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RMoney App Review (Mobile Trading App Demo, Guide, Charges & Download Links)

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Raghunandan Money is India based financial service provider since 2004. RMoney is Raghunandan Money's online investment brand offering financial products ranging from trading at BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX to investing in MF, Corp FD's, Insurance etc. offer discount brokerage services. Here are the key features of low-cost brokerage service offered by RMoney:

  • Trade in equity delivery segment for FREE. Absolutely no brokerage fee on orders in Equity Cash & Carry segment (Equity Delivery trades).
  • Flat Rs 18 per trade brokerage fee for all other segments.
  • Trading available at BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX.
  • All the online trading software's are available for free to the customers. This includes an installable trading terminal for desktop, website and mobile trading app.
  • Full-service brokerage plans are available for customers who are looking for personal assistance and investment guidance.

About Raghunandan Money

  • Raghunandan Money is in the brokerage business since 2004.
  • RMoney, the discount brokerage service of Raghunandan Money was launched in the year 2017.
  • Membership of BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX, and CDSL.
  • ODIN is offered as the trading platform. ODIN is the most popular trading platform in India.
  • The QUICK Mobile Trading App has over 1,000 downloads (as of Aug 2018).

RMoney Mobile Trading App - RMoney QUICK

RMoney QUICK is the flagship mobile trading app offered by Raghunandan Money. QUICK is a complete trading and charting solution for traders in India. This app is available for Android smart phones. It is Mobile Phone Trading Application for on-the-go trading.

FREE for ALL (Guest Users and Customers)

Unlike most competitors' mobile trading apps, QUICK is available for free for life to all its customers as well as guest users. Anyone who would like to track stock and commodity market on a real-time basis can use RMoney QUICK app.

Steps to use RMoney QUICK as a guest user

  1. Download 'RMoney QUICK' app from the android store.
  2. On the login screen, click the 'Guest User' button.
  3. Enter your email and phone number.
  4. OTP is sent to your phone for verification.
  5. Once confirmed, you can access the app with all the features (except placing orders).

How is QUICK app different from other trading apps?

QUICK offers all basic and advanced features needed for trading in Equity and Commodity. The key differentiating factor includes:

  • 'Guest login' allows you to try the app before opening an account.
  • The same app to trade in multiple segments at BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX.
  • Single screen to view Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, and Currency.
  • Free tips and stock market research.
  • Reports like Order book, Trade book & Net Positions are available.
  • Connect to Trading Desk and customer support directly from the app.

Customer Complaints about RMoney QUICK Android App

Note: Following are few reviews given by app users at Google App Store for version 1.0.3. The newer version may have some of these issues fixed.

  • The app is in BETA (active development) with multiple known bugs.
  • Technical charts and indicators are not available.
  • The app logs out every 15 minutes.
  • The app doesn't work before and after market hours.
  • The app is not available for iOS (Apple phones)
  • Online IPO and Mutual Funds are not available.

RMoney QUICK Mobile App Supported Platform and Devices

  1. Android Phone App - RMoney QUICK Mobile Trading App for Android phones is available at Android Play Store for download
  2. iOS (iPhone) App - Rmoney QUICK App for iOS (Apple iPhone) is not available.

QUICK Mobile App Demo

Key Features of Raghunandan Money QUICK Mobile App

The Raghunandan Money QUICK Mobile App is an online stock and commodity trading app for RMoney online trading clients. It is available for Android phones. Following are 10 key offerings of the app:

  1. One app for trading across segment and exchanges (BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX).
  2. Single screen view of Equity, F&O, Commodity, and Currency.
  3. Guest login is available to go through the app before opening an account.
  4. In-app Fund Transfer from and to 30+ banks.
  5. Equity Delivery trading is available for truly Rs 0 brokerage.
  6. Low brokerage fee of Rs 18 per trade for all other segments.
  7. A range of notification options available in-app.
  8. In-app calculators are available to calculate advance derivatives margin.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How do I get RMoney QUICK app?

    The RMoney QUICK app is available in Android Play Store for free of charge.


  2. 2. Can I use the RMoney QUICK app for transfer funds?

    Yes, Raghunandan Money customers can easily transfer funds in and out of their trading account.


  3. 3. Can I apply in IPO using the RMoney mobile app?

    No, IPO and Mutual Funds are not available in this app.


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