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Samco offers mutual fund services to customers through a dedicated platform called 'Rank MF'. SAMCO Rank MF is the only mutual fund research engine in India to provide mutual fund rankings and ratings based on a number of considerations and over 20 million data points. The platform has more than 2,950 regular mutual funds which are rated and ranked on different parameters. SAMCO Mutual Fund offers a free account opening that takes less than 5 minutes online without any extra charges.

Key Features of Rank MF Account

  • Compare and analyze funds based on various parameters
  • Free one-click investment in SIP
  • Ratings of all regular mutual funds on Rank MF
  • Hold investment in paperless Demat account
  • Free online account opening facility
  • Select funds from ready-made Rank MF baskets
  • Access more than 2,950 active mutual funds

Rank MF Online Charges

SAMCO Rank MF Charges

SAMCO Account Opening Charges


SAMCO Mutual Fund AMC Fees


SAMCO Mutual Fund Brokerage Charges


SAMCO Mutual Fund Commission

Charges up to 2% commission from fund houses

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Other Charges


Rank MF Account Opening Process

Rank MF is a mutual fund investment platform offered by SAMCO Securities. The platform is completely free for investments in mutual funds. The broker charges commission from AMCs on regular mutual funds offered to the investors. SAMCO mutual fund offers an online account opening facility.

Steps to open Rank MF Account online

  1. Visit Rank MF official website
  2. Click on 'Open an Account' link
  3. Enter details and click on Register button
  4. Complete your KYC
  5. Open an MF account by entering the details
  6. Explore and select funds to invest

If you are already KYC compliant, you are not required to complete the process again.

Rank MF Investment Platform

SAMCO offers both websites and mobile-based mutual fund investment platforms. As per user convenience, they can choose the investment platform and login with the same credentials.

Rank MF Web

SAMCO Rank MF web is a browser-based investment platform for registered customers. They can access the platform anytime and from anywhere.

Key Features of Rank MF Web

  • Invest in multiple mutual funds
  • FREE One Click Investment and SIP
  • Get mutual fund recommendations
  • Use advanced tools to select the scheme
  • Invest in both SIP or lump sum

How to Access Rank MF Web

  1. Visit Rank MF official website
  2. Click on 'Login' tab in the main menu
  3. Enter the credentials
  4. Click on 'Login' button

Rank MF Mobile App

SAMCO also offers Rank MF mobile application to invest across various schemes offered by different AMCs. The app helps investors in identifying the best mutual fund for their portfolio and invest with easy steps.

Key Features of Rank MF Mobile App

  • Easy Tracking of SIP, NAV, and performance and other parameters
  • Invest, pause, and modify SIP any time
  • Instant payments through net banking and other modes
  • Manage the investments through SIP calender
  • Get mutual fund schemes listed on ranking and rating criteria
  • Free portfolio quality check

Download Rank MF Mobile App

  1. Visit Google Play Store
  2. Search 'RankMF'
  3. Access the relevant link
  4. Click on 'Install' to download the app
  5. Login with the credentials


SAMCO Rank MF provides a free one-click SIP investment facility. SIP is a systematic approach to invest in any mutual fund schemes over a period to complete the particular financial goals. Rank MF also provides mutual fund SIP recommendations for the investors. You can also access the SmartSIP feature offered on the Rank MF platform and invest in multi-leg composite order where one leg is equity and other in the liquid scheme.

Steps to invest in Rank MF SIP

  • Login the Rank MF investment platform
  • Choose SIP as an investment option
  • Fill the scheme related details
  • Make online payment
  • Start investing in SIP

Rank MF Advantages

  • Offers SmartSIP feature to invest in equity and liquid fund
  • Free account opening facility
  • Mutual Fund recommendations
  • Free mutual fund rating and ranking
  • Rank MF web and mobile app

Rank MF Disadvantages

  • Offers only regular mutual funds
  • Charges commission on schemes

Rank MF Customer Care

Rank MF is a dedicated mutual fund platform for investors offered by SAMCO. For any mutual fund related queries, you can call on 022-22227777. You can also access SAMCO customer support by raising a ticket for any related queries.


The key USP of Samco mutual fund services is its detailed research-based rating & ranking of mutual funds and other investment advice to investors. The company uses multiple considerations and over 20 million data points to rate and rank funds. If you're investing in regular mutual funds then you can use the company's services to find the best scheme and invest. However, the company doesn't offer direct mutual funds, so, its services may not be of much help to experienced investors looking to cut down their investment costs who can research and choose scheme on their own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is Rank MF?

    Rank MF is a research engine offered by SAMCO for mutual fund investment and recommendation. It provides the recommendation, ratings, and ranking not only based on performance but on different parameters. It also offers research-based ready-made mutual fund baskets to invest.



SAMCO Account Opening Enquiry

Get Free Trading and Demat Account Opening + 100% Brokerage Cash Back for 1st Month for trades using Mobile App. Open Instant Account online with SAMCO and start trading today.

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Special Offer: Get Free Trading and Demat Account Opening + 100% Brokerage Cash Back for 1st Month for trades using Mobile App. Open Instant Account online with SAMCO and start trading today.


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