  • In-house build trading platform available for free to all customers.
  • Paperless instant account opening in less than 1 hour.

Upstox Trading Platform

RKSV offer 4 trading platforms to its customers:

  1. Upstox Pro
  2. Upstox Mutual Funds
  3. Upstox DEV
  4. Partner Platforms

The detail of this trading platform is provided as below:

  1. Upstox Pro

    Upstox Pro is a sophisticated trading platform designed for traders and investors. Upstox pro has 2 trading applications:


      Pro Mobile is a lightweight mobile trading app built for the traders. It has every critical functionality and tool a trader is needed.

    2. PRO WEB

      Pro Web is a sophisticate trading website designed to work in web browser. It has all the features of an installable trading terminal.

  2. Upstox Mutual Funds

    Upstox MF is an online Mutual Funds investment platform for upstox customer.

  3. Upstox DEV

    Upstox DEV is a cutting-edge developer platform. It allows developers to use upstox API's to build their own trading strategies and get real time data.

  4. Partner Platform

    Upstox also offer industry standard and popular 3rd party trading platform including Fox Trader, Dartstock, and Omnesys NEST Trader.

Upstox Mobile Trading App - Pro Mobile

Pro Mobile is the mobile trading app by Upstox. This app is developed in-house by Upstox. The app enables mobile trading in segments including stocks, derivatives, currencies, and commodities across NSE, BSE, and MCX exchanges. Upstox customers can download this app free of cost and become location independent in trading.

Supported Platform / Devices for Upstox Pro Mobile Trading App

The mobile trading app of Upstox is available for Android and iOS devices.

  1. Upstox App for Android Phone

    Upstox app for Android phones is available at Android Play Store for download.

  2. Upstox Trading App for iPhone

    Upstox app for iOS (Apple iPhone) is available at iTunes store for download.

The Upstox mobile app can also be downloaded from its website.

Features of the Upstox mobile app

  • Place buy and sell orders on the move
  • Universal search tool to find desired stocks and contracts
  • Access to multiple segments including NSE cash, Futures and Options, and Currencies scrips
  • Advanced charting tools with 100+ technical indicators
  • Facility to directly order from the charts
  • Create customized watchlists
  • Get price alerts on set scrips
  • Access to real-time market feeds

What Upstox Mobile App Doesn't offer?

Following are the tools, features or services which are not offered by upstox mobile app:

  • Online IPO Investments
  • Online Mutual Fund Investments
  • Portfolio Summary

Upstox Mobile Trading App Demo

Upstox Special Offer

Exclusive offer by Upstox

  • Pay flat Rs 20 for Eq Delivery, Intra-day and F&O Trades.
  • Pay Rs 0 commission for Mutual Funds.

It is a limited-time offer. Open Instant Account and start trading the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is Upstox app?

    The Upstox app is a free mobile trading application available for Android and iPhone. Upstox customers can download the app and trade at BSE, NSE and MCX from anywhere.

    The Upstox Pro Mobile app offers a range of features like the market watch, live stock quotes, advanced charts and scanners etc. It is one of the highest-rated trading apps on app stores.

    This app also allows you to open upstox trading and demat account online. The process of account opening using the app is paperless.



  2. 2. How to use Upstox app?

    Upstox Pro Mobile is a mobile trading app for online trading at BSE, NSE and MCX exchanges. The app is available for Android and iPhone users. This app can be used by upstox customer for multiple tasks including:

    Ways to use Upstox App

    • Open a paperless demat account
    • Invest in Stocks and ETF
    • Trade Equity Derivatives (F&O) at BSE and NSE
    • Trade Equity Derivatives (F&O) at BSE and NSE
    • Trade Commodities at MCX
    • Transfer Funds from and to the trading account.
    • Stock analysis
    • Check reports like orders, holding, open position.



  3. 3. How to withdraw from Upstox?

    You can withdraw funds from your Upstox trading account, by putting a withdrawal request. The withdrawal request can be submitted from its trading software (i.e. Pro Web or Pro Mobile). This facility is not available in its back office (dashboard or keystone).

    Steps to withdraw from Upstox

    1. Open Pro Mobile App or
    2. Login with client id and password
    3. Click the 'Rs Balance' link on top right
    4. Choose 'Securities' or 'Commodities' account
    5. Click the 'Withdraw Funds' button
    6. Enter the amount and click the 'Withdraw' button.



