Groww Mutual Fund Review

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Groww is one of India's best apps for mutual fund investment. The company offers Direct Mutual Funds through the Groww platform. Customers can use the Groww website or Groww mobile app to invest in mutual funds. Groww is an all-in-one mutual fund app with 5000+ mutual funds available for investment through SIP or lumpsum mode. The company offers to switch your regular mutual fund plans to direct mutual fund plans and help you earn extra returns.

Groww started in 2016 as a direct mutual fund platform. By investing in direct mutual funds, investors can save significantly and earn 1.5% extra returns on their investments. Investing in Mutual funds through Groww is free, as there are no account opening charges, subscription fees, commission, or redemption charges. Groww offers a wide range of mutual funds from 35+ Asset management companies.

Groww mutual fund charges

Groww offers brokerage free mutual fund investment. They don't take any transaction fees, redemption charges, or commission from their customers.

Groww offers only direct mutual funds. The direct mutual fund gives an additional earning to the investors by way of saving on the commission that an AMC is required to pay to the agents or brokers who act as mutual fund distributors in case of regular mutual funds.

Groww MF charges

Head Charges

Groww Account Opening Charges


Groww Mutual Fund AMC Fees


Groww Mutual Fund Brokerage


Groww Mutual Fund Commission


Groww Mutual Fund DP Charges


Groww Other Charges

No Hidden Charge

Groww mutual funds app

Groww helps an investor to invest in a wide range of funds as per his financial goals and risk appetite through Groww trading platforms - Groww website and Groww mobile app. Groww offers the same investment platform to invest in MF and stocks. Groww started as a mutual fund investment platform and is well established in this space with a 90 lakh+ customer base. Groww mutual fund app is one of the highest-rated and fastest growing apps in the Indian mutual fund industry. Key features of the Groww platform include:

  • Clean user interface with simple design
  • Option to switch your external regular mutual funds to direct mutual funds for free.
  • A dashboard to track all your investments and annualized returns.
  • Direct mutual fund platform that allows you to earn an extra 1%+ return.
  • Ready-made collection of mutual funds segregated across various categories like Equity, Debt, Hybrid, Solution-oriented, and others.
  • Grouping of mutual funds as per risk, fund size, and mode of investment.
  • Facility to compare the funds on key features like NAV, risk, returns, the rating that helps to make an informed decision,
  • Option to invest in SIP or lumpsum mode.
  • 5000+ mutual funds from 35+ Mutual fund partners.
  • Zero fees, no transaction charges, no hidden fees.
  • Invest in ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Schemes) funds to save taxes under section 80C
  • Educative blogs and resources related to mutual funds.
  • Various types of in-built mutual fund calculators.
  • Facility to invest in Groww NFO.
  • SIP starting Rs 500.
  • Safe and secured app with 128-bit encryption.



Groww Mutual Fund App download

Groww mutual fund app is available for free in the Google play store or App store.

To download the app:

  • Visit Google play store/ App store.
  • Search for Groww - Stocks & Mutual Funds.
  • Click on install to download the app.
  • Login to invest.

Groww Mutual Fund Account

To access the Groww mutual fund account, you need to open an account with Groww.

Steps to open Groww mutual fund account:

  • Download the Groww app and login/log in through the Groww website.
  • Enter the email id and set the password.
  • Verify the mobile number.
  • Verify PAN Card.
  • Enter Personal details like date of birth, gender, marital status, and residence status.
  • Enter KYC details like occupation, income, and parent's names.
  • Select the mutual fund nominee (optional).
  • Verify Bank account details.
  • Upload your photo, PAN card, address proof.
  • Perform digital signature to complete the account opening process.

Documents required for Groww mutual fund account:

  • PAN Card.
  • Address proof like Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID, or Driving License.
  • Photo.
  • Scan Copy of your Signature
  • Bank Account No. and IFSC Details.

Groww Mutual Fund Calculator

Groww has various types of in-built calculators for mutual fund investment that help you calculate and analyse your fund requirements, returns, and final amount on your investment.

  1. SIP Calculator

    SIP Calculator is a tool that helps an investor determine the amount you need to save, the amount you have invested, and a rough estimate (excluding exit load/expense ratio applicable if any) on the maturity amount based on your monthly SIP investment.

  2. Lumpsum calculator

    A lump sum calculator helps an investor to calculate the estimated returns for the whole period on a one-time lump sum investment. These calculators help you make the best plan for your finances based on the estimated returns that may achieve your financial goals.

  3. SWP Calculator

    Before knowing about the SWP calculator, let us first understand about SWP. SWP stands for systematic withdrawal plan and is for retirees and senior citizens. Groww SWP is a type of mutual fund investment wherein you invest a lump sum amount for a specific period from which you have an option to withdraw a certain amount at a monthly interval. At the end of the period, you get a final accumulated value based on the rate of return post deducting your withdrawal from the lumpsum amount.

