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SAMCO is a technology-driven stockbroker who operates with significantly less overhead. By cutting the fat, they are able to offer the broking services at an ultra-low commission. SAMCO's trading platform enables its customers to trade India listed shares and commodities at Flat Rate of Rs 20 per trade.

SAMCO has built a state of art trading platform. These trading software's make it extremely easy for its customers to trade and invest.

Founded in 2015, SAMCO is SEBI registered stock broker. SAMCO is the member of BSE, NSE, and MCX. SAMCO provides services including Online Trading, Margin Funding, and Depository services.

SAMCO Securities Highlights:

  • SAMCO has over 75,000 Customers
  • Membership of BSE, NSE, MCX, and CDSL.
  • Offers free trading platform including SAMCO Trader, StockNote and SAMCO Web Xpress.
  • The mobile trading app StockNote has over 50,000 downloads (as of May 2018).

Note: StockNote Trading App is developed in-house by SAMCO. It uses Order Management System (OMS) and Risk Management System (RMS) built by Omnesys (Thomson Reuters).

SAMCO Mobile Trading App (StockNote)

StockNote by SAMCO is an online trading and investment app for mobile phones. This app is powered by Giga Trading Engine.

Giga Trading is a proprietary engine build by SAMCO. It combines Artificial Intelligence & advanced analytics to identify opportunities, trends & patterns from tons of stock market data on a real-time basis. This data is then presented in the form of actionable ideas.

StockNote is a trading as well as news & stock analysis app. The customer can buy and sell stocks and F&O contracts in Equity, Commodity, and Currency market. The app has all common features and order types available for a trader.

Price Alerts is another key feature of StockNote app. This feature allows you to set alerts when a stock reaches a particular price. It also allows its customers to take actions (i.e. trade) based on the alerts. Its customers can set alerts based on Price, Volume or Change. The time for alert can be set from 1 day to 6 months.

Charting tools is another good feature of StockNote app. A verity of charts is available along with over 100 types of indicators or tools for technical analysis.

Guest User feature is provided for people to explore the StockNote App even before becoming the customer of SAMCO.

StockNotes is available for free of charge to all its customers. It is a smartphone trading application for on-the-go trading. This app is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

How StockNote is different from other trading apps?

Along with many standard trading app features, SAMCO mobile app has few unique features.

  • One app for trading in equity, currency, and commodity.
  • Real-time financial news compiled specifically to the customer who is logged in.
  • Ability to create the guest user for checking the app even when you are not a customer.
  • Technical analysis and fundamental analysis of the stock.
  • Stock Watchlist with unlimited companies, derivative contracts, and commodity prices.
  • Streaming quotes
  • Financial Charts
  • View Demat Holdings
  • Widgets for the homepage
  • Available Order Types - Market orders, Limit Orders, Stop loss limit/market orders, GTD orders and After Market Orders
  • Place cover orders with limit price and market price
  • Instant fund transfer

Negative Reviews from App Users

  • Back-office is not integrated into this app.
  • More focus is given to news then trading app.
  • A limited number of banks available for fund transfer.
  • The slowness at the peak trading hours.

StockNote Supported Platform and Devices

  1. StockNote App for iPhone

    StockNote App for iOS (Apple iPhone) is available at iTunes for download.

  2. StockNote App for Android Phone

    Stock Note Mobile Trading App for Android phones is available at Android Play Store for download

StockNote Mobile Trading App Demo

10 Key Features of SAMCO Mobile App

The StockNote Mobile App is available for Android & iOS (Apple iPhone). Following are 10 key offerings of StockNote App:

  1. Very easy for beginners in stock trading
  2. Simple stock market analysis
  3. Personalized notifications and news alerts
  4. Real-time order assistance
  5. Interactive Charts
  6. Trade directly from news feed
  7. Track market trends
  8. Pay just Rs 20 per trade brokerage
  9. Margin products are available in the app.
  10. Online fund transfer (Pay-in and Pay-out)
  11. Place all kind of trading order including off-market orders
  12. Check margin and available funds for trading
  13. All trades or activities on mobile app are synced with other trading platforms.
SAMCO Special Offer

SAMCO has 2 limited time special offers running at this time.

  1. Trading & Demat Account Opening Fee Waived

    Open trading and demat account at absolutely no cost. The account opening fee is waived for limited period of time.

  2. 100% Brokerage Cash Back for 1st Month

    Open an account with SAMCO, download mobile trading app StockNote and get 100% cashback on brokerage paid for trades done through mobile app in 1st month. This cashback offer works only for trade executed using mobile app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Does SAMCO offer mobile trading app?

    Yes, StockNote is a flagship mobile trading app by SAMCO. StockNote is available for Android and iOS. It is available free of charge to all its customers.


  2. 2. Can I use StockNotes app for transfer funds with SAMCO?

    Yes, SAMCO customers can easily transfer funds using StockNotes.


  3. 3. Can I apply in IPO's using the SAMCO mobile app?

    No, SAMCO doesn't provide facility to apply in IPO's online. SAMCO customers have to use their net banking to apply in an IPO.


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