  4. 4. How good is Upstox?

    Upstox is a leading discount stock broker. It is good in many regards. Some of the key advantages of opening an account with the company are:

    1. Offering retail online trading for over 10 years
    2. Lakhs of active customers
    3. Low and fixed brokerage plans (Rs 20 per trade)
    4. Direct Mutual Fund services
    5. Access to powerful 3rd party trading software such as Fox Trader and Nest Trader

    Upstox competitor includes Zerodha, 5paisa, Edelweiss and Angel One.



  5. 5. How to transfer money in Upstox?

    Upstox offers multiple options to transfer money from your bank account to the trading account. Here are the options available to transfer money:

    Steps to transfer money in Upstox using Net Banking

    • Log in to your trading account
    • Go to the 'Add Funds' section
    • Choose the account you wish to use
    • On the bank website's portal, log in with your net banking ID and password
    • Click confirm

    Steps to transfer money in Upstox using UPI

    • Add Upstox as a beneficiary
    • Email your valid bank statement (in .jpg or PDF format) that clearly shows your Bank Account Number, Name and Transaction Reference Number to

    Steps to transfer money in Upstox using NEFT/RTGS

    Add the Upstox bank account details as a beneficiary and transfer the funds from net banking using NEFT or RTGS.

    For Securities

    Bank Name - HDFC Bank


    Account Number -00600340067574

    Account Type - Current

    Account IFSC Code- HDFC0000060

    For Commodities

    Bank Name - HDFC Bank


    Account Number -15770340022236

    Account Type - Current Account

    IFSC Code- HDFC0000060

    Steps to transfer money in Upstox using Cheque

    • Write a cheque in the name of 'RKSV Securities India Pvt Ltd' for securities and 'RKSV Commodities India Pvt Ltd' for commodities.
    • Send a photo of the cheque to



  6. 6. How to buy IPO through Upstox?

    Upstox customers can buy IPO through Upstox by using UPI as a payment method. The upstox online IPO application is simple, quick and convenient.

    Note: You should have a UPI ID to apply in IPO through Upstox. You could create a UPI ID using any net banking app (i.e. ICICI, SBI, HDFC, Kotak Bank) or using the BHIM UPI app for Android and iPhone.

    Steps to buy IPO through Upstox

    • Login to Upstox Pro Web or Upstox mobile app
    • Click on your customer name and customer ID on top right
    • Click on Apply for IPO link
    • Select the IPO you wish to apply by clicking the 'Details' button
    • Go to the bottom on IPO Detail page and click 'Place Bid' button
    • Enter UPI ID and choose Investor Type
    • Enter order quantity and price
    • Choose Cutoff-price checkbox if applying in the retail category
    • Review and place order
    • Approve the notification received on the BHIM app in 2 to 12 hours.

    Note: If you have Upstox demat account, you can also apply in IPO using an online IPO facility offered by your bank's net banking. All popular banks including ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Kotak, Axis Bank offer online IPO.

    You have to mention your upstox demat account information in the IPO application form. The allocated shares are automatically delivered to your upstox demat account. You can sell them on the IPO listing day.



  7. 7. How to cancel Upstox demat account?

    The Upstox demat account can be canceled by filling out a paper form and sending it to the company's office. The form is available on the Upstox website at Support > Form Downloads on the top menu.

    Download the form, print and fill it and courier it to the company's registered address along with unused DIS slips to close the upstox demat account.



  8. 8. What are the charges to transfer fund to Upstox account from Bank?

    Upstox offer 2 types of fund transfer:

    1. Instant Fund Transfer - It cost Rs 7 per transaction.
    2. Depositing via NEFT/RTGS - Its free. It takes 4-5 hours.



  9. 9. Does upstox provide commodity trading mobile app?

    Yes, Upstox mobile app offers all the segments at BSE, NSE, and MCX exchanges. It includes Equity, Commodity and Currency.



Upstox Account Opening Enquiry

Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for delivery, Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.

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Special Offer: Pay flat Rs 20 per trade for delivery, Intra-day and F&O. Open Instant Account and start trading today.


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