    An SWP calculator helps you calculate your matured sum based on your monthly withdrawals. The calculator assists you set the withdrawal limits as per your needs with a cap based on the lump sum amount invested.

  4. Mutual Fund Return Calculator

    A mutual fund return calculator calculates the return on your mutual fund investments for different periods. It enables you to do future financial planning based on the estimated returns.

Groww Mutual Fund customer care

Groww has an in-built help and support section with a list of frequently asked queries that can help you resolve your issues. In case you do not have your issue listed, you can raise a ticket for the same.

Alternatively, you can also speak to Customer Helpline or the customer care team or chat with them through the website or app for your query resolution.

Groww Customer Care No.: +91-9108800604

Groww Mutual Fund cut-off time

The mutual fund cut-off timelines determine the NAV at which you can buy or sell a mutual fund. To ensure you get the mutual funds on the same day NAV, the funds should reach the AMC the same day before the cut off timings. In case the AMC does not receive the funds before the cut-off time, the next day's NAV gets applicable to you. The cut-off time differs based on the type of fund and value.

Groww mutual fund cut off timings

Fund Type Buy/Sell Cut-off timings

Liquid and Overnight Funds


12.55 PM

All other funds for value >=2 Lakhs


2.25 PM

All other funds for value < 2 Lakhs


3.00 PM

Liquid and Overnight Funds


3.00 PM

All other funds for value >=2 Lakhs


3.00 PM

All other funds for value < 2 Lakhs


3.00 PM

Groww mutual fund comparison

Groww provides a facility to mutual fund investors to compare mutual funds on specific key parameters like NAV, Risk, Rating, Returns, Expense Ratio, and Pros and Cons. It also provides the other details of the fund like launch date, fund manager details, holding details, etc. This unique feature offered by Groww helps the investors to have a better understanding of the mutual funds and help them select the right fund that suits their risk profile.

You can compare up to 3 mutual funds on Groww. To access this feature offered by Groww, visit Compare Mutual Funds - Groww.

Groww NFO

NFO (New Fund Offer) is a subscription offer for a new fund launched by the asset management company (AMC) or mutual fund house to raise capital. Groww offers its investors to apply for NFO online through Groww mutual fund platforms. The company maintains a list of live NFO and recently closed NFOs.

Groww Switch to Direct

Groww offers another unique feature to its customers to switch their external regular mutual funds to direct mutual funds for free. With this facility, Groww allows the investors to earn up to ~1.5% extra returns on their investments by saving commission on regular mutual funds.

The company provides a comparison between the direct and regular mutual funds that helps you know the commission saved if you opt for a direct mutual fund.

To switch to Groww direct mutual funds, you need to track your external mutual funds within Groww and then switch to direct mutual funds.



Groww Best Mutual Funds

Groww does not provide any tips or advice. The company has a host of resources, educative and informative blogs for investors, beginners that help you select the right fund based on your risk profile and financial goal. Groww lists down the best/top mutual funds for each fund category based on the 1-year return and rating.

Through their blogs, Groww also provides a list of Groww Best Mutual funds, Best Groww Liquid Funds based on their analysis of historical returns and performance.

Groww Mutual Funds

Groww offers 5000+ direct mutual funds with its partnership with 35+ mutual fund houses.

Axis Mutual Funds

Kotak Mutual Funds

Nippon India Mutual Funds

HDFC Mutual Funds

SBI Mutual Funds

ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds

Aditya Birla Sunlife Mutual Funds

UTI Mutual Funds

Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds

IDFC Mutual Funds

DSP Mutual Funds

Tata Mutual Funds

L&T Mutual Funds

PGIM India Mutual Funds

Sundaram Mutual Funds

Invesco Mutual Funds

LIC Mutual Funds

J M Financial Mutual Funds

Baroda Mutual Funds

Canara Robeco Mutual Funds

HSBC Mutual Funds

IDBI Mutual Funds

India bulls Mutual Funds

Motilal Oswal Mutual Funds

BNP Paribas Mutual Funds

Mirae Asset Mutual Funds

BOI AXA Mutual Funds

Union Mutual Funds

Taurus Mutual Funds

Edelweiss Mutual Funds

Essel Mutual Funds

Mahindra Mutual Funds

Quantum Mutual Funds

PPFAS Mutual Funds

IIFL Mutual Funds

Quant Mutual Funds

Shriram Mutual Funds

Sahara Mutual Funds

Principal Mutual Funds


Groww is known to be one of India's best apps for mutual fund investments. The company offers only direct mutual funds of the fund houses with a feature to compare between funds for better analysis and an option to convert your regular funds to direct mutual funds. Groww offers free account opening with zero transaction fees and no other hidden charges.Groww gives you access to mutual funds from 35+ AMCs to help you invest as per your financial goals using SIP or lumpsum mode of investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How is Groww for mutual funds?

    Groww is one of the highly-rated apps for mutual funds investments with ratings of 4.5+. Groww started as a direct mutual fund platform and is one of its key offerings.

