SAMCO Options Trading Platform Review

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SAMCO Options Trading Platform Review

Incorporated in March 2015, SAMCO Securities Limited is a leading online discount broker. Previously the company was known as Samruddhi Stock Brokers Limited which was later rebranded into SAMCO Securities.

The company offers online trading services in Stocks, Futures, Options, and Commodities across multiple exchanges including NSE, BSE, and MCX-SX etc. In addition, SAMCO customers can invest in IPOs and mutual funds from the platform. It is a depository participant of CDSL for demat accounts.

SAMCO Launched Indian Trading League, a stock and commodity trading competition for investors.

SAMCO Securities - Pros & Cons


Charges one of the lowest brokerage fees.

3-in-1 account not available.

Free, good trading platforms

No local branches for support. It is a complete online discount broker.

Free Trading and Demat Account opening

Good training resources for new traders

Instant Account opening with digital KYC

100% Brokerage as cash back for the 1st month on trading from StockNote platform.

SAMCO Trading Platform Review

SAMCO Securities offers multiple online trading platforms to its customers to suit their individual trading needs. All trading platforms are available free to the customer. Trading platforms offered by SAMCO are:

  1. SAMCO Trader

    It is an installable trading platform available for Windows computers. The SAMCO trader is built on NEST trading platform of Thomson Reuters. The platform offers good speed and reliability. Customers can download the platform on their personal computers and trade on it.


    SAMCO Trader


  2. SAMCO WebXpress

    It is a web-based trading application which can be accessed using any browser.


    SAMCO Web Xpress


  3. StockNote

    It is a Mobile Trading App that allows SAMCO customers to trade from anywhere.


    SAMCO Mobile Trading App



    It is the back office that helps traders to analyze their trades, check account statements, manage funds, monitor holdings and pledge / unpledge their holdings.

  5. SAMCO Call and Trade

    SAMCO also offers call and trade facility wherein its customers can trade on the phone. This service is available at an additional cost of Rs 20 per executed order.

SAMCO Trading Tools & Calculators

SAMCO also offers a range of useful tools and calculators to its customers like:

  1. SAMCO Option Value Calculator

    The Option Value calculator helps traders calculate Fair Values of Call and Put options for Stock, Nifty and other Index Options listed on the NSE. The tool can also be used to simulate the outcomes of different positions in the options due to change in factors like volatility or interest rates.

  2. SAMCO Risk Monitor

    It provides traders with an honest picture of risk and its degrees of concentration or dispersion so as to help them balance their portfolio and keep it profitable. The tool will scan all the securities available in a customer's trading portfolio, and present a graphical picture of asset and sectoral allocation as well as percentage components of each instrument in the portfolio.

    SAMCO's Risk Monitor tool warns traders against high exposure in a single sector to protect their portfolio against one adverse regulation. It also cautions traders against overexposure in a single stock, over-diversification and unrated stocks. The tool rates stocks against various parameters and rates them.

  3. SAMCO Stock Ratings

    It is a proprietary stock rating tool that helps customers pick good stocks. The tool rates stocks on over 20+ important business parameters and grades them from 'AAA' to 'Penny' based on the results.

    SAMCO Caution Stock Watchlist- The tool helps SAMCO customers prevent themselves from fraudulent SMS Tips by operators and manipulators. The caution stock watchlist is built using a robust surveillance mechanism that tracks tips from unscrupulous market elements and adds the stock to the list.

    In addition to the above tools, SAMCO also offers good calculators like-

    Margin Calculator & SPAN Calculator- It is helpful in calculating the margin requirements for selling options or for multi-leg F&O strategies before taking a trade.

  4. Brokerage Calculator

    This tool is helpful in calculating total brokerage costs and other transaction charges.

SAMCO Securities Options Brokerage Charges

SAMCO Securities Trading Plans (Leverage Products)

SAMCO offers 3 trading plans or as they call it 'leverage products' for their customers to choose from-

  • CashPlus offers traders up to 4X (4 times) delivery leverage on over 300 stocks. The company charges an interest cost of 0.05% per day on the outstanding amount. So, if you have Rs 2 lakh in your trading account, then you can buy shares worth Rs 8 lakhs using the leverage. The leverage can also be used to avoid square-off on your Future and Options positions because you go short on margin.
  • StockPlus offers traders margin against shares for intraday or delivery trades in equity and currency derivatives. You can place orders even if you have zero cash balance in your account. There's also no requirement to maintain any cash/collateral ratios.
  • InstaPlus gives traders margin against shares in their holdings for intraday trading in equities and derivatives.

SAMCO Securities Options Brokerage 2018

SAMCO Trading & Demat Account Charges

Trading Account Opening Charges


Trading Account Maintenance Charges


Demat Opening Charges


Demat Account Maintenance Charges

Rs 400 per year

SAMCO Options Trading Charges

SAMCO Options Charges Equity Options Currency Options


Rs 20 per executed order

Rs 20 per executed order

Call and Trade Charge

Additional Rs 20 per executed order

Additional Rs 20 per executed order

Securities Transaction Tax (STT)

0.05% on Sell Side on premium amount


Transaction / Turnover Charges

NSE Rs 7500 per crore

BSE Rs 1 per trade on premium

NSE Rs 4000 per crore or 0.04% on premium

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)

18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)

SEBI Charges

Rs 5/Crore

Rs 5/Crore

Stamp Charges

As per rates in the residential state of the investor

As per rates in the residential state of the investor

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