    Groww gives access to 5000+ mutual funds from across 35+ AMC. Groww offers free mutual fund investments with free account opening, no transaction charges, redemption charges, zero commission.

    Grows offers a unique facility of Switch to direct that helps investors convert their external regular mutual funds to Direct Mutual Funds and earn extra returns up to 1.5%.

    Grows also helps investors compare mutual funds on Key parameters like Rating, Returns, NAV, Pros, Cons, and expense ratio and thus help choose the right mutual fund based on the investor's risk-taking ability and financial goal.

    Overall, Groww is known to be one of the best of India's mutual fund investments platforms.


  2. 2. Can I buy mutual funds using the Groww app?

    Yes, you can invest in mutual funds using the Groww app or the web through SIP or lumpsum mode.

    Steps to invest in Mutual funds through Groww:

    1. Log in to the Groww app
    2. Click on the 'Mutual funds' tab.
    3. Type the name of the desired mutual fund.
    4. Select the mutual fund name.
    5. Click on Invest Now.
    6. Choose the investment type as SIP or one time as desired.
    7. Enter the amount you want to invest and click on Proceed.
    8. In the case of SIP, select the date of SIP for auto investment.
    9. Click on 'I'll invest' and then Confirm and Pay.
    10. Make the payment.


  3. 3. Does Groww charge for mutual funds?

    Groww offers free mutual fund investment to its customers. Groww charges no transaction fees, commission, brokerage, redemption charges, or any other hidden charges to its investors for mutual funds.


  4. 4. Does Groww offer regular mutual funds?

    No, Groww does not offer regular mutual funds. Groww offers only direct mutual funds. The company has 5000+ mutual funds with its tie-up with 35+ AMCs.

    Groww offers a switch to direct facility to its customers to convert their external regular mutual funds to Direct mutual funds and earn extra returns up to 1.5% by saving on the commission cost.


  5. 5. What is Groww NFO?

    Groww NFO is a facility offered by Groww to its investors to apply in New Fund Offer launched by the asset management company (AMC) or mutual fund house to raise capital. The company maintains a list of live NFO and recently closed NFOs.


  6. 6. Does Groww provide mutual fund recommendations?

    Groww does not provide any tips, advise, or recommendations for investing in stocks or mutual funds.

    However, Groww publishes a lot of informative and educative content on its website to educate, create awareness among investors to make the right choice.


  7. 7. How to buy Mutual Funds in Groww?

    You can buy Mutual Funds in Groww using the SIP or Lumpsum method as per your convenience.

    Steps to invest in Mutual funds through Groww:

    1. Log in to the Groww app and Go to the Mutual Funds tab.
    2. Type and select the name of the desired mutual fund.
    3. Click on Invest Now.
    4. Choose the investment method as SIP or one time as per your choice.
    5. Enter the amount you want to invest and click on Proceed.
    6. In the case of SIP, select the billing date of SIP for auto-debit.
    7. Click on 'I'll invest' and then Confirm and Pay.
    8. Make the payment.


  8. 8. How can I redeem my investments with Groww?

    You can redeem your Groww mutual fund investments anytime and anywhere at your fingertips.

    Steps to redeem mutual fund investments in Groww:

    1. Log in to Groww app/ Groww web.
    2. Go to the Dashboard under the Mutual Fund section.
    3. Select the Mutual Fund you wish to redeem.
    4. Input the reason for redemption.
    5. Enter the amount of redemption or tick the box at the bottom of the screen for the entire amount.
    6. Click on Redeem.
    7. You will get a message on the screen confirming your redemption.

    The redemption amount gets credited to your linked bank account within3-5 working days of the redemption.




  9. 9. Is the Groww app good for mutual funds?

    Yes, Groww is one of India's best investment platforms for mutual funds investment.

    Groww has a host of features that make it one of the highly-rated apps with a rating of 4.5+.

    Groww App Key Features:

    • Instant and paperless account opening.
    • Free mutual fund investment with no hidden charges
    • Option to switch external regular mutual funds to Direct mutual funds.
    • Mutual fund comparison.
    • Easy redemption process.
    • Facility to invest in SIP and lump sum mode.

    Moreover, the Groww app is a safe and secured app with SSL certification and 128-bit encryption (one of the highest levels of encryption) that keeps personal information and transactions safe and secure.


  10. 10. How do you buy an NFO in Groww?

    Groww offers an online NFO application facility to its customers to subscribe to the new fund offer launched by AMC using SIP or a one-time mode of investment. Groww maintains a list of Live and recently closed NFOs. The process of investing in Mutual funds and NFO in Groww is pretty much similar.

    Steps for buying NFO in Groww:

    1. Log in to the Groww App or Groww website.
    2. Go to the NFO section in the app or visit
    3. Type the NFO name in which you would like to invest or select the NFO from the list of Live NFOs.
    4. Select the mode of investment as SIP or Lumpsum.
    5. Set the billing date in case of SIP.
    6. Make the Payment